I outsmarted Disguised Toast on Among Us...
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if you’re HYPED for more Among Us!

    • Your boyyo 69
      Your boyyo 69

      Really been enjoying ur vids I honestly straight up didn't think u were a good streamer/youtube'r because of fortnite but i am glad i checked u out

    • Three Four
      Three Four

      Nice all you need to do is put smart the true master of among us KAIF

    • Dirk Dickenson
      Dirk Dickenson

      Nah your among us gameplay sucks ngl

    • Winter Chip
      Winter Chip

      I love you videos! Thank you for being my #1 favorite IRbinr! Keep up the great work! Thank you for making a IRbin channel. I just wish I can play with you but its ok I feel way better while watching you!


      saddest Among Us animation yet gotta watch it 😔😔😔 irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/mpqeh6XT2qeEvHs.html

  • VebZZ

    This is a sign God wants u 2 turn to him. How u gon hate when u haven't tried it. Atleast TRY Christianity. God luvs u. He's waiting for u:) Trust me,

  • Mr. Baeks
    Mr. Baeks

    What is with the duct tape

  • Micaiah Butler
    Micaiah Butler

    I don’t want to watch this video if ninja is in it

  • Giancarlo Rendon Benitez
    Giancarlo Rendon Benitez

    Your the best among us imposter ever I love you I’m subbed

  • Hopper SK726
    Hopper SK726

    If I turn on notifications for a channel will it actually help them or will it just notify me if there’s a new vid.Cause if it actually supports I’ll click on the bell

  • mari escamilla
    mari escamilla

    The damp geometry pivotally mate because spike analogically type midst a damp warm. terrific, mammoth italian

  • void shado
    void shado

    2:30 weard

  • C Wiegel
    C Wiegel

    I love the amoung us vids they are the best

  • C Wiegel
    C Wiegel

    I love the amoung us vids they are the best

  • Josh and Benson Beck
    Josh and Benson Beck

    I’m sorry but ninja is a asshole and takes it too serious

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper

    Pls tell toast to upload this video his editing is better

  • Beth Dunbar
    Beth Dunbar

    this game would honestly make me want to commit actual murder Lol

  • Clutch Ace
    Clutch Ace

    Bro the intro sound like a passing away intro💀💀

  • Angie Scott
    Angie Scott

    Courage; celebrating that he won Ninja in the background: screaming at everyone

    • ur dog kid
      ur dog kid

      Stolen lmfao 🤡🤡🤡

  • Swifty

    Yo y ever video I watch that u are imposter they always call u out when there are 8 ppl left 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • numzy ll
    numzy ll


  • Sports Master
    Sports Master


  • Wyatt Dugan
    Wyatt Dugan

    Can we please talk about Poki being blind and not seeing Jack? Like seriously he got caught on the door and she was like “jack left me”

  • Your boyyo 69
    Your boyyo 69

    Really been enjoying ur vids i honestly straight up didnt think u were a good streamer/youtuber because of fortnite but i am glad i checked u out

  • caitlin m
    caitlin m

    ninja accusing people of being the 3rd imposter when he normally is every other time is just comedic

  • Saisha Pilankar
    Saisha Pilankar

    Ninja AND xQc????? holy shit dude

  • Kek Leone
    Kek Leone

    Ninja talks loudly Jack: *Rolls and throws tape menacingly*

    • Cullen Corcoran
      Cullen Corcoran

      So true 😂😂

  • Gunner Jack
    Gunner Jack

    Anyone else’s IRbin not working

  • Angelic Web
    Angelic Web

    i like how this dude is wanting to say thank you for the subs but then he goes ahead and asks for more subs like tf im definitely unsubbing after that shit

  • Youtube_xAmarxx

    Corpse was hear he will outsmart even ninja ninja getting mad at corpse for outsmart him

  • Cadon Buckles
    Cadon Buckles

    Jesus loves you spread the word

  • Cade Nagel
    Cade Nagel

    Courage asking people to sub is like the tv commercials asking u to donate money

  • Joe L
    Joe L

    i love listening to ninja rage lmao

  • KillerMarfidyoH

    ninja is the stupidest player in among us ever People who are big brain like Courage dont deserve to play with ninja

  • PinPointPlayz

    Am I the only one who loves Sykunnos voice

  • Samantha Easley
    Samantha Easley

    Jack told me to subscribe so I did.

  • Jackie Gonzalez
    Jackie Gonzalez

    Ninja seems like a very toxic person to play with. He rages too much

  • JockFN -
    JockFN -

    Poki needs glasses

  • Jalin White
    Jalin White

    Yessir courage 💯‼️💪

  • Kellen Holland
    Kellen Holland

    I just subscribed. But only because I enjoy hearing you scream at everyone

  • Bryce Miller Fishing
    Bryce Miller Fishing

    Ninja is always 3rd imposter 😂 His mouth moves faster than his brain

  • Nps NIPS
    Nps NIPS


  • VEN Synx
    VEN Synx

    i think this is my birthday present from courage

  • Franco Bradshaw
    Franco Bradshaw

    Lmao bro Ninja isn’t talking to a soul like this in person. Idk why y’all let em get off like that

  • OCE Sweaty-boy
    OCE Sweaty-boy


  • Oof Ya
    Oof Ya

    1M views congrats

  • Professional Gaming
    Professional Gaming

    8:34 wtf did my little christen eyes just see.

