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    !:17 its not timing its people makin fun of him

  • RyanRob Lara
    RyanRob Lara

    did he said mp7 at 6:14?

  • Rogue Tactiz
    Rogue Tactiz

    I am 5'8 I am a Goliath Me: I am 12 Years old and that height

  • Mason Davis
    Mason Davis

    Let's see your dent for 30k likes

  • Roland Turner
    Roland Turner

    Do sykkuno clips

  • CMKN_Nova

    8:46 me see's rem body pillow me want

  • paul rudd
    paul rudd

    paul rudd?

  • Alexandre Couto
    Alexandre Couto

    Can't hear anything from the clips

  • Alonzo Wortley
    Alonzo Wortley

    Dude honestly name a more iconic duo than CouRage and pickles

  • Luiss Sadikaj
    Luiss Sadikaj

    6:25 , why is he telling that to pk tho wtf

  • Angelo_ Infinite
    Angelo_ Infinite

    Simple way to avoid a dent hide it with hair TL DR don’t go bald

  • Shaarqz

    ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ

  • Mikaele Rosecrans
    Mikaele Rosecrans


  • Mikaele Rosecrans
    Mikaele Rosecrans

    Zero sugar means fake sugar which is way worse than regular sugar

  • Captain Riot
    Captain Riot

    Hope so Jack has watched Mizkif"s teaching class with John ( MASAYOSHI ) and other people including Jodi ( QUARTER JADE ) !!❤️❤️❤️❤️✌🏻✌🏻

  • born 2007
    born 2007

    Wear a hat to help of a less chance of getting a head dent or prevent. I think.

  • smurfybear

    Who else double taps to the left at the beginning 👀 jk jk unless... nah good vid lul



  • McFly JP
    McFly JP

    Courage your reaction videos are my favorite. Keep it up

  • Archie Reynolds
    Archie Reynolds

    Well done your 1/3 of the way to 10million

  • Declan Garrett
    Declan Garrett

    No we don’t I have the same as Timthefatman

  • Declan Garrett
    Declan Garrett

    We have the same clan tag

  • Ricardo Hernandez
    Ricardo Hernandez

    Your fucking editing is hilarious lmao

  • ryan andino
    ryan andino

    The wheel will be a great addition with Nickmercs 👌🏽

  • Tylertgt

    This vid was straight fire! Entertaining all the way through!

  • Unblocking Inc
    Unblocking Inc

    we all know Courage farted 8:36

  • Eto

    6:40 wtf.... courage reacting to nick reacting to courage reacting to nick...

  • aftaab varsally
    aftaab varsally


  • Galvin Klein
    Galvin Klein

    what is unbelievable is that CodeMiko was created by her, she coded it all. there is an interview where she talks about it all.

  • Gabe Cortes
    Gabe Cortes


  • yellow mochi
    yellow mochi

    This is still my fave au video. Cant count how many times i watch this

  • Alex Mendez Cortes
    Alex Mendez Cortes

    Courage just saying that your the best and my birthday is may 6.keep up the good work and keep on trying and the grind dont you man.

  • Alma Hartman
    Alma Hartman

    yoo nick look like he going to cry

  • Foxy MF
    Foxy MF

    Video 13 of asking for most viewed legion clips


    He said the word OMG ....16 times Correct me if im wrong

  • SiiK Rococo
    SiiK Rococo

    Brooo Katz deli is CRACKKKK!!!! Jack u have to fly to NY get the sandwich asap. Theres no better sandwich in the world. And it comes wit pickles ud love it

  • sage

    The best way to not have a dent in your head is by buying a steelseries headset its just fact.

  • David Dro
    David Dro

    16:55 He shot out chat good looking we appreciate that courage

  • Adam Iskandar
    Adam Iskandar


  • Atown707

    You got deez nuts in 2021 😭😭 19:35

  • FuneralTortoise

    I have a dent but I've had it since birth

  • David Dro
    David Dro

    To not have a dent in your head have hair or grow a afro like me

  • Joe Last
    Joe Last

    Newest person to comment

  • Dom Kriegel
    Dom Kriegel

    you dont know you have a dent till you shave your head 👀👀

  • Nick Alan Vlog’s
    Nick Alan Vlog’s

    The one with the young vet got me all kinds of in my feelings. Beautiful

  • Blake Robinson
    Blake Robinson

    He brought the trampoline chair back out

  • Atown707

    This man takes full advantages of ads

  • Bogan Bob
    Bogan Bob

    Tim's dent looks like a masterpiece compared to Nick's

  • Max Feit
    Max Feit

    Yo courage. I got a genius idea for videos. Do a horror game series. You would be hilarious. Think about it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Silent

    Cash app help someone out 🥺 $SilentYT04

  • Drowsymuppet _
    Drowsymuppet _

    The dent comes from wearing headphones all the time. Am I the only one that thinks this?

  • Joey Candelarie
    Joey Candelarie

    How did legiqn not have any clips?! I’m shocked

  • AadanPlayz

    as someone born in british Colombia i approve of this video

  • Val Hawkins
    Val Hawkins


  • MrCubeGaming

    The only reason Jack doesn't have a dent is because he has a full set of hair. Unlike Nick and Tim. And that's a fact.

  • HoldenEdits

    Anyone else get some massive FITZ vibes with the background music?

  • Eric Pellegrino
    Eric Pellegrino

    Bruh that looks fucking delicious

  • Jon Yeung
    Jon Yeung

    Sad bc I have a dent on my head from years ago when I used to wear headphones a lot but it's not as bad an nicks🤣😂😅

  • jesse henegar
    jesse henegar

    You can eat a bowl of cereal out of that dent

  • DigitalJunki3 Gaming
    DigitalJunki3 Gaming

    WTAF the bloke in the Santa sweater scan sing.....

  • Scotty B
    Scotty B

    100% he best content i’ve seen in a long time, keep it up big guy

  • Samuel Hershley
    Samuel Hershley


  • Cheats King
    Cheats King

    I love how everyone is using nicks dent for clickbait

  • Zach Foell
    Zach Foell

    12:03 #WhenDoesOpTicPlay 💚

  • mat corona
    mat corona

    @11:25 oh word? Is that what’s good on twitch?

  • Ved567


  • kingster652

    "I grew up my, my dad owned a lexus..." Hardest Flex of 2021

  • Keynda Mehael
    Keynda Mehael

    react to Streamers getting scared live on stream

  • Matt Corr
    Matt Corr

    Remember when Quibi was a thing that existed, and you could talk about their business with a straight face?

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson

    Man, how many twitch clips of “ALL TIME” are there? 🤨🥴😐 dude just milkkkkkksssss for content doesn’t he 🤣🤡

  • Bad Rabbit
    Bad Rabbit

    The only cod I'll ever watch again

  • Flapjacks Yeah
    Flapjacks Yeah

    I love you courage, but your content is getting and played out with is reacting content. Literally the laziest form of content bro. Come on your courage J f’n D get out there and make some real f’n content

  • O'jae King
    O'jae King

    Hahahahahah this video is facking life lol

  • Sam Gibbs
    Sam Gibbs

    Love these

  • Pranvera Terziu
    Pranvera Terziu

    name of the song 8:50

  • Mikey M.
    Mikey M.

    Bro that photoshop of the head sent is kinda clout chaser. At least Tim showed a real picture.