I installed Symfuhny's aimbot...
This video is a joke. Symfuhny is obviously not a hacker. Show him some love here - irbin.info/both/d8NFPdgSZcQth4fcQZulEQ
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like if this aimbot is insane...

    • Ernesto Trejo
      Ernesto Trejo

      Symphony do be hacking tho

    • AA ron Roach
      AA ron Roach

      Damn out there looking like faze jarvis

    • slxshes

      @AllGasNoBrakes he was trying it. he wasn’t doing it forever u can even see in the title. pls read properly

    • Rastaman 42p
      Rastaman 42p

      Why are you friends with a cheater jack ?

    • Jack O'Neill
      Jack O'Neill

      He’s not hacking !!!

  • Texxan 999
    Texxan 999

    We need more warzone videos these are funny 😄

  • Carsen Hughes
    Carsen Hughes

    I got a sieger during the beg

  • shadow boi
    shadow boi

    1:45 I actually thought he won lmao

  • James S
    James S

    L. O. L

  • Danny Shepard
    Danny Shepard

    Poor sym doesn't have silent aimbot but I do on my account


    Who else has been killed by lucifer the hacker

  • Andres Medina
    Andres Medina

    7:03 had me dead

  • Marlon Martinez
    Marlon Martinez

    I lowkey they won in the intro with that victory rouale

  • Chaos Gaming
    Chaos Gaming

    You know I came to watch this video about symphonies aimbot and all I see is some guy playing a video game. Totally useless video.

  • Feurtwox

    Only ogs a remember that this guy was donated to by mr beast for 100,000$

  • Panamerican Railroad
    Panamerican Railroad

    I wish i could kill enemys through walls like that, even when there's absolutely no clue that the enemy is there.

  • Jarlin

    Theres a couple of vids you missed where it clearly shows he cheat

  • Grant Presnell
    Grant Presnell

    One minute thirty was cringe

  • Trey Armand
    Trey Armand

    This video is terrible

  • Twigy

    Courage: You guys are getting dark with these RIDDLES me: they are FUCKING POEMS!!!

  • Twigy

    What I learned from this video: Symfuhny never went to school

  • INF3SID3

    Thought i was about to watch Jarvis Pt 2

  • I’m a Person
    I’m a Person

    i spit on blind kids and tell them its raining

  • Stan

    Drop a like if you have no friends and you watching courage

  • Its Flare
    Its Flare

    I honestly cant even think about cheating and still losing imagine that shit bro

  • KylePlayz

    7:01 is that a owl's Signal?

  • the1stmeme

    how can courage make such good videos even if they are clickbait

  • Brittany Hooper
    Brittany Hooper


  • daniel norelia
    daniel norelia

    i really thought u won bro lol

  • HypurPunk


  • Thomas Mayall
    Thomas Mayall

    Falling for it haaaard 😂😂

  • Trystan Youngblood
    Trystan Youngblood

    when the victory thing came up that fooled me i had to look at the players alive

  • B0MB3R 999
    B0MB3R 999

    Ok courage put the aimbot away and actually try

  • SnottierAnimal

    Symfuhny sucks so bad he needs aimbot to win dumb ass

  • Tiny Tiger
    Tiny Tiger


  • Tiny Tiger
    Tiny Tiger

    If say you’d down loaded it why is it only clips sym

  • Ben Rokhsar
    Ben Rokhsar

    I just in a game with Lucifer yesterday lmao

  • peyton sumner
    peyton sumner

    me: would you jump off a brige if your freinds did courage: only if i had a vlog camrea

  • Spirit

    Nah he just has a good gaming chair

  • Nebula Hyper
    Nebula Hyper

    This is why I quit warzone

  • Dean Haas
    Dean Haas

    They complain about hackers yet they play with one..........

  • Kaia Khoun Chau
    Kaia Khoun Chau

    I actually thought you won lol

  • Apl Man
    Apl Man

    Roses are red, with food courage is obsessed, can someone please hug me, im feeling depressed

  • DumbLuckCODM Livestreams
    DumbLuckCODM Livestreams

    Just fast reflexs

  • Ivan Jarpa
    Ivan Jarpa

    Lame cheater, tryed to hide his hack fakeing “cheating”, but old footage expose him. I only watch vids from console players.

  • Nicyui

    its funny because in over half of the clips that people think sym is cheating he has a UAV

  • shane bowyer
    shane bowyer

    Lmao ppl really still saying he cheating

  • Lil Parmesan
    Lil Parmesan

    Dude you literally my have the best editor

  • cringeboy1

    "I had sex in warzone"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • TRIBEx 1vlone
    TRIBEx 1vlone

    Hackr bc how he new tht dude was n tht van

  • sirin noor
    sirin noor

    guys if there are any noobs out there crying cuz they dont have the grau even the nerf the grau is da best it is soooo smooth the iron sights oof it is just good has no recoil att all its a beast watch this vid if u dont have the grau this man made the best tutorial ever for people who dont have multiplayer cuz i litterly can unlock the grau in 3 hours in multyplayer here is the link of his vid sub to him hes a beast irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/kcuYl2Paqa1q06E.html ( im not an bot this vid is just warzone tutorial for Grau 5.56 ) i just want to help everyone out and sry my english is soo bad

  • GummyRolls YT
    GummyRolls YT

    CLICK BAIT!!!!!

