I hired a Warzone coach on Fiverr and ACTED like a noob... *IT WENT BAD*
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if you want a part TWO!

    • Lelo Hlatshwayo
      Lelo Hlatshwayo


    • Thedopeone Human
      Thedopeone Human

      Pickle the really man pickle guy

    • Afro_mann027

      @Glen Oakes damn alright I gotta go look it up bro.

    • Glen Oakes
      Glen Oakes

      @Afro_mann027 75000 other IRbinrs have done this is what I’m getting at Afro man. To boot let’s add a thumbnail of the opened mouth shocked face. 🥱

    • Afro_mann027

      @Glen Oakes CouRage did this before ? Where's the link ?

  • R N/A
    R N/A

    Most coaches: “oh yeah scavies are the best for early games so you can loudout quick and start getting kills That one guy: “FUCK YOU WE GET BOUNTY AND UAV AND KILL EVERYONE”

  • Hamdan Joker
    Hamdan Joker

    First time saw him this much calm😂😂

  • tryintosurvive88

    they actually have coaches for a game thats outside of MLG? Learn something new everyday.

  • Tristian McLeod
    Tristian McLeod

    The Tim roast killed me 😂

  • Amirrul Alif
    Amirrul Alif

    Sconzy sounds like Ross from Friends.

  • NijaManik


  • Shxdowed

    The double echo triggered me

  • ErwinPlays

    Did anyone else wait for the reactions at the end?

  • Daniel Jurišević
    Daniel Jurišević

    06:37 that's not slide cancel, that's wasting time by being in the air for 1 second xD not really gonna be faster that way

  • Piggasaurs 08
    Piggasaurs 08

    Acted like a noob?

  • Cpt_Dabbn YInzStreaM Media
    Cpt_Dabbn YInzStreaM Media

    He’s like oh yeah ! Like a little kid hahahah!! I love it pls do another one!!

  • Mr Hardy
    Mr Hardy

    I call it up down haha I’m dead 😂😂

  • Kraxxanar

    "Acted like a noob." I saw your gameplay. You're not very good considering you're a full time streamer :/

  • Cameron Leon
    Cameron Leon

    Dude those coaches are so cool man didn’t think guys like that existed

  • Zach N
    Zach N

    That up down flank really be hitting different

  • Scott Brady
    Scott Brady

    Zero recoil on your guns

  • Sean Frank
    Sean Frank

    We're doing up down I like that. Lmfao

  • Coastal Gaming
    Coastal Gaming

    These coaches are awesome. Not only are they hustling but they are super good at what they do, constantly explaining why they are making certain decisions and communicating well. Shoutout to those guys. Im a terrible teacher and just got my dad an xbox so we "hangout" FROM afar. This video definitely gave me so tips on how to help him progress

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith

    So fake

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith

    My kd would be high to if I played with pros everyday

  • Da ANSW3R
    Da ANSW3R

    Acted??? I've seen your gameplay, it's not much of a act.

  • Leb Mc
    Leb Mc

    Is one of those guys BobbyPoff?

  • Jason Forth
    Jason Forth

    This is the best outcome from one of these 'using people on fiverr videos'. You enjoyed it, you were nice to them and they were cool. Great video. Keep 'em coming!

  • Luke

    The Mexican kid saying "no mames" on open mic 🤣

  • Horhay Bee
    Horhay Bee

    People actually call these coaches 😂😂😂

  • president elect hunter biden
    president elect hunter biden

    These streamers are definitely getting paid to promote this company

  • JT

    I dont think he has to act...

  • TJ Uteh
    TJ Uteh

    Lol u r a noob

  • EdVentures

    Lmao coaches for warzone that’s actually kinda sick wtf

  • Stephen J.
    Stephen J.

    On another episode of streamers copying other streamers ideas and making them their own....

  • Ky

    This game is runned by Walmart employees

  • f1rebreather123

    Just remember these kinds of coaches will not help you. Playing the game and gaining experience will help you. If you want somewhat of a coach find a friend who is better than you and watch how they play. Paying people wont help much

  • Maxime Vhw
    Maxime Vhw

    ah yes ruining games for low kd players

  • MrJakeTheMan13

    That was a wholesome fucking video

  • Gmf301520

    I just call it UP DOWN.... hahahahaahaaaaaaaa lmfaoooooooo

  • epicpanda cannon
    epicpanda cannon

    15 year olds out here really thinking people are gon hire them just to try and give some shitty tips on warzone like really bruh 😂

  • Shane S
    Shane S

    are there just people that dislike every video? nothing about this video deserves a dislike. KEEP IT UP JD!

  • Wik

    Legit never even heard of you until tonight but this video had me cracking up. Subbed! Look forward to more awesome content, thanks!

  • avetik32

    Good video but he didn’t act like a noob at all, this was just a “make myself feel better” kinda vibe. So... I got clickbaited on IRbin again, who knew...

  • anthony Juice
    anthony Juice

    Courage play with me I have 0 wins

  • Robert Verwijs
    Robert Verwijs

    The funny part is that u think there are real gaming coaches instead of loser kids with no jobs that think thats a good id

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo

    You can’t act like a n00b if you are already one 😜

  • forrest81

    You sure the third guy isn't moistcr1tikal making side cash when he isn't working his waste management job?

