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    • The Taco Gamer
      The Taco Gamer

      Your editor doesn't know how to spell smashed. 8:59

    • Draconiquist

      @Jzxm Bot font

    • Yo Fam
      Yo Fam

      Zak Southern I’m English and I’m triggered lmao

    • Yo Fam
      Yo Fam

      I’m British sipping tea and eating crumpets and I’m triggered

    • michael Laufenberg
      michael Laufenberg

      Plaid Mrp z

  • Wavyy

    Matthew 3:2 .

  • Wavyy

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon .

  • King Julian
    King Julian

    When English football is made in 1173 and American football is made in 1869😂

  • DoorGangHobbs

    I miss courage fall guys

  • Wavyy

    Matthew 3:2

  • Wavyy

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

  • Wavyy

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

    • Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2

  • FaZe-Sauces 213
    FaZe-Sauces 213

    Not to be weird but what was that 6:50

  • Umesh Chimariya
    Umesh Chimariya

    You had me in the first half but you brought up futbol


  • DMI Games
    DMI Games

    If jack had a black suit he would be perfect for a job interview his glasses make him look like he's trying to hide his identity but everyone could recognize him cause of his fatness

  • Ahmad Hamzah
    Ahmad Hamzah

    Centre is what you say in Europe, this is a European game.

  • Chad Beck
    Chad Beck

    Lol you say we had football first but we didnt they had football first which is soccer and in the early 1900s we invented football

  • SpiriT NBALM
    SpiriT NBALM


  • Rosa Parks
    Rosa Parks

    0:36 Swpah did him dirty 😂

  • Piercen Allen
    Piercen Allen

    i think courage didint know what warzone is look at the hashtags

  • Rosa Parks
    Rosa Parks

    15:00 they really were drunk when they said spongebob when he is wearing a pineapple 😂

  • Manny The Best
    Manny The Best

    Courage your the best ive only been watching for like 2 months and im telling you ive never laugh harder then when i watch your vids. Jack your such a mood i like what your doing man much love

  • IVI R Cheese
    IVI R Cheese

    Courage your so big brain i bet the usa did invent football first definitely

  • HD Quary
    HD Quary

    2:10 to 2:20 that's what British people talk like lmao

  • Franco Bradshaw
    Franco Bradshaw

    Jack and Marcel said eachother have Castles and Agents 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 was weak

  • Franco Bradshaw
    Franco Bradshaw

    Jack “FUUUUUUUUUUCK !!!!!!!” followed by 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 “it’s a team win “ lmao

  • Ali AlFardan
    Ali AlFardan

    Football was made long before your garbage nfl

  • Rosheed Gammer
    Rosheed Gammer

    the man got dissed on 0.36

  • Lvbeastmode24

    Hey Jack!! I was wondering what microphone do you use

  • Tairell YT
    Tairell YT

    my controller would be “shashed”

  • YID Gamer
    YID Gamer


  • Joehan Samuel
    Joehan Samuel

    CouRage laugh was the legendary LAUGTHER!!😆😆🤣🤣🤣

  • CleanPepsi

  • Swamp Squid
    Swamp Squid

    Stop insulting us brits we invented the english language alright 😂

  • Bea__ st
    Bea__ st

    Soccer pay more than nfl messi get 98million per week a

  • Bea__ st
    Bea__ st

    Soccer was invented before the nfl

  • Commander Alpha
    Commander Alpha

    Fun facts . Football was created back in the Aztec times. They played with stone balls and rules where when the opponent had broken bones they lost . Compared to the original football . The football these days ain't shit. They play with air balls these days. Aztec played with rock balls . Ig people became too snowflake in sports lmao

  • CJ_Baller

    Aye man I love ur videos I dream to be a streamer like u keep it up

  • Bill Joe
    Bill Joe

    The amount of people in this comment section who don’t know the soccer talk was a joke

  • XHale Gaming
    XHale Gaming

    Bad enough with the UK remarks, but im more concerned that youve never smoked bro like...?? Just rip a cone dont even need to bun a full zoot lmao

  • Ethan Baraan
    Ethan Baraan


  • jose gutierrez
    jose gutierrez

    6:50 courage really gotta chill he’s getting too excited

  • naveen shankar
    naveen shankar

    When’s the next after dark

  • Cadon Buckles
    Cadon Buckles

    Jesus loves you spread the word

  • gobbly doodles
    gobbly doodles

    pls don't hate on the British because we say shopping and we don't eat beans on toast for breakfast

  • Jorden Johnstone
    Jorden Johnstone

    Don’t even slate the U.K. we slap use in every way big man

  • PeteyThePuppet

    All the dislikes are probally the people who got their ass kicked by courage in this video.

