I won an impossible game of Among Us...
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if you’re hyped for more Among Us!

    • Erich Calingasan
      Erich Calingasan

      @Rhino b r u h

    • Stir Straw
      Stir Straw

      Lol I totally agree with that now that I understood

    • Ed1tZ

      If you won an Impossible Game of Among Us, doesn't that mean it wasn't impossible?

    • Ethan

      Hey Courage, loving the videos man keep it up dude.......but were not gonna speed past the fact that cizzorz called Rae "Valky"

    • Nour Nour
      Nour Nour

      NOTIS ON!

  • Robert Zheng
    Robert Zheng

    The threatening examination formally rescue because biology differently increase plus a early softball. heartbreaking, internal morocco

  • Jasmine Kylestewa
    Jasmine Kylestewa

    I'm not playing and this is pissing me off 🤦🏻‍♀️💀

  • SheLuvvsMarco

    At 16:00 courage’s kill cool down went from 18 to 10 seconds in a snap of a finger

  • Trent Fitzpatrick
    Trent Fitzpatrick

    I wouldn’t call him third imposter, just fucking stupid in general

  • Hell Boy
    Hell Boy

    How can I see this video from Cizz view?

  • Kondarian Witcher
    Kondarian Witcher

    Bruh I feel like courage always win i feel like its setup

  • mixh th
    mixh th


  • Mary Nichols
    Mary Nichols

    People who play like cizzor are annoying af dude

  • Kelly Swank
    Kelly Swank

    Ciz : I’m 99% sure its courage Crewmates : we agree. lets vote courage Also Ciz : Nahh

    • Args

      Dakotaz is sus on LULU, ciz is sus on Courage, when you were there in the game youre not sure , you would not vote on 4, bcos there is 2 sus cheeezzzz Mind blown!!

  • Michael Yelda
    Michael Yelda

    Hey jack heard you are trying to lose some weight💪🏽 keep up the good work

  • Mehdi da boss
    Mehdi da boss

    Why do I feel weird that myth,lulu, calls valkyrae "val" and everyone else calls her "rae"?

  • Weston Miller
    Weston Miller

    Let’s go 3.2 million and it’s not even christmas yet!

  • holly langley
    holly langley

    I love ciz


    Lulu stop acting like a 3rd IMPOSTER Me stfu

  • boogery toad
    boogery toad

    it sounded like LULU was about to cry at the end

  • YungZach ZS
    YungZach ZS


  • Kyle Beckett
    Kyle Beckett

    Every single youtuber " 60% of you are not subsribed" like stfu

  • Fabo Rincon
    Fabo Rincon

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  • Burrito Pug
    Burrito Pug

    Lulu soo rage

  • Kuda

    Courage: Let’s get straight into the video Also Courage: 1:10 min intro

  • Christopher Anthony
    Christopher Anthony

    Courage is so goated at among us

  • Joe Talks Tech
    Joe Talks Tech

    Lulu is mad toxic lmao

  • Lennert Vandenbussche
    Lennert Vandenbussche

    Lulu is sooo annoying

  • Caleb McFeely
    Caleb McFeely

    Holy shit Lulu is so annoying lmao, how can anyone deal with that voice

  • Dylan Akers
    Dylan Akers

    Lulu mad annoying

  • Sam Lyons
    Sam Lyons

    Holy shit Lulu cry abt it😂

  • Luis Ramos
    Luis Ramos

    courage that win was insane

  • Marlon DeTorres
    Marlon DeTorres

    Drop a like on the video if you’re hyped for more Among Us!

  • brayden setliff
    brayden setliff

    i subbed

  • Roller HunkJunk
    Roller HunkJunk

    Ciz wasn’t even bad, why should he vote on 4 for a 50-50, that was the most toxic lobby ever

    • vicidials

      Yeah, people are forgetting that we're watching from Courage's POV. We have way more info from the killer's perspective. Not to mention when he said Rae said it was Courage, everyone told him she didn't say that. Then Dakotaz came along sussing Lulu on 4. He did his best with the info he had.

  • Sawyer TV
    Sawyer TV

    Why are Jack's intros so dramatic?

  • Garrett Haggadone
    Garrett Haggadone

    You can all agree that when ever you see that jack has posted it just lightens up your day. Courage you are the best IRbin ever

  • Nouri Ibrahim
    Nouri Ibrahim

    Why is lulu crying at the end lol it’s a game

  • Briana Redsicker
    Briana Redsicker

    Ngl cizzorz is kind of a dick

  • Jane scott
    Jane scott

    Petition to get courage to remove his face cam because it blocks so much and just put his sub count there

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore

    Cissorz is so bad at this game.

  • stephen dussan
    stephen dussan

    Why does courage remind me of Jack black

  • adamflores100

    Cizzorz fuckin sold :)

  • Kevodaboi

    im obama lol`

  • FrToastyy

    Yayy, a among us game with Myth

  • joshua powell
    joshua powell

    Gaslighting: the video game lmao

  • SSG Nature
    SSG Nature

    Coz 3rd imp

  • dm7111722

    I just loved it when Myth was so confident in his investigation, only to lose it all in an instant when they all pinned him down

  • JH95 // FTW Productions
    JH95 // FTW Productions

    I don’t think Ciz threw... I think CouRage is just that good at convincing he’s not the imposter. He’s really good at deflecting it.

  • JH95 // FTW Productions
    JH95 // FTW Productions

    Is no one going to talk about CouRage’s deflecting skills? It’s always “he threw, he’s the worst.” No he’s not, CouRage is just actually that good.

