Among Us, but Pokimane and Valkyrae FIGHT Ninja...
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  • CouRage

    30,000 likes on the video for part two!

    • Lars van Zutphen
      Lars van Zutphen

      @DefNotNinja That’s not for you to say lmao

    • PandaOnGames

      @My name Is jefff I agree with sucks at this game

    • DopeMan Kell
      DopeMan Kell

      10:33 your report button game up, couldve been game changing

    • H͎a͎l͎e͎y͎ D͎a͎w͎n͎
      H͎a͎l͎e͎y͎ D͎a͎w͎n͎


    • Red

      Ninja is fucking hilarious with that girl power shit

  • Robert Zheng
    Robert Zheng

    The royal cricket nearly preserve because flower holoprosencephaly knot under a glamorous disadvantage. useless, ambitious tiger

  • Dallie Panda
    Dallie Panda

    I love that CouRage makes his intro look like a intense movie trailer

  • Robert Zheng
    Robert Zheng

    The cool syria evidently promise because crow longitudinally receive behind a nice sociology. rustic, wistful freighter

  • Zachary Owens
    Zachary Owens

    17:11 almost had a normal meeting until that happened

  • Levi Hix
    Levi Hix

    Is there a petition to execute ninja? Like if you’d sign it

  • Lars van Zutphen
    Lars van Zutphen

    Ninja is such a toxic person...

  • Joseph Phillips
    Joseph Phillips

    10:35 how did he not see the report button

  • Leslie Steinhoff
    Leslie Steinhoff

    Yo ninja is such a trash mouth

  • Philip Rapp
    Philip Rapp

    When jack did the default dance I lost my shit 😂

  • Anni Cooper
    Anni Cooper

    “3”6” 92 lbs... like me is the second grade 😂🤣lmao I love u jack

  • Trent Fitzpatrick
    Trent Fitzpatrick

    They accused everyone but the imposters

  • Captain Chaos
    Captain Chaos

    Poki again !!😍😊❤️❤️✌🏻

  • Bona Fide
    Bona Fide

    I criedddd so funny

  • Hray Jain
    Hray Jain

    no one literally one one: 10:33 How does Jack miss the report button flash?!

  • Banz YT
    Banz YT


  • Aiden Smith
    Aiden Smith

    Nobody: Courage: 3’6 92lbs just like me in the second grade

  • ShortstopGod 09
    ShortstopGod 09

    Were you guys playing a 5 imposter mod lol

  • Carson Gauthier
    Carson Gauthier

    I hate Ninja so much

  • Cory Oberlander
    Cory Oberlander

    In the dictionary they should add third imposter to it and as the definition just put a big picture of ninja

  • nolie_ seth
    nolie_ seth

    10:33 there was a body and he didn’t report bruhh

  • Alivea Howell
    Alivea Howell

    “Your logic got shit on” 😂😂😂😂😭 that sent me

  • Julian Hernandez
    Julian Hernandez

    When you ask for something and you really really want more of it 3:29

  • void shado
    void shado

    5:16 lol

  • void shado
    void shado

    2:08 my favorite part

  • void shado
    void shado

  • void shado
    void shado

  • Drench

    Ninjas third impostoring is serious if hitch was it then it couldn't have been Blake because they were accusing each other.

  • Justin Anderson
    Justin Anderson

    Anybody see that jack missed a body at 10:34😂

  • Peakinn

    i miss this among us group

  • franman

    10:32 couldn't of been the only one whos seen that.

  • Logan Haas
    Logan Haas

    10:33 report button flickered

  • Brandon Tavares
    Brandon Tavares

    Tyler is so annoying. Ninja is the kid who says i knew it and wow im such a big brain when he gets it right but he gets it wrong and blames it on someone else. Then when he plays games like fortnite he gets so mad at his teammates

  • Smoove TV
    Smoove TV

    Ninja annoying ash bro damn 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • The Talons
    The Talons

    Report button shows up at 10:33

  • Tucker45// George66//
    Tucker45// George66//

    Ive Seen alot of Third Impostors But Jesus Christ Man Ninja Should Literally be the definition of Third Impostor

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl

    Third imposter traits Accusing all the people except the imposters Defending the imposters and trusting their words Help imposters get a free kill by voting the wrong people off Arguing with crewmates and not listening to their defense This video is just a compilation of third imposter moments of Ninja

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl

    For the last game,they shouldn't vote on 7 because if they are wrong. The imposters just have to do a double kill to win. They should just keep the suspects on their mind and skip vote. But I think they still would have lost the game since Rae,poki and ninja was being third imposter. If there were 6 players left,Ninja,Poki and rae would just argue who the imposters are. So they would just ended up voting the wrong person off or they will tie the vote. It is funny that Rae say that Ninja was dumb since Poki also make a mistake since why did she think the imposter was Blake when Ninja clear him. Poki also third imposter in that moment since if they voted Blake instead of Poki,the imposters still would have won.