  • Cece Hernandez
    Cece Hernandez


  • Morgan Scholes
    Morgan Scholes

    So have you joined their lobby or they've joined yours? If they've joined yours it make sense why those kills were super easy

  • Andrew Todd
    Andrew Todd

    Lol you subbed to Coconut Brah because he's been doing this for awhile now

  • Chase Tuggle
    Chase Tuggle

    I hope you tipped them well bc we just got 3 free lessons 😂😂

  • VinceALince_SRT

    Actually liked the aggressive coach

  • Garrison Gielda
    Garrison Gielda

    The orange guy seemed super cool

  • ThorHiney Cucky
    ThorHiney Cucky

    You’re bad at being bad lol

  • Tomsia

    Love you. I traumatized you with a nade first blood In ww2 in a Gb it’s on my channel. Been great seeing you go from caster, to small steamer on MLG, to multi millionaire with nade. Huge inspiration, biggest to me besides Adam killa sloss ;). U the goat bro thanks for being inspiration

  • yousef aloatibi
    yousef aloatibi

    I hate to break it to you but you didn’t need to go undercover

  • H W
    H W

    Guy at 4:20 sounds like Ross from Friends

  • paddington2010

    Why you gotta do Timmy like that 😭😭😭

  • Dustin6980

    i think ive seen you on how to catch a predator..chris hansen asked you to sit down

  • Rob B
    Rob B

    These are always great content expel has done a few and they're lit keep up the good work

  • Luis Alonso
    Luis Alonso

    "acted like a noob" you are a noob 😂😂😂😂

  • Ronan Mcgeoch
    Ronan Mcgeoch

    It’s acc so believable if you didn’t know who courage was hahaha

  • Kevin Phillips
    Kevin Phillips

    You don’t have that high of a KD! You’re nuts

  • WOLFY-_- NZ
    WOLFY-_- NZ

    Now you have 3.22m subs

  • Anthony Moore
    Anthony Moore

    Maybe just my person opinion but hands down ZLaner is the best control player and will smoke nick in a 1 on 1

  • Chasied 123
    Chasied 123

    this is so refreshing rather than just seeing dmr after dmr

  • 319NastyEmpire 1921
    319NastyEmpire 1921

    Hahaha this guy shit funny asf

  • Enormitytv

    I call it "up down" lmao

  • Karim Plyz
    Karim Plyz

    What’s up with the pickle fake acc

  • Skunk Juice
    Skunk Juice

    Keep making these

  • Christine Rico
    Christine Rico

    If I was a coach I would have just taught the basics and let them do whatever they liked because everyone has their own style

  • rjonzen34

    How long did you reverse boost 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂 You legit zoom in so no one can see who you are or downing!! WAKE THE FUCK UP EVERYONE

  • Izzy

    The way you talk on this is hilarious lol

  • NBA_Chance

    Good players: Courage: laughing at advice Me: I actually learning stuff

  • Ninong Balong
    Ninong Balong

    but youre a noob. you play like a noob.

  • 2x 2x
    2x 2x

    Ahh yeah! Nice dude!

  • Rαγ

    You are a noob tho.

  • FTW_-SnipeZz

    i thought my audio was messsed up lol but its him hiding his voice lmao

  • imhoooks

    There's no way these people don't recognize his voice even with the slight modulation.

  • Haydn Smith
    Haydn Smith

    What went bad? I think it went pretty well lol

  • Sloth

    Did you ever make him your thumbnail guy?

  • Skye lauren Warwick
    Skye lauren Warwick

    Oh no courage jd the one n only bin raider has ran out of content so he’s going to fiverr

  • SimSamSom

    I think a reference to Expel would’ve been good but nevertheless it was a decent video

  • North Bound
    North Bound

    So how did it go bad

  • Blake Goddard
    Blake Goddard

    What guy was that, that he was using not the m4

  • Mahi89

    Fun fact, I wouldn't have to act like a noob, it just comes naturally to me to be one

  • T Cole
    T Cole

    It’s the uneven ear heights on the headset for me🥴😅

  • Connor Maks
    Connor Maks

    Up down 😂😂😂😂

  • secretAZNman

    LMAO... i love the "they were just standing there"

  • Jack Legacy
    Jack Legacy

    So, Up/Down? You mean bounding over watch?? lol @ 12:32 hilarious


    You finally posted that video hahhah, waiting for this video when you gonna upload it,can't belive i said that we can buy the whole fkin game, Thanks soo much for hiring me :)


      @Omar D thanks man

    • Omar D
      Omar D

      you were great, all coaches were great. keep it up man

  • Aidan Reed
    Aidan Reed

    I’m weak I have one friend that isn’t that good his name is Tim lol

  • Little penguin
    Little penguin

    that was not acting

  • Paul DAN
    Paul DAN

    The guy in 12:55 said a badword in spanish


    Your the man bro 😎

  • EggWitt

    About time you got a coach you need one

  • Space Shard
    Space Shard

    Yo I didn't know that Tim sounded like you did he get a voice changer?

  • CovoxLmao

    Courage: I pretended to be a noob *shows a pic of TimTheTatMan*

  • Jesse Panovski
    Jesse Panovski

    I’m not trying to be rude but it sounds like he’s playing in a fishbowl

  • Zack Peacock
    Zack Peacock

  • edo 420
    edo 420

    for some reason i didnt like indian man

  • Christopher Zepeda
    Christopher Zepeda

    can I please have the pickle guy acc ?

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze

    9:20 that's a hell of a play. You locked rite in on the guy you couldn't see and fryd him bro.