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  • KamikazeDJM

    He acts like my art teacher from online learning 😂

  • Justin Hagadus
    Justin Hagadus

    Bruh you are.garbage hot sweaty garbage

  • David Coste
    David Coste

    I can't see this without thinking of the Deadpool Bob Ross Trailer. "A;right, I'm gonna wack off again"

  • Michael Echema
    Michael Echema

    1:01:45 is what you came for



  • Eoin Russell
    Eoin Russell

    this deserves so much more attention

  • Mufasa118

    This is how Hitler was made

  • Edzrick Dizon
    Edzrick Dizon

    I feel so bad

  • TVNE 2K
    TVNE 2K

    This video is a mess for so many reasons 😂. I love this guy.

  • Boogie Man
    Boogie Man


  • Evan Cravener
    Evan Cravener

    literally pablo escobar from narcos

  • I have done things
    I have done things

    I’m doing art for my gcse and I didn’t fucking mean too this is better then what I can do and this is my exams

  • BrianN

    The outfit was hilarious! Nice Bob Ross fro

  • BrianN

    Hey man, I really liked what you were doing! I loved the blue misty background and the trees looked like they were different depths away. The Bridge came out fine too. The trees and bushes came out great! I was happy seeing you having fun but people were being mean so don’t listen to them. Also, you’d have had a much more enjoyable experience with paint thinner; that paint would come right off the brushes. My dad painted signs and he rarely bought paint thinner, he’d put gasoline in an empty metal coffee canister and it does the job. Your painting stilll came out good! I think you have talent and I hope you try again. And feel free to pause his video because there is no hurry. Peace out brother!

    • BrianN

      Also, for that brown spot at that bottom, a little paint thinner on an old cloth rag or towel and a wipe would take that right off :)

  • DarkLight


  • Yucki Music
    Yucki Music

    Omgggg. Lmao. Courage and Madi are so funny together

  • Dylan Ellerbeck
    Dylan Ellerbeck

    Skip the first 20 min itll save you those 20 minutes... I made the mistake of watching a bit.. obvious mistakes trying to play dumb and clumsy... its bad not funny... I'd watch more of his stuff if he didnt act like a stupid kid doing adult things...

  • Dubstep Phoenix
    Dubstep Phoenix

    It. Actually ain’t that bad tho I’m not gonna lie to me it’s actually looks pretty nice

  • Kiah Adams
    Kiah Adams

    When did bob get so sexy

  • Alt

    Honestly I feel bad for jack but he tried his best :) don’t worry jacK you haven’t seen my art yet I don’t even think it is called art something more like TRASH

  • Cheat Activated
    Cheat Activated

    I love when courage notices how he’s been holding that pallet wrong the whole time lolol

  • Mexican Travis Scott
    Mexican Travis Scott

    I love how people don’t forget him

  • Liam Theo Gaming
    Liam Theo Gaming

    The donation animation is amazing!

  • Ace Aqwa
    Ace Aqwa

    JACK - "this is abstarct" ME(studies visual art) - " Wrong" sorry jack

    • Jordan C
      Jordan C

      You study visual art ? 😮😮😮😮

  • Coughlin Harlop
    Coughlin Harlop

    When he said girl friend 😂😂😂😂

  • Voltz

    Read my name

  • Knightriderxl

    he looks like jack black

  • Donna Smar
    Donna Smar


  • BrimWithNoYankee


  • Sk8_Aidan 90
    Sk8_Aidan 90

    Your kinda boring ass shit

  • Thorfinn TV
    Thorfinn TV

    back sweat ftw

  • Sam Pearson
    Sam Pearson

    When you order Bob Ross of wish.

  • James Beckmann
    James Beckmann

    Watching this for the third time, and again it has me crying from laughing so hard. Thanks for an amazing vid!

  • Dopie52801

    Have courage people. There is light at the end of the tunnel...

  • Imad Mad
    Imad Mad

    Low grafisme paint 😂😂😂

  • Ahmx

    Seriously who told him this is interesting

  • RaG3_ morgan
    RaG3_ morgan

    This is fun

  • Hypelife1

    the headset tho

  • Ciaran Thomas
    Ciaran Thomas

    This is sensational this video\ stream

  • Ben Estep
    Ben Estep

    It's been a long time since I've laughed this hard at a video, but I don't blame him for being a newbie to art/canvas painting as I am, too. The costume he wore was gold.

  • Neigbor Jax
    Neigbor Jax

    Like it if he did

  • Neigbor Jax
    Neigbor Jax

    Hey you tryed your best

  • Angel Wehlage
    Angel Wehlage

    My favorite part was the bridge

  • Tdub 24
    Tdub 24

    Remember when mr.beast gave him 70000 dollars

  • Josh Young
    Josh Young

    This is amazing dude I'm cracking up 😂

  • Joe Stang
    Joe Stang

    This is fuckin awesome. Hahaha

  • Pr0ximity

    I love the content.

  • XRxvenge Xx
    XRxvenge Xx

    Courage when are you going back to fortnite

  • Christopher Huskey
    Christopher Huskey

    The painting is really good but the bridge could be better

  • Disclaimer

    I’m not going to lie... I couldn’t stop laughing during this entire vid. Oh my god, this was hilarious.