  • justanotherbloke

    9:25 “Providence”

  • DreamNotFound

    i actually thought that yall won xD

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    For a minute when Jack was using aim bot and the win popped up I thought if was for real😂

  • Baldwin Beats
    Baldwin Beats

    You and Marcel had mentioned needing a hunter for a new "The Hunting" series in Minecraft. Dr. Lupo is a legend and I think he would be great for the job.

  • yes yote
    yes yote

    I watched 2 people get banned right after I died in fortnite and I never streamed fortnite before

  • Ronaldo porcogos
    Ronaldo porcogos

    great now he can hit tim's fat A$$ tim right now editor turn me super saiyne

  • Tortuhh Bo1s!
    Tortuhh Bo1s!

    When I saw the victory I actually thought he won but I realized there were no downed or kill

  • Kobe Bryant Mamba
    Kobe Bryant Mamba

    Jarvis is that you?👀😂

  • Devihn Salas
    Devihn Salas

    I’m just gonna put it out there, that lupo has the most annoying voice in my opinion, but that’s just me, so have a nice day!

  • Armaan Ahmed
    Armaan Ahmed

    Where’s fortnite😭

  • Lunar

    I remember when you hit 100k subs

  • Rodog Outdoors
    Rodog Outdoors

    The war zone victory🤣

  • Mylittlepeople 62
    Mylittlepeople 62

    Imagine symfunny having aimbot in Minecraft 😂😂😂😂

  • Scrappy McCoy
    Scrappy McCoy

    When my brother is sleeping his alarm is going off ... Jack-LOLO LO LO LOLOLO

  • UAre Freelo
    UAre Freelo

    U getting baited courage

  • Exploding WinsYT
    Exploding WinsYT

    1:45 I actually thought they won lol

  • Ty Hass
    Ty Hass

    Pure content

  • Jherdz Gaming
    Jherdz Gaming


  • Jeremy Kerns
    Jeremy Kerns

    Yo these hacks are insane my dude😂😂😂😂

  • NovosNAV

    I don't like Marcel he roasted me like 3-4years ago on twitter

  • Cezar Davidoglu
    Cezar Davidoglu

    He is not hacking he is just Udinese mouse acceleration

  • Naktron636

    2.5 MILLION 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Tyler Ree
    Tyler Ree

    Who needs aimbot, when you are the aimbot

  • MackSteal YaGurL
    MackSteal YaGurL

    😂😂😂😂😂 this vid is too funny

  • tobylad

    Don’t do a faze Jarvis

  • diaTHEgamer1


  • Prince juju
    Prince juju

    And they say controllers broken

  • Good Bye
    Good Bye

    Dude this sounds like my little brother playing. Every single day. I can’t stand it lol.

  • Nick Veatch
    Nick Veatch

    Yeah I can be temp banned for my name being (white)NotaBlackGuy but these guys can play with hacks🤷🏽‍♂️ okay bucko

  • NOT shi
    NOT shi

    Dude when he was like dead all cleared and it played the winning thing I thought it was real bro 😂

  • Rexxey

    where i live there is something called perydog and they will laugh at you and bark at you

  • Pappa Hut
    Pappa Hut

    Dude I love watching courage symfuhny lupo and that other dude

  • David B
    David B

    Just played a game on Warzone, someone with the name iHack was hacking and driving straight up to where I was, followed me through the walls and then sniped. All of his team were at it. One with the clan tag, [Cheat]

  • Eclipse


  • Moveover10

    the transition at 3:56 has me rolling🤣


    His fan boys be like "his just good"

  • raffael luchie
    raffael luchie


  • Michael K
    Michael K


  • 10K subs with no content challenge
    10K subs with no content challenge

    Did sym actually use aimbot

  • wizphelipa 420
    wizphelipa 420

    🤣🤣🤣that yts as in yiffy torrent 🤣🤣🤣that's classic shit there

  • kuzi-kun

    for some reason i actually won when he was shooting everywhere

  • ReZ_V1P3R

    He just supposedly knows they’re there because he has a good gaming mouse😌

    • VNX_official

      Nah dude, it's because of his char obviously xD

  • Yeah Cunt
    Yeah Cunt

    Wow a actually funny war zone video with decent content wow

  • baylie trudgett
    baylie trudgett

    Click bait as usual

  • Rusty Cock
    Rusty Cock

    If any one wants to play with an actually cheater hmu

  • xAces_upx


  • Rasheed Ly
    Rasheed Ly

    I actually thought you won when you were playing around in the beginning 😂

  • Hap

    He just has a better gaming chair

  • DRS 919
    DRS 919


  • Never Unknown
    Never Unknown

    Wait, Marcel has a glass eye?

  • Nathan Sanders
    Nathan Sanders

    Ooo this made the video? 🤣

  • NM_sHaDoE

    he just uses FMJ to penetrate through walls