  • Prodiigy_Chito

    bro you make me happy ever day when i am sad i wach your vidoes you make my day bye bro

  • Typical Trashcan
    Typical Trashcan

    this isn't after dark, this is more like before coffee

  • mr political pete
    mr political pete

    AFL use hands call it football 🏈 backwards yanks

  • Sebastian Shelly
    Sebastian Shelly

    We don’t even talk like that and we invented football and the word

  • Delay

    8:59 swaph spelled smashed wrong

  • Unknown_user 0807
    Unknown_user 0807

    I laughted so hard at the part where he made fun of British people even tho I’m British because I could have had a million and one insults for him XD

  • Yessir

    Bro I just started to watch courage again and this had me dying laughing 🤣

  • rocky Wright
    rocky Wright

    only thing that would have made the ending better is if he put a picture of him driving his new lambo lol made me crack up

  • Owen Whitehouse
    Owen Whitehouse

    You’re make fun of the uk for calling it football when America have 26 national teams and 11 have fc (football club) and 3 have sc (soccer club) get ur facts right before u make fun of a subject you don’t understand

  • User_Error101

    Yall gonna be losing mods not gaining mods if you keep on roasting brits

  • Ghost slayer 99
    Ghost slayer 99

    I made that joke way before you

  • Hunter Klindtworth
    Hunter Klindtworth

    Sooo funny broo! Keep it up😂😂😎😎

  • Lspdfr_roleplay PS4
    Lspdfr_roleplay PS4

    I respect you for having fun but the thing about football and the nfl is not true , football was invented 1920 and football was invented 1880

  • Gamer Yaba
    Gamer Yaba

    Is fall guys free?

  • tim cook
    tim cook

    I dont get it sun glasses inside? All Americans do this alot unsure why I mean just turn the light OFF!??? WIERDOS

  • Jumvelle Battal
    Jumvelle Battal


  • LucasMann04

    It’s good they not charging for skins

  • Ben Juniper
    Ben Juniper

    Nevermind just watched whole vid 😅😅

  • Ben Juniper
    Ben Juniper

    Anyone else wondering why jack was wearing sunglasses if u know plz tell me

  • Carter cman Lambert
    Carter cman Lambert

    I haven’t had more fun watching and playing this game since Fortnite season 3. Please keep posting these after dark streams with the squad it’s sooo much fuckin fun

  • Nonstop Nova
    Nonstop Nova

    Hitch laughing had me rolling bruh I love ppl who wheeze 😹😹😹

  • MARKImark_78

    Jack no. Our football was invented in early 1920's. That is wayy before your "foorball"

  • Charliemarge

    Soccer was before the fnl y’all just think beans are bad because your beans are sweat as frick

  • Jarrett Hill
    Jarrett Hill

    I was outside and I thought a horse was next to me but it was his laugh lol lol

  • Magnus

    I smell good content!!!!

  • jack albanese
    jack albanese

    Here is the dumbest thing ever I was mountain biking and a spider bit my ass I have a big red mark

  • Christie Morris
    Christie Morris

    Door dash tip: look for the smaller triangle on the bottom of the doors those are real so run through those

  • SympleSecret

    Just becuse of that one save I liked the video

  • KingJac

    What’s so special about a weekend to get a dub

  • Corbin Moreno
    Corbin Moreno

    Jack: "I look completly normal." Me:"Ok bud."

  • Nick Tortorici
    Nick Tortorici

    it’s not after dark tho

  • Billy King
    Billy King

    Sun glasses inside 😂

  • Mercury 7033
    Mercury 7033

    Bro how does soccer make sense foot ball is when your foot hits the ball

  • sam miller
    sam miller

    play fall guys with conner

  • Echo Knows
    Echo Knows

    after dark looks at courages webcam its daytime

  • M B
    M B

    Fútbol no americano

  • Mdawg 25
    Mdawg 25

    Courage playing with TST is so funny.

  • Alistair Bailout
    Alistair Bailout

    WHATS WRONG WITH BEANS ON TOAST MAYBE UR THE PRICK MAN LOLAHAH ---> like of beans on toast is good

  • Fuse

    1k comment

  • Harvey Kendrick
    Harvey Kendrick

    FOOT BALL uses feet soccer no foot or ball so what u gotta say now

  • Enigma Conundrum
    Enigma Conundrum

    we literally have FOOTBALL teams older than the NFL lmao

  • Matt Fishel
    Matt Fishel

    Courage is high as balls or has a black eye. Why have sunglasses on inside?

  • Nothing lol
    Nothing lol

    Jesus see instead of putting your face in every thumb nail, just don’t... lol. Literally every single thumb nails the same at least get some new ones taken!!

  • Stepbro Itachi
    Stepbro Itachi

    Can’t wait to join 100 thieves soon

  • XTR _
    XTR _

    i wanna see you play fall guys with connor

  • Luke Casey Shaw
    Luke Casey Shaw

    Literally watching this eating beans on toast... Sourdough toast though, I'm not an animal.

  • Harry Blunt
    Harry Blunt

    its called football because you hit a ball with your foot

  • nick gibbons
    nick gibbons

    I want to play fall guys but I dont have ps plus and I probably won't get it back until after it goes away from being free

  • the Jfkgamer
    the Jfkgamer

    When he realizes soccer was created before American football and it more popular

  • Lewis


  • Prodigy Dylon
    Prodigy Dylon

    Fall guys with Conner banger vid

  • Wesley Laureano
    Wesley Laureano

    I like the new outro song homie!

  • Pealed Mango
    Pealed Mango


  • Sadge

    Almost 1k videos! Congratz man!

  • Sui CYDE
    Sui CYDE

    desperate asf for money lmfao

  • DreamzFCツ