  • kingslayer

    courage is such a fat fucking piece of shit.worst streamer ever. glad he went to youtube

  • GetSauced -_-
    GetSauced -_-

  • Grandelia Pasillas
    Grandelia Pasillas

    Your so bad laughing at noobs and then editing to fall damage I unsubsicbe to you

  • i inhale crackers
    i inhale crackers

    this dumb ass thinks the ar15 is a military grade weapon, he probably doesn't know what AR stands for

  • Brittany Summers
    Brittany Summers

    Can you tell wildcat that moo came out with a new video

  • Brittany Summers
    Brittany Summers

    Can you tell wildcat that moo came out with a new video

  • Brittany Summers
    Brittany Summers

    No sweet baby rays

  • Gunzerkeryoda

    Was Courage Ross in due date? Thought that was Zac, but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong.🤔

  • marlin918

    One of thee funniest videos I have seen on IRbin in a while. I laughed the whole time!!! Recently subscribed courage and I’m glad I did great video

  • Austin Faust
    Austin Faust

    The only thing wrong is her attitude courage

  • J B
    J B

    Why you sweating lol


    Courage caught staring at his own GFs 🎂 at 1:00:25

  • Whynerd 1079
    Whynerd 1079

    Jack really didn’t think thiss one thru OmegaLuL KekW

  • Joey zamorski
    Joey zamorski

    Holy hell the first part with the poop and the white paint is so funny

  • holden hyde99
    holden hyde99

    This genuinely pissed me off watching this. I still love you tho courage keep it up ❤

  • Jessie Martinez
    Jessie Martinez

    Play with coner on fortnight agin

  • Octavian 63BC
    Octavian 63BC

    I liked the painting

  • jack packing
    jack packing


  • Atown707

    Glad you do more than just video game streaming. Keeps the channel interesting

  • Jason Zhang
    Jason Zhang

    The world didn’t start off with a Big Bang, it started off with Liquid Hwite

  • Brendon

    This video took me back to art class in elementary school...

  • Brett Medeiros
    Brett Medeiros

    I know he got frustrated lol it's not easy to do but I do you really can see the stream didnt go the way he wanted to. hope he streams today lol

  • Matt Larson
    Matt Larson

    If u use the M13 with these attachments there is no Recoil at all no joke: Mono Suppressor, Marksman Barrel, Tac Laser, Rubber Grip Tape, Ranger Grip, please Try this class out you’ll be surprised!

    • 1k

      Im concidering downloading this game just to try this out, i LOVE guns with no recoil

  • Malesedi Khanyi
    Malesedi Khanyi

    Jack In 20 years from now With the same hair, beard and belly I love you Jack for who you are no homo

  • WillisIsAwesome

    Lol this was so good. Great job Jack!

  • Travis

    Boob ross

  • Simon Harmer
    Simon Harmer

    I lost it at “that didn’t work bob. Bob that literally didn’t work” 😂

    • Simon Harmer
      Simon Harmer

      Manni Loves puppies 38:00

    • Manni Loves puppies
      Manni Loves puppies

      When was that 🤔

  • Kiaina White
    Kiaina White

    Bruh all u needed was a smaller brush 😂

  • Troy Jennings
    Troy Jennings

    How do you rage quit painting

  • Kyle Joseph
    Kyle Joseph

    You vs The guy she tells you not to worry about 😐

  • Bianca Destiny
    Bianca Destiny

    Do your research on paint first. Acrylic is good for beginning.

  • someoneyk

    Jake Bob's is iPhone quality, yo's is android quality

  • Jhwess

    You guys are such Simps if I were a girl you would’ve said I was right Me: Wait, who the hell doesn’t Simp for Bob mofo Ross

  • my type of shot
    my type of shot

    I would miss his best stream ever

  • Ricardo Santiago
    Ricardo Santiago

    Looks good man for the first time !! With more practice u could be the next warzone Bob lmao good job

  • nunya flippingbidness
    nunya flippingbidness

    At least he made enough in tips to cover art supplies lmao

  • Mr.J Hahaha
    Mr.J Hahaha

    My favorite part is the bridge I luv it courage abstract art is good art

  • Fishy Jack
    Fishy Jack

    courage knows his colors very good now

  • Adriana

    Goddamnit why and how did I miss this?? Notifications r broken

  • Kyle

    CourageJD, it’s okay at least you try. Failure can turn into experience and use that experience into success if you’re willing to put effort into it. I know you tried your best and went all out. I know it doesn’t work out the way you wanted to but that means you have to practice more and don’t give up. P.S I like the painting. it’s a revolutionary beginning of a painter. Yes there are flaw about the painting but that what make it special because you paint this, you made this, you struggle to make this, you endure to do this, it have flaw, yes but what your painting to me symbolize hardship,endurance and life.

  • Parker Ritchie
    Parker Ritchie

    Dang I thought Bob Ross was taller 🤔

  • OfficialMilk

    This is the. Funniest stream

  • andy romine
    andy romine

    Best thing on the internet today. Thanks for the laughs.


    Lmaooo bro this was epic af , literally had me dying the whole vid 😂😂😂 this dude said “ omg chat , did you guys think I was trying to copy bob, omg no , this is abstract, omg I’m embarrassed FOR YOU CHAT “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson

    Quarantine has really gotten to your head 😂😂😂

  • Just Joshin
    Just Joshin

    Like and reply if CouRage should play more Minecraft Dungeons!!! :)

    • xd _aqua
      xd _aqua


  • Anthony Bracamontes
    Anthony Bracamontes

    I dont think Bob Ross cusses

  • Dustin Bowman
    Dustin Bowman

    Bro not bad at all

  • ZMCC

    If you squint a little and imagine it looks a lot better

  • Brody Gronau
    Brody Gronau

    This is content

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