Among Us, but we’re drunk and scream at each other...
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video for more drunk streams!

    • Dude Perfect192
      Dude Perfect192


    • Frankie Acosta
      Frankie Acosta

      Thank you u are too

    • Seth Hughes
      Seth Hughes

      @Shaun West Dude, just let the other people enjoy it, u really make urself feel better by cracking on others? Chill out man, there is nothing wrong with having a drink with friends, and he's an adult who can make decisions for himself. It's not your channel, if you don't like it, make ur own channel and do it that way.

    • Seth Hughes
      Seth Hughes

      @Shaun West Bro. Don't watch the video and don't complain if you don't like it

    • Shaun West
      Shaun West

      Money changes people and your a prime example 🤣 I mean damn you resorted to getting drunk on stream bc you think it’ll get more views but really it jus makes you look bad man lol. Never thought someone would have a job acting like a dumbass to get money, oh wait that’s most streamers.

  • l Noxy l
    l Noxy l

    I think u messed up the editing on 1:11

  • yoyo lafon
    yoyo lafon

    The fact the man is so passionate about his lies lol

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez

    ninja third imposter LOLLLL

  • c s
    c s

    At 1:11 you zoomed in on marcel when it was rae talking😭

  • Miles Moody
    Miles Moody

    Ninja is so childish

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy

    Jack bad Tyler 85pre is him fucking 3rd imposter

  • TidesChannel

    where can i find this game on drlupo’s POV ???????? i been trying to find all POV’s

  • Kenzie Sangan
    Kenzie Sangan

    I would love to slap the head off ninja bro he takes things to the next level

  • Trap Killer100
    Trap Killer100

    6:40 he's not but he won three times flawless?😂🤣Sounds like ninja salty

  • Progamertv

    Lierally all of you calling ninja toxic it meant to be funny so f off

  • Lewisowen 37
    Lewisowen 37


  • Devinツ

    If you’re drunk you probably won’t be streaming

  • James Heath
    James Heath

    1:12 Valkyraes voice but Swapuh zoomed on Marcel.

  • Stan Bos
    Stan Bos

    Ninja really Just sucks..

  • Ali Haidous
    Ali Haidous

    Among us can ruin friendships

  • Erick Toro
    Erick Toro

    i love the intros

  • Melek Wondergem
    Melek Wondergem

    me sees title me: i have to see this shit

  • Nicholas William George WELLINGTON
    Nicholas William George WELLINGTON

    Yo, Ninja straight up trash talking like a dick to Jack though

  • DMI Games
    DMI Games

    Jack mad now lol

  • DMI Games
    DMI Games

    Courage may be a little thick but at least he happy with his life and himself.

  • Demolition Elf
    Demolition Elf

    Top tier acting

  • risk playz
    risk playz

    lmao this is the funniest video on IRbin

  • Jen Lerman
    Jen Lerman

    ninja should go back to fortnite his brain can process better in fortnite

  • El Payaso
    El Payaso

    8:24 when she keeps on sucking

  • Shray Gupta
    Shray Gupta

    damn ninja toxic af

  • Tristan Houtz
    Tristan Houtz

    Ninja is so toxic in this. Every time his ego is threatened he insults others, especially Jack, to make himself feel better about himself. He thinks everyone likes him and he thinks that because of all his fame he can say whatever he wants to anyone he wants and get away with it.

  • KinG Jay
    KinG Jay

    I didn’t like ninja to begin with, but now I actually despise him I would never want to play any game with him, let alone Among Us. Connor’s more mature than this guy.

  • True Yuen
    True Yuen

    you lost to 2hype as impostor...

  • Boomzai

    I love u jack but I’m gonna keep it real I could only watch like 5mins of this because ninja is acting like he’s Connor honestly I think Connor is more mature then him

  • Sexy Pexy
    Sexy Pexy

    Jack is better than ninja courage is the best in that lobby

  • Remo Destroy
    Remo Destroy

    Why is ninja a botch

  • Xavier Doctor
    Xavier Doctor

    I personally don't care about how ninja acts lol it's kinda funny but he takes most of his losses bad though 😂.

  • Irving Aparicio
    Irving Aparicio

    Jack really hit that dance tho 💃😂😗

  • Moose Buckle
    Moose Buckle

    *raes voice* *zooms in on marcels name* 1:11

  • BlueIra 9
    BlueIra 9

    Honestly, I feel like Jack should've won that last game. Brooke had a flimsy ass reason, imo XD, and Blake not voting was just boring, man! I wish he won, dude, I wish he won! XD

  • Angie Scott
    Angie Scott

    Is Ninja really trying to insult Jack by reminding him that he has a lambo... lol what

  • Jesse Saavedra
    Jesse Saavedra

    Nija wishes he was good at games like you bro


    Where u drunk when made the title to this video because the last few words don’t make sense I see wat u mean but u messed up

  • islam ayyad
    islam ayyad

    dude tyler gets so SALTYYYYYY

  • Brodium

    ninja was giving me toxic 14 year old vibes

  • Quorkey

    Ninja is a asshole in this video, no hate to ninja tho.

  • Neil K
    Neil K

    Yeah he wasn't drunk at all click bait.

  • Cadon Buckles
    Cadon Buckles

    Jesus loves you spread the word

  • Blake McIver
    Blake McIver

    Me: ninja it’s just a game chill Ninja: (inserts it’s not just a game tweet)

  • J B
    J B

    Ninja is a bum

  • Nekozuki Aoi
    Nekozuki Aoi

    Ninja is so toxic-- like in every courage's game in among us he screams out tantrums.. I hate how he have to insult courage just because he's close to being vote off or losing the game.... Now I want to see xqc and ninja playing among us together...