  • Mookan Kandiah
    Mookan Kandiah

    I can't imagine Ninja and CouRageJD together as imposter

  • Gavin Greenlee
    Gavin Greenlee

    Ninja is annoying af

  • Ben Bradley
    Ben Bradley

    Hi courage

  • Spłash

    When u accidentally vented in front of them I laughed so hard

  • Zulexi

    I am going through hard times, and this guy has helped me throughout the month!

  • mr Bruno
    mr Bruno

    Bruh Ninja is soo Three head imposter

  • Dana Kaban
    Dana Kaban

    Lol my favorite among us episode is still and I quote, "It's toast, and it's rae." ( u gotta watch the vid to get the joke)

  • Avraham

    Lets he honest Corpse is good but his patterns are known now so I would say courage is the best imposter facts he is evolving every game


    If your are seeing this your beautiful and have an amazing day. And congrats Jack on 3 mil subs and also congrats for your 1 mil on this vid

  • GamingWithDarren

    Yo, Courage your end tro song is fire and I love the editing keep up the good work!!!!!

  • The xSphinxZz
    The xSphinxZz

    Is it just me or is ninja’s yelling make me want to kms😂

  • Lucas Kislinger
    Lucas Kislinger

    Ur vids r the best ur so funny. 👍

  • Andrew Cave
    Andrew Cave

    Man, Rae was on one

  • Talenzx

    Great job hitting 3m!!!!

  • TheHairyGaming

    sykkuno sounds like an anime character

  • Vxy

    Yooooo sub it up soooo close

  • Twin Brawl Stars
    Twin Brawl Stars

    Courage smart, like biggest grain🧠

  • RadicalGamer

    CouRage: I outsmarted Disguised Toast on Among Us! Me: *Impossible, perhaps the archives are incomplete*

  • Regresion


  • Michael Desiderio
    Michael Desiderio

    I love you now. I didn’t like you when you played Fortnite

  • Mpex

    Poki is so dumb

  • Jacks

    Ninja third impostors and acts like everyone else is besides him, he’s not included in the third impostors conversation.

  • Tristan Branch
    Tristan Branch

    poki is so fkn annoying

  • Tanjiro.Goku_AMV

    Me: "sees the thumbnail then sees courage playing" Me: bruh my man is trying so hard 😂

  • Ryan Tenesaca
    Ryan Tenesaca

    I’m all ways subscribed :)

  • Smeekers

    You're one of the few youtubers that I do not skip the intro :)

  • Gary Ruggeri
    Gary Ruggeri

    Who’s courageJD

  • Jack Jarvis
    Jack Jarvis

    Is he playing with tsm myth?

  • Luca Cerasi
    Luca Cerasi

    Why does Sykunno sound like Deadpool LOL

  • The Number One Bot
    The Number One Bot

    jack the whole time: 🖐🤨🖐

  • ttv. Dank
    ttv. Dank

  • Andrew Plz like
    Andrew Plz like

    Poki:what tasks have u done Courage:uh I did cheese

  • Mo Hart
    Mo Hart

    Toast: I MADE 69420 IQ PLAY Also Toast:

  • Barna Turambar
    Barna Turambar

    I wish there was an option to auto skip the shit youtube intros that seem to be on all the streamers youtube videos these days

  • Cheeseball27

    I hate ninja

  • K9Nordeste

    BRoooooo you gave up your impostor vision 4:00 I really don't how they didn't caught you

  • Electricmumu

    Courage literally said he killed jinja at 4:20 HAHAHAHA

  • Matthew Filippi
    Matthew Filippi

    Seeing ninja in here made me dislike vidio

  • Luv Rei
    Luv Rei

    when he said “thank you for showing love on these video” i said “no thank you”

  • Andrew Livingston
    Andrew Livingston

    Sorry jack. These intros are not it

  • Zanxify

    8:28 lol 😂

  • Jesse Taylor
    Jesse Taylor

    Ninja is annoying af he thinks he knows everything lmao

  • Broken Dark Joker
    Broken Dark Joker

    Try collaborating with Dashie Games. He's funny.

  • Benji Jaquez
    Benji Jaquez

    Courage - “If you can hear my voice right now” Deaf People- “😔”

  • David Eaton
    David Eaton

    I love the back to back imposter games ..no expects it...honestly playing this game either I’m a 10th grade drop out genius... or people are stupid...

  • Nathan Buchanan
    Nathan Buchanan

    Who else just wishes they could mute poki

  • Zac Weber
    Zac Weber

    Ninja in the video? I’ll pass. The last three he was just yelling again

  • the pro gamer
    the pro gamer

    Lol LOL wow

  • LeGrizzeh

    Courage should do a giveaway

  • Jonathan Beltram
    Jonathan Beltram

    This game is so fun to watch but its scary it shows how people are good at lying at there friends

  • Zakaria Belkacemi
    Zakaria Belkacemi

    Poki pisses me off

  • Hasan Awali
    Hasan Awali

    We need among us on console plz

  • Cameron Coombs
    Cameron Coombs

    Why does everyone just praise toast hes mid

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen

    Why is ninja so annoying?

  • Christopher Diaz
    Christopher Diaz

    Who remember when Mr.beast gave him $100,000 and now look at him

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant

    I hate how Valkyrae always assumes straight up its jack #freeCouRage

  • Joe Sockwell
    Joe Sockwell

    I have COVID and your videos are making it easier