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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video for more Fall Guys!

    • rip juice wrld
      rip juice wrld

      @Andre Ignacio ye imma download it after cod has updated

    • Andre Ignacio
      Andre Ignacio

      @rip juice wrld you could but that’s up to you

    • rip juice wrld
      rip juice wrld

      Should I down load this game

    • Andre Ignacio
      Andre Ignacio


    • Matt 420
      Matt 420

      @MaddoggGaming always with the clickbait completely fake completely unoriginal

  • ChelleSlays

    Omg 😂😂😂😂 I’m crying my eyes out!!! Lmao I never laughed so much in my life I’d love to play with you guys sometime!!! Y’all are hilarious 😂

  • Aaron Medina
    Aaron Medina

    5:00 what outfit does cloakzy have?

  • Jonathan Saladin
    Jonathan Saladin

    Me who knows Dakotaz is Fall Guy 1999 (12:00)

  • Tirta Buwono
    Tirta Buwono

    Im voting tweet TIM Can't beat their graders hahahahhaaha those are heck of A LOL hhahahahhaahah

  • Anova-Arin Nurius
    Anova-Arin Nurius

    I'm pissed at myself for not watching your stuff first. Your edits, laughs, and the environment you create in games is so pure and hilarious!!! Keep it up Love you bro!

  • Joehan Samuel
    Joehan Samuel

    Theres a lip! no!!!!! dude!!!!! hahahahahaha LOL 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yuki The Qt
    Yuki The Qt

    when they say its at 10 y/o game and they playin at 36 and other old ppl

  • Elemental Blaze
    Elemental Blaze

    #Free Faze Jarvis

  • dede

    I like how jack thought the pineapple was trying to block him and he said he jukes him

  • S41 hdsn.
    S41 hdsn.

    Dude this vid was so funny i loved it

  • TheEasyDemon666

    Tim: imma win my first one. If only he knew

  • XanderHawk 24
    XanderHawk 24

    Every bodies traits: CouRage-Late to every round Tim-Can’t qualify Nick-Bad at the game Cloakzy-Actually good at the game

  • Empress of Death
    Empress of Death

    The call outs like they are playing Fortnite or CoD XD its awesome. Hope you're all doing wonderful and having a great day/night!

  • Sebastian Balderas
    Sebastian Balderas

    I played for the first time yesterday and I made it to the last round

  • Falcon Almighty
    Falcon Almighty

    Tim said "im gonna win my first one" little did he know...

  • rip juice wrld
    rip juice wrld

    I feel like down loading this game

  • Bananapplesauce

    Tim - I’m gonna win my first one

  • Rishi Patel
    Rishi Patel

    Man played Fortnite and complains about a ten year olds game 😭

  • Not_Steve

    Watching back to this when Tim said “ ima win my first game” turned into not winning ever

  • Rykin Engle
    Rykin Engle

    I wish someone would count how many times Tim said dude in this video

  • Jayden Marks
    Jayden Marks

    9:47 IM LOSING TO A 10 YEAR OLD GAME!!! 😂😂😂

  • Cassie Longhurst
    Cassie Longhurst

    drink every time tim screams DUUUUUDEEE

  • Chaos MD
    Chaos MD


  • Taryn Kizer
    Taryn Kizer

    Tim getting trolled literally since day 1

  • Will Courtland
    Will Courtland

    Tim thought he was gonna win his first game little did he know a week later he would finally win one

  • Frosty The goat
    Frosty The goat

    Little did Tim know his losing streak started today

  • Colgan

    0:33 Tim: I’m gonna win my first game 7 days later.. Still hasn’t gotten a win🤣🤣

  • eCola

    They were thinking of all these sick titles in the stream and he settled for this shit

  • SilverStone97

    anyone know the song he uses for the outro?

  • bernhard85

    Tim needs to play offline a little to get the stats down haha and cut down on stream snipers screwing with him hahaha :)

  • hanah sevila
    hanah sevila

    This is the funniest video Ive seen so far!!

  • JPKWOLF 11
    JPKWOLF 11

    i challenge you to help me win a cod warzone match

  • OnFireLion

    Every time streamers play fall guys hackers get inside those games

  • Anthony Ruffin
    Anthony Ruffin

    definitely keep the fall guys coming

    • Anthony Ruffin
      Anthony Ruffin

      can't wait for squads in fall guys

  • Axel Perez
    Axel Perez

    4:25 - as soon as she’s off her period 😂😂

  • Spyrl Xaelan
    Spyrl Xaelan

    Ps4 controller for life

  • Mighty Anthony
    Mighty Anthony

    Lmao tim qualifying felt like a win 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Megabyte

    Why are the tags all cod? And warzzone

  • Jared Bautista
    Jared Bautista


  • TDN_ Chubby
    TDN_ Chubby

    love the content :)

  • H8R_Bryce _YT
    H8R_Bryce _YT

    Nice they just start playing this game and alr have a sweaty name for qualifying

  • Ghali Mjadli
    Ghali Mjadli

    This is the best squad ever

  • TopNotchShadow X
    TopNotchShadow X

    nahh fortnite is for 10 year olds fall guys is for the ELITE OF THE ELITE ONLY THE BEST WIN

  • Thee Bladed
    Thee Bladed

    This made me smile. And when are going to play GTA again loved this videos

  • Matt 420
    Matt 420

    Yo that stream courage did playing fallguys while drunk such clickbait he never drank during the stream so if you dont drink how do you get drunk this guy is fooling you all

