*NEW* Hacker Glitch That Could RUIN Warzone...
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if you want these hackers banned!

    • Corey Taylor
      Corey Taylor

      @Carl Taylor I don’t like that the person swears

    • Joseph Dauria
      Joseph Dauria

      Harteikko you yummy

    • Animeninja12 998
      Animeninja12 998

      Hi courage I think this was will help banning the cheaters [DOUYU] Old 6 drove Trump to death is his gamertag in English

    • Adrian Turner
      Adrian Turner

      They weren’t hacking 😂 you’re just a crybaby, he didn’t track you, he hard scoped

    • Brandon Beverly
      Brandon Beverly

      James Curfman Has S Zaxby z

  • Joey Medelez
    Joey Medelez

    Its not warzone if there is no hackers

  • merve1755

    How sym said the unlimited ammo and everyone in syms chat Drooling their asses oh

  • Cilenz Mobile
    Cilenz Mobile

    The ending thougy

  • Ethan O'Brien
    Ethan O'Brien

    Imagine they used a kilo it would be over

  • Marc Daniella Padilla
    Marc Daniella Padilla

    4:22 that's my friend

  • Patty O’s
    Patty O’s

    Not even joking just saw these kids yesterday in my game and I can’t believe there still not ban Iw is doing horrible with anti cheat mean while theyarch made a great anti cheat

  • TTV Pantom
    TTV Pantom

    Dude symphony just went rap god at like 0:52

  • Cap_ God
    Cap_ God

    You need fully loaded on ur gun to get infinity amao

  • martinez roel
    martinez roel

    Omg these pepole killed me yesterday

  • Utilitybill 7414
    Utilitybill 7414

    I always die to a fucking hacker

  • Breckin Jackson
    Breckin Jackson

    I’m about to make car98 class

  • Mythical_ Chris21
    Mythical_ Chris21

    he is just eating

  • DaRk Yt
    DaRk Yt

    Country hillbilly voice inserted at 11:16

  • Gan_man Besson
    Gan_man Besson

    2:50 that makes sense he heared a silenced scar 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • THE RICH BOY IN L.A 8584
    THE RICH BOY IN L.A 8584

    Symphony gets killed by a cheater I know the title cheater gets killed by a cheater

  • Artur Petrishchak
    Artur Petrishchak

    i think its because i have spotter perk

  • Artur Petrishchak
    Artur Petrishchak

    in warzone i could see almost every one in the game froo walls but its blury i got see them froo metal brick wood and other but it 0only happens when someone is close or far like 300 meters

  • Benjamin Schafer
    Benjamin Schafer

    When they are saying he is innocent, even tho they saw him get more bullets by dropping the gun

  • Tufftuff

    He’s not hacking he got a good gaming chair

  • how good
    how good

    Courage i know heli feeling 9 out of 10 times i miss the helicopter so I gotta pull out the r9 mp5 or mp7

  • JuniorMoneyMan P
    JuniorMoneyMan P

    Maybe He built different

  • CR4ZY_Swag ._.
    CR4ZY_Swag ._.

    Bro i can’t hear what the hacker said i think uh stead of hacking he should get a job

  • Cole just Cole
    Cole just Cole

    11:14 here we go 😂😂😂

  • Bobby Hagy
    Bobby Hagy

    I love u courage but I disliked because the dislike to like ratio was 666

  • Physics Clipz
    Physics Clipz



    i love the vid but if i dislike the vid it gets 666 dislike so im stuck

  • jenny cannell
    jenny cannell

    your trash at call of duty

  • Pedro Krieck
    Pedro Krieck

    What’s the ram, and p90 load out

  • XO thadap10
    XO thadap10

    9:00 I was flabbergasted

  • Faze Arda
    Faze Arda

    No they probably have a usb connected to the controller and they use aim assist bc there on controller

  • Jayden Gonzales
    Jayden Gonzales

    "all let me get ab kar-98 class rq"😂😂 that fucking got me

  • Josh The gamer
    Josh The gamer

    His thumbnail looks like his getting railed


    I have gotten killed by these Kidd’s my teammates knocked 2 but his teammates just railed us

  • Joshua Edmonds
    Joshua Edmonds

    Thumbnail low key looks like he’s getting sucked off 😬

  • Mariano Rivera
    Mariano Rivera

    #the end was great 😂🤣

  • Mariano Rivera
    Mariano Rivera

    The was great 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Nuclear Gaming
    Nuclear Gaming

    If I can ruin it then don’t show it

  • Dexter Williams
    Dexter Williams

    There not hacking they just all have good gaming chairs

  • Ethan Lee
    Ethan Lee

    I love at the end he starts a country accent

  • Leonard Eliassen
    Leonard Eliassen

    i em your bigest fen

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez

    Yo why your thumbnail look like