  • Javant James
    Javant James

    Courage is a 🐐

  • Laney McDevitt
    Laney McDevitt

    I actually hate ninja he always bullies jack and called jack fat and shit jack needs a better friend

  • Senorjelly7

    anyone else just vibe to the outro?

  • GOATEDskippy Ski
    GOATEDskippy Ski

    Ninja called jack bad but when ninja is imposter he is so bad at lying 😂

  • Rose

    Do u need me to roast a twig, I mean ninja

  • Dont Cxpalot-
    Dont Cxpalot-

    Its sad how ninja talks a lot of shit but can’t back it up irl he did the same shit to Tfue

  • Bridget Robinson
    Bridget Robinson

    Mildly excited for tomorrow. Please let us get a WR that we can use.

  • Pain

    Ninja always says “I’m never playing with this group again “ then does lol

  • hoyos david
    hoyos david

    I’m subscribing because I liked how you pissed of that blue hair pea brain

  • Astle Truscott
    Astle Truscott

    Watched 3 seconds then realized ninja is in the video. Really can't be bothered with his bs today

  • Linxzy 710
    Linxzy 710

    ninjas probably the most annoying youtuber ever😂😂😂

  • Beans

    Basically-“I WANTED JACK TO WIN SO BAD BRO” Me: Me to brother me to...

  • PinPointPlayz

    Every bit of me wants to punch ninja in the face he is the most annoying human ever

  • Wesley Laureano
    Wesley Laureano

    I'm so glad I don't watch Tyler anymore 😅

  • Rocio Contreras
    Rocio Contreras

    The four horseman of destroying friendships among us uno monopoly and the blue she'll from mario kart

  • Julian Ordaz
    Julian Ordaz

    Last game who else wanted jack to kill Tyler 😂

  • Kevin Sugaki
    Kevin Sugaki

    He says that jack sucks when he always third imposters every time

  • Typs_Grimreaper

    Lol “FUCK NINJA BRO” 😂. He got me dead

  • Loud lol
    Loud lol

    I hate ninja now he’s always a 3rd impostor and he’s toxic back in season 5 i would get home and watch him but he’s so toxic and when he’s wrong the next game he’s angrier

  • Jacob loveland
    Jacob loveland

    I love how when ninja rages and yells he is annoying but when every other IRbinr or streamer does y’all think it’s funny, you guys really just try to find every way possible to hate. Good content jack, keep it up big dawg

  • Marcus V
    Marcus V

    Ninja is the worst... he’s so toxic! It can’t be any fun playing this game with him

  • Moxzy

    He actually gets mad to make them believe him

  • Nathan Medina
    Nathan Medina

    I think courage was drinking SO MUCH WINE

  • Supreme Eddie
    Supreme Eddie

    Ninja is crazy spicy with the cuss words 😂😂” your fucking stupid “ lmaoo

  • Crunchy Gaming
    Crunchy Gaming

    Courage dancing is priceless

  • SimonPH

    hahaha ninja is the bottom in the description

  • Mookan Kandiah
    Mookan Kandiah

    I hate ninja do you ever that satisfaction when courage kills him he is so mean

  • Breyton Kalili-Dasilva
    Breyton Kalili-Dasilva

    This is why I stopped watching ninja like this man is just so annoying literally he has no evidence or anything and tryna vote you out while you were crewmate like wtf he gets on my nerves😒

  • Matthew H
    Matthew H

    How do people play with Ninja, he is literally bullying jack. Like going over the top and not even about the guy. Ninja has always been a bitch when things don't go his way.

  • alicia aungst
    alicia aungst

    the tyler and jack had me stresssseddd at the end lmaooooo

  • Mr_Drago

    15:50 courage tho......

  • Andrew Barber
    Andrew Barber

    Courage is so entertaining especially on among us

  • Alonso Gutierrez
    Alonso Gutierrez

    Bro as entertaining as this is courage gets soooooo annoying

  • Laut Aditya
    Laut Aditya

    dude ninja is so bad and so toxic and so rebengyyy

  • John C
    John C

    y'all need to stop playing with ninja he ruins the game everytime he's so fucking annoying


    Yea ninja was one of those guys that would be friends with the bully cuz he couldn’t think for himself


    Your always screaming lol

  • posty_losty TTV
    posty_losty TTV

    I wish people played like y’all,people say some1sus and vote off like wtf

  • brianna schouest
    brianna schouest

    this was the funniest video LMFAOOO

  • Numify

    I just noticed the name zoomed into basically instead of Rae 1:05

  • Brandon Woodward
    Brandon Woodward

    Literally ruining friendships yo

  • david2k

    broo who else laughed at “am i speaking spanish”🤣🤣

  • Legendary Weirdo
    Legendary Weirdo

    ha ha

  • Cole Garcia-Koehler
    Cole Garcia-Koehler

    jack sometimes sounds like nick krolls voice on big mouth..................... am i the only one? sorry i messed up the name.

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith

    has any one else noticed ninja hasn't been invited to many of these anymore because he is such an ass

  • DareDevil Zakkery
    DareDevil Zakkery

    Why is Marcle talking like a gril

  • ExoticAsFxck

    I cant believe people support a loser like Ninja.

  • ExoticAsFxck

    Nobody likes Ninja.

  • Son Jimmy
    Son Jimmy

    Man i get the biggest crack when Courage kills ninjas toxic ass all the time haha

  • Zechariah Wermuth
    Zechariah Wermuth

    Tyler is the worst

  • Jakob Owens
    Jakob Owens

    Anybody else think ninja and courage are drake and Josh🤯😂

  • Grady Smitley
    Grady Smitley

    THIS IS THE BEST ONE!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Panda Po Anda
    Panda Po Anda

    did anyone notice he put valkyrae’s subtitles over basically at 1:10