  • James McDade
    James McDade

    I wish this game would come out on Xbox but they probably need to fix some server issues before they do that

  • Naktron636

    we need more fall guys content this game is so fun

  • MakeupTroela

    I enjoyed every second of this video

  • Vanny998

    I saw this entire thing live 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Manuel Braun
    Manuel Braun

    6:27 is funniest thing ever courage literally goes what do you guys got over here numnumnumnum in the egg scramble mode hahahaha

  • Manuel Braun
    Manuel Braun

    Legit them playing fall guys is so funny that I watched them all play the same games together from all of their perspectives lmao

  • Craig Lowry
    Craig Lowry

    Hahahahaha never laughed so hard at a video keep up the uploads of fall guys

  • Stephen Infranco
    Stephen Infranco

    Jack Ik this video underperformed and a lot of other youtubers fall guys videos are popping off but I think it’s your title sometimes that lets the vide down, more creative titles that don’t give to much away but intrigue a viewer will help the video succeed

  • Jovanni Arias
    Jovanni Arias

    I herd this dude say that controller doesn’t involve skill but when there’s a game that controller is better he changes to controller

  • Jesimiel Yap
    Jesimiel Yap

    Everyone: having fun! Tim: going into super saiyan

  • Frankie Rodriguez
    Frankie Rodriguez

    This is so funny 😂

  • Jorge Moreno
    Jorge Moreno

    Im griefing 3rd graders

  • EJ MAC
    EJ MAC

    Man I just love Tim man!

  • Miguel Cordero
    Miguel Cordero

    Yoooo u gotta get dub on this game courage hilarious watching y’all play this and rage

  • Culper

    This video has exhausted me.

  • Soulimplexity Gaming
    Soulimplexity Gaming


  • withoutOXYGEN 1
    withoutOXYGEN 1

    What is it this time

  • John Damato
    John Damato

    “this will kill warzone” *ends up being worst performing video in a while. No one wants to watch this lmao

    • Captain Meade
      Captain Meade

      John Damato and how am I a simp?

    • John Damato
      John Damato

      Captain Meade simp

    • Captain Meade
      Captain Meade

      John Damato views look fine to me.

  • katiod

    you should have put fall guys in the title

  • Jacob Aguilar
    Jacob Aguilar


  • Aq rain
    Aq rain

    Puts #warzone then plays fall guys

  • one_tap man
    one_tap man

    This made me laugh so damn hard

  • Cameron Skelton
    Cameron Skelton

    Y’all only playing bc doc is fam

  • SoaR SweatBoy
    SoaR SweatBoy


  • Trevor Reniger
    Trevor Reniger

    Might not kill Warzone, but I don't think Timmy's gon make it.

  • Itzi Pogi
    Itzi Pogi

    Do a 4 corner cod warzone

  • Hype

    where does he stream

  • Wierd Moments
    Wierd Moments

    That had nothing ti do with warzone but i feel bad for tim

  • Shane lawrence
    Shane lawrence

    This shit is hilarious but its only fun if you have friends like this to play with

  • George Bush
    George Bush

    You will make your title anything to get views OOOO This will kill warzone, OOO this will kill fortnite, OOOO this will kill Valorant, dumb ass JD

  • ainar Dreifeldt
    ainar Dreifeldt

    Tim's kid is probably better at this than him

  • Lumleeey

    The glitches are killing me at the minute 😂😂 so hard to get content!

  • GavinXD

    Im defending the Red Army Soviets: Yes

  • _barsa

    Wheres Connor 😞😢

  • Juan Torres
    Juan Torres

    CouRage @4:04 sending it to OT! #CLUTCH!

  • MastaGee Gumani
    MastaGee Gumani

    This is soooo Freakiing entertaining Cow!!!!! Yall are a good bunch!!! The internet deserves you.

  • it's me sandie
    it's me sandie

    Finally no warzone

  • Game Killer
    Game Killer

    Can you do 1v1 with darshan ram he is pro in fortnite you will easily lose you will lose for sure

  • Theo Jeronimus
    Theo Jeronimus

    I think this might be the greatest you tube video ever made but please play it with marcel

  • Nicholas Ross
    Nicholas Ross

    Hey bro you're in the war zone TV commercial I seen the commercial for the first time tonight wondering if you knew you were in it the commercial

  • toilet_water soup
    toilet_water soup

    I can't see alot of people that's ppat modern warfare play this

  • Daffel

    The Blue team is always loosing. It is a curse

  • Sokkenai

    This game gonna end friendships

  • jake Martellucci
    jake Martellucci


  • BluFir3

    So many videos are about things that could end Warzone

  • TrenchBladeUnico

    Dude I watched this live on stream and this is even more hilarious a 2nd time!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gavin Patterson
    Gavin Patterson

    I am 10 and I have won 25 games

  • Jonathan Cavy
    Jonathan Cavy

    Only courage can make fall guys dramatic as hell 😂

  • james turner
    james turner

    Wtf you doing playing this shit

  • Cum

    6:18 gets hyped bc he junked him but he was getting grabbed by someone else lmao

  • KING1_Loko

    I can not wait to see world cup for this game

  • Bert Jack-Jack
    Bert Jack-Jack

    Big sad

  • Fortnite Finz
    Fortnite Finz

    Nick is sooooooo funny

  • Caleb Downey
    Caleb Downey

    username: calebdowneyy xbox US

He Moved Out.
He Moved Out.