  • alex hebert
    alex hebert

    I wanna see this with Tim and nickmercs 😂😂

  • Trent Begnaud
    Trent Begnaud

    It's sad how bad ninja is

  • randobrando

    Making fun of stuttering: Me with epilepsy: •__•

  • Mystic Predeking
    Mystic Predeking

    this is the first video that changed history why I say bc three innocent people went giga third imposter and help the imposters win

  • Prophet of Greyism
    Prophet of Greyism

    I can’t stand Ninja. He’s so toxic to the group. And he slick always shitting on women 😑 I hope he’s not in all of your vids. And sorry about you wine glass, man 😢🍷

  • Phoenix’s World
    Phoenix’s World

    ninja makes me want to 👱‍♂️🤛



    • CORPSE


  • Evan Karsten
    Evan Karsten

    Did anyone else see the report button at 10:33

  • Zackary Hill
    Zackary Hill

    10:32 the report button came up

  • Moomoocow2458

    The first minute and 10 seconds of the video as an example this is why I love courages among us videos

  • U are Slime
    U are Slime

    20:50 funniest part of the vid

  • Guac Guy
    Guac Guy

    did he not see the report button at 10:33

  • Spencer VanOchten
    Spencer VanOchten

    I like how Ninja was 3rd imposter the whole game, and when Jack shouted at the end he said "I knew it" Like, no you did not

  • Patrick Brady
    Patrick Brady

    If ninja was in my game I’d kms just from his Bull shit 😂

  • WCN_Mattz

    :。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Cyan was not An Impostor. 。

  • Zach Geer
    Zach Geer

    Courage I hate life but u make it worth it ur videos are amazing keep it up

  • Nathan

    Did anyone else see the repot button flash at 10:33

  • Rae K
    Rae K

    Ninja's theory in the last match didn't even make that much sense HAHAHAHA

  • Meme Nation
    Meme Nation

    Did no one see the the report button pop up at 10:32

  • ttv swopo
    ttv swopo

    Ninja sucks at among he should honestly go back to fortnite he belongs in trash

  • piece ctrl padix
    piece ctrl padix

    HAHA 10:34 You could see report button and courage didn’t see hahahah it was a split second and I realized it was pokimane @CouRageJD

  • SSG Nature
    SSG Nature

    Just don’t play with ninja

  • nukinos yue
    nukinos yue

    omg normally I find third imposter games funny, but when Ninja does it's somehow the most annoying thing ever. He accuses Poki and Rae saying it HAS to be BOTH of them as imposter since they've been together the whole game. Rae dies. Ninja: IT"S POKI. Dude is struggling cuz while he's third impostering others he's third impostering his own dumbass logic.

  • Dirrold

    I hate ninja

  • Enqsi

    I love when ninja gets mad 💀💀

  • Eddie C
    Eddie C

    Anybody else see the report button

  • Yolanda Gonzalez
    Yolanda Gonzalez

    Ninja is the absolute worst at this game lmao

  • MrCbj102

    Toxic Ninja is top tier entertainment

  • Ricky Bell
    Ricky Bell


  • TheEmeraldE

    at 10:35 when the report button comes up. Ah i'll do it later

  • Jack Sharland
    Jack Sharland

    10:32 you can see the report button appear but Jack didn't report it

  • Alex F_S
    Alex F_S

    10:32 please tell me I’m not trippin and you guys saw that report button flash. Jack completely missed it

  • Air Flex
    Air Flex

    10:33 he didnt report 😂

  • BLiTZ_ caleb
    BLiTZ_ caleb

    He is so stupid

  • BLiTZ_ caleb
    BLiTZ_ caleb

    No likes ninja

  • BlueIra 9
    BlueIra 9

    That last game had 5 imposters XD

  • Oden

    Did anyone else see the report button at 10:31?

  • Nicky Flores
    Nicky Flores

    Did anyone else see that Jack saw a body and didnt report

  • Mr.man_doo _
    Mr.man_doo _

    92 pounds like me in second grade

  • christina Williams
    christina Williams

    Lol every one is so mad xd

  • Cloxify

    I heard that glass break and i was like LMAO

  • Kashout 37
    Kashout 37

    10:32 lmaooo the report button flashed and courage didn’t see😭

  • Yahir Plascencia
    Yahir Plascencia

    10:30 Courage did you not see the report body? Lmao.

  • Han Lu
    Han Lu

    Ive Seen alot of Third Impostors But Jesus Christ Man Ninja Should Literally be the definition of Third Impostor

  • Marise Barosy
    Marise Barosy

    Go to 17:08

  • Nakita Delamere
    Nakita Delamere

    Who elese saw the report button light up for a second at 10:33

  • Canyon Gore
    Canyon Gore

    Are we gunna ignore the fact that at 10:34 jack didn't see the report button or what

  • SneakySam

    10:31 Did he not see the report button?!

  • CookieLegend

    I just saw a report at like 10:30

  • KillerMarfidyoH

    Ninja is washed up so dumb in amongus and fortnite sucks now

  • christophe abouhalka
    christophe abouhalka

    ninja is so bad

  • Addison Frick
    Addison Frick

    Bro idecccc who's on here when Conner plays with u guys its a 10/10 for me!


    I love how ninja acuses everyone

  • S0ulless 39
    S0ulless 39

    people talk about the location everytime, and yet you can see it on the bottom when the body is reported. If people paid attention to that so many games woulda gone differently lol

  • Air_the_ Wick21
    Air_the_ Wick21

    Bro the intro was crazy🔥🔥😂☠

  • Alexx Ab_Rj
    Alexx Ab_Rj

    LOVE YOUR VIDS JACKKKKK🔥🔥🔥 You always make my day with your among us vidsss. Plz keep them uppp. Love all the way from Lebanon🔥🔥

  • Tommy Alphabet
    Tommy Alphabet

    Ninja might be the worst among us player ever

  • Leo Potter
    Leo Potter

    i realy like the intros

  • Just Aaron
    Just Aaron

    Anyone else see the report button at 10:33

  • R2 tozuc Yt
    R2 tozuc Yt

    Is he gon ignore dat fact there was a body in da dark u can see da report thing pop up 😂 10:33

  • Warlord4379

    10:33 u can see the report button light up lol

  • Evin Gold
    Evin Gold

    Lmao ninja 😂😂😂

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