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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if you hate hackers!

    • Tyler XD
      Tyler XD

      CouRage you can’t stop hackers they have to many good anti cheat bypasses and anti bans

    • D.J. Casanova
      D.J. Casanova

      Bro that low key would be a banging country song.

    • Dan Brit
      Dan Brit

      i love the game but every match is like this and i have a high level pc ...im about to stop playing it

    • Noah Wutkee
      Noah Wutkee

      I don't think he was hacking just better and you have to make up an excuse

    • bss Santorini
      bss Santorini

      Man if someone kill me mid air from across the level as shown in 2:51, I would be sure he is a cheater!

  • Luffy

    1:49 was amazing

  • rip juice wrld
    rip juice wrld

    i seen this vid and thought omfg then seen that it was 7months ago i was relieved 😅

  • PWR-rhys

    1:03 hahahah

  • James NFFC
    James NFFC

    Can you play dead by daylight

  • Marty Dobrek
    Marty Dobrek

    The descriptive bolt conceivably reject because wound conformably reduce till a soft notify. sedate, misty handle

  • Gamer panda
    Gamer panda

    He’s not hacking it’s his gaming chair

  • Stephie Rainbow
    Stephie Rainbow

    I had someone on my team he had 50 kills

  • Yeeterson Peterson
    Yeeterson Peterson

    I’m scared

  • BigGuy Gaming
    BigGuy Gaming

    This was the funniest video of COD I’ve ever seen


    Kids watch this

  • Drumond Nash
    Drumond Nash

    Tell me what you want daddy I laugh so hard 😂😂 0:08

  • Alexander Moorehead
    Alexander Moorehead

    Yo sign courage to faze

  • Smokyn Jai
    Smokyn Jai

    Hes not hacking he just has a really good lighting. :-)

  • FN PoisonIcePop
    FN PoisonIcePop

    4:35 Legion sounds like that one fat blond girl in big mouth 👀👀

  • Benjamin Schafer
    Benjamin Schafer

    I’m level 60 and can’t get a teammate in duos

  • LaMar Whatley
    LaMar Whatley


  • Zach Waghorn
    Zach Waghorn

    You guys got shit on by him

  • cameron Giovanni
    cameron Giovanni

    pC iS bEtTeR tHaN cOnSoLe. 🥴🤡 Thousands of dollars in just to play with hackers. Cant relate

  • Alejandro Rodriguez
    Alejandro Rodriguez

    Young hungry carnivore

  • ASTRO Grant
    ASTRO Grant

    Is it even physically possible to put stuff in ur Peepee hole???

  • Sherkim George
    Sherkim George

    You are funny 😆😂

  • OmegaSynstar

    playing around got you downed...Predators never play with prey

  • scopedkannon fn
    scopedkannon fn

    this is the funniest shat ever

  • Felipe Cruz
    Felipe Cruz

    Nice song

  • Courtney Turner
    Courtney Turner

    We made lauve in the backseat of my used Honda Accord!

  • Enigma Conundrum
    Enigma Conundrum

    ' Caravans are a lot more dodgy... they could tip over ' LMAO

  • Skyler Clark
    Skyler Clark

    Our we shore courage isn’t the hacker with those snipes

  • Jeshaun Wallace
    Jeshaun Wallace

    NGL kinda tired of seeing Trump adds on your channel

  • Alex Shaw
    Alex Shaw

    10:10 lol

  • SeiGe Jake49oo
    SeiGe Jake49oo

    1:48 lol

  • TDi0uS

    This is class😂

  • mike doherty
    mike doherty

    why can he sing tho

  • Fabian Crawford
    Fabian Crawford

    This vid was hilarious, had me in tears. Defo subbing

  • Cixaq

    yeeee siege is worse

  • zeth zwer
    zeth zwer

    I’m from Iowa he is the best trigonometry teacher ever from here

  • Access Green
    Access Green

    dude im so glad i found you lol you have me weak i had to stop the video so i could just live life for a min woowee lol

  • this_is _wolfie_03
    this_is _wolfie_03

    I had no idea that nogla and basically where in this video that's insane can I have backstory

  • Reid Lax Bro
    Reid Lax Bro

    You are becoming one of my most favorite youtubers

  • Eloy Torres
    Eloy Torres

    That's funny, I thought they never left.

  • YawnTowns MultiStan
    YawnTowns MultiStan

    Nah those are not hackers. they're just one of those amazing nutty player that "pretending they're cheating to baited views" like our cracked Symfuhny

  • Travis T
    Travis T

    The hackers in warzone are back full force. This game is such trash cause they don’t keep up with all the hacking and people buying cheats.

  • Jake Wilke
    Jake Wilke

    Why does legiqn sing country so good?😂

  • Exo Crown
    Exo Crown

    @10:20 is where the prison magic Happens.. you're welcome ...!!!