  • Trucker_Isaiah


  • Gabe Fife
    Gabe Fife

    Did my man cizzorz just say “A for effort” , cmon man

  • William Hasbrouck
    William Hasbrouck

    That was a smart play by cizz you cant trust one person's opinion in that moment

  • Maitrik P
    Maitrik P

    Get nickmercs in this game, I feel like he would be hilariously horrible at this

  • Cadon Buckles
    Cadon Buckles

    Jesus loves you spread the word

  • stressedcow

    I subscribed i support you man.

  • Bibi Vazquez
    Bibi Vazquez

    I feel like this was staged

  • sleeplessgirl

    There were 4 imposters in that last round LMAO

  • hunter h
    hunter h

    he should make movie trailers

  • Rixy -_-
    Rixy -_-

    Lulu is annoying af

  • EzCane


  • Hannah Escajeda
    Hannah Escajeda

    My question is, how is jack always imposter??? Jack if you see this I’m onto you 👁👄👁

  • cedrick munn
    cedrick munn

    why is she crying

  • Simone Oldfield
    Simone Oldfield

    Let's gooooo

  • Anthony Faret Armas
    Anthony Faret Armas

    And am a big fan of u

  • Anthony Faret Armas
    Anthony Faret Armas

    Pls courage name me in one of ur videos pls my name is Anthony

  • Noah Arellano
    Noah Arellano

    I got sussed because i was walking towards a sabotage :(

  • Ben Machin
    Ben Machin

    How did he just win thats ??????

  • Noaz Slaps
    Noaz Slaps

    ur so goated bro omggg

  • Mark Gonzalez
    Mark Gonzalez

    What if I’m sitting here drunk at 4:44am and I unsubscribe from your channel.. hmmm...

  • Master Aguero YT
    Master Aguero YT

    Great video!

  • TTV Brycen
    TTV Brycen

    You are the best imposter you have big brain

  • RurouniJay

    I get where ciz is coming from, he was trying to play technically, the smart thing to do is skip and catch the killer so there can be no mistake. The problem is he is so half assed, he had a super ego moment and took control over the situation when he never was sure enough of what to do. Everything he says he's not sure enough to follow through with it. This game ultimately falls on them seperating at the very end, but then again, grouping is a very lane way to play. Courage played that extremely well and a lot of the things he did makes more sense than ciz and lulu give him credit for. The real big brain here is Jack. Ciz im sure is normally a better player than that, it was just this game in particular that he was being annoying and third impostering.

  • Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung

    new video! www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWEZV...

  • Oden

    Bro this lobby is so toxic wtf. As soon as the game ended everyone was dissing ciz........

  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones

    Courage has over a million subs oh don’t forget to subscribe

  • Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung

    When cizzors is more of a third imposter than ninja

  • toxic paradise
    toxic paradise

    Lulu doesn’t get that this game is about lying she’s the type to believe the killer say they saw another person kill smh

  • vickie hill
    vickie hill

    I love your intros and just keep up the wonderful work

  • Jack Jacobson
    Jack Jacobson

    Ciz: It's Courage Also Ciz: WE CAN'T VOTE!!

  • Neil K
    Neil K

    Im not subbing but Ill watch you play among us

    • Neil K
      Neil K

      @Steven Quintana nice try Steve but being positive all the time isn't reality. There is nothing toxic about a little emotion one way or the other.

    • Steven Quintana
      Steven Quintana

      Your reply to IRbin comments are soo toxic. I feel bad for you and whatever is happening to your life atm

  • Jimmy Salzer
    Jimmy Salzer

    This grown woman is crying over a video game smh

  • v3rsionn ➊
    v3rsionn ➊

    lulu cant say a sentence without including fuck

  • v3rsionn ➊
    v3rsionn ➊

    all lulu does is say fuck lmao

  • Blake Novi
    Blake Novi

    Hey courage, I’d just like to say thank you for giving me and every other view a great time and good content/entertainment btw every person who sees this like and sub to all of courage’s channel

  • Jess G
    Jess G

    Lulu is facken annoying

  • Jess G
    Jess G

    Lulu is fkin annoying

  • Jess G
    Jess G

    Lulu is facking annoying

  • Jess G
    Jess G

    Lulu is fckin annoying

  • ZeroTwo_Is_Forever_Mine

    Does anybody else have a POV in this video ? I wanna see everybody’s reaction 🤣😂

    • Trent Fitzpatrick
      Trent Fitzpatrick

      You can easily find Lupos

  • Chase Chavez
    Chase Chavez

    Courage is the best among us you tuber in my opinion and he is so enjoyable to watch to.

  • Tammera Power
    Tammera Power

    Lol I’d love to hear the dead people watching them. You know ninja and myth were sooooo mad. Myth cause he got voted off. Ninja cause he’s ninja

  • Tammera Power
    Tammera Power

    Among us has given us IRbin colabs I never thought would happen

  • srxuc

    Ciz is so 5 headed like he acts like he knows everything and can control every meeting it’s annoying asf

  • Jessica Clark
    Jessica Clark

    His scene into the game is like the trailer to a horror movie

  • Nova

    dang courage you’re a god you just won like that’s 3000iq plays👍🏻

  • Massy

    Bro every video u say to sub and I check if I’m subbed and every time im subed every time love ur vids

  • Christian Veltchev
    Christian Veltchev


  • Voyage

    I would be glad to die first as a crewmate then being an imposter/crewmate with cizzors alive and well

  • McknBirD


  • Antonie Nortje
    Antonie Nortje

    Lulu expects people to believe her even tho she is the most manipulating player ever

  • dillon daigrepont
    dillon daigrepont

    lulu cried 😂😂😂

  • Adrian Corona
    Adrian Corona

    That was insane😂

  • Vicious_Storm

    Ciz always 3 imposter I am desd