  • Ricch Chaney
    Ricch Chaney

    Hacking is on the gang im finna download some hacks tonight so I can just play for fun

  • Hal Woodall
    Hal Woodall

    These guys are hilarious

  • Captain Values
    Captain Values

    Today i got downed through a wall revived myself and got downed through the wall again and my whole team got downed through the wall bruv its fuckin jarrin

  • A Golding
    A Golding

    Lol I’m watching this at 12:54pm

  • niwdla0598

    Hey @CouRage I've come across many Warzone Hackers, this one in particular is a streamer - twitch.tv/modeflick_ I played warzone with 2 of my friends and just got destroyed by this team, but they ended up losing anyways HAHA. Anyways, here's video proof irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/kptohJbMwmaH3KU.html We already sent a report on twitch but it'd be nice to get some help from additional players too. ENJOY YOUR DAY EVERYONE :)

  • Conor Riordan
    Conor Riordan

    Does jack still stream on twitch

  • Got Wrecked31
    Got Wrecked31


  • brian philips
    brian philips

    13:20 is what you came for

  • Owen Jordan
    Owen Jordan

    When did jack get so cute damnnn

  • Derel Playz
    Derel Playz

    I have watched this over 50 times no cap

  • Junior Velasquez
    Junior Velasquez

    Wtf do y’all not report these hackers

  • Ironic PhYsCo
    Ironic PhYsCo

    Who else thinks courage has a lot of fun playing Warzone

  • Team OFG
    Team OFG

  • Pistolero0047

    He sounds like the fat blond girl from big mouths

  • calohblu

    No one's gonna mention those 2 snipes ? Damn bro

  • Zander Holman
    Zander Holman

    It’s low key impressive that he made up that song like that. It sounded like it could’ve been real

  • BigDogIan

    I love legions voice like no cap

  • Headhunter T216
    Headhunter T216

    Can you say bars bruh I love it your amazing you and yo squad I want that song 2 lol

  • ꧁FlyAչnǤบy꧂

    I came to see the hacker but stayed for the jail talk well played! 🤣😂

  • dyllaaannn

    your videos always cheer me up after a bad day (:


    13:27:Spectates hacker, if you want to skip everything and see more hackers in COD again...

    • Crosshair84

      Thank you. If Nogla wants me to listen to his story he can have his editor trim out the 95% that's just him listening to the sound of his own voice.

  • LilBurrito

    Why does Legion sound like Chris Griffin

  • Christopher Gerber
    Christopher Gerber

    2:19 me 😅 😂 I can relate

  • LilBurrito

    I just harmonized with the country song in perfect tune 😳

  • XPeachFlavorx _
    XPeachFlavorx _

    MW security system on hackers is ass they don’t ban for shit

  • The Samur1
    The Samur1

    Legion sounding like nick kroll

  • Aleandra Vasques
    Aleandra Vasques

    If you guys stop being toxic to noops they wouldn't get aimbot

  • BenBrown0

    1:48 best hit ever

  • MonochromeSt4r

    That is the EXACT reason I stay out of warzone

  • Andre Smith
    Andre Smith

    I got a 15 kill game in three v three snipers only easy

  • Showdown_shane 1
    Showdown_shane 1

    The greatest singing trio

  • ItsUrBoiLuke

    This challenge is cool and all but try killing last with a munition box it’s insane how much damage it does and I think it goes through riot shields at least that’s what happens when I did this in mw

  • Jack Carroll
    Jack Carroll

    Fucking minte

  • Jack Carroll
    Jack Carroll

    Fuck minte

  • Jack Carroll
    Jack Carroll

    I like fishy

  • LukeMask

    "He has obsidian" how does that mean he is hacking (I know he is btw)

    • LukeMask

      @Sab it's not hard to get obsidian, it's just kills

    • Sab

      Because he was level 44 lmao

  • Cristopher Pino
    Cristopher Pino

    Man how many times you encounter a hacker? Its like all the time you play

  • Sojo Zentra
    Sojo Zentra

    I only watch these for the hackers lol. If you were educated on how cheats work your reaction wouldn’t be so annoying. Stop making hacks seem so mystical; esp, aimbot, tracers look the same on basically every game.

  • Elijah McMahan
    Elijah McMahan


  • Helder Marques
    Helder Marques

    How that hacker even as the courage to use the Portuguese Flag!! Do not use my country's flag fu**face!! Can someone explain to me how can even be funny to have cheats?

  • KellCapalot

    yea lets just ignore @3:53

  • SkYz CrYpTiC
    SkYz CrYpTiC

    I want an album rn lol😂😂😂😂

  • Brad Mattrazzo
    Brad Mattrazzo

    Anyone who hacks to win games is a strait garbage player period hacking isn’t skill actually playing the game legitimately takes skill

  • Clay Johnson
    Clay Johnson

    What I love about this game is I drill a guy with a half a mag in the nostrils. But they down me and kill me, the kill cam shows then shooting me in the ball sac... WTF COD? Hows about a Kill cam that actually works. Or do you do more damage by shooting them in the nads?

  • Rez

    is it just me or badlion and CouRage have almost the same logo

  • Liam Laidler Laidler
    Liam Laidler Laidler

    I’m soo happy to see your rise go the way it has you deserved that from mr beast all that time ago and it couldn’t of happened to a better streamer 🙌

  • Joe mama
    Joe mama

    I enjoy how yall were having a good time.

  • The Sniper Kid
    The Sniper Kid


  • TheBozzPlaya


  • Tata Nkisi 7 Rayo
    Tata Nkisi 7 Rayo

    Deleating this game was the best move

  • Scythin _
    Scythin _

    Is Nogla from Northern Ireland or Ireland

  • DiableJambe

    Sad to see someone with this good movement using hacks Pathetic

  • Matt-C

    This is the first video I’ve seen from you and honestly might be one of my new favourite channels 😂😂😂😂

  • Fletch

    Making vids on them keeps them motivated..

  • owen v
    owen v

    Not only did I watch this stream live on Nogla’s channel and love it then, the edit here makes me love it just as much 😂😂😂

  • James Curfman
    James Curfman

    Damn. If THAT kind of crap doesn't put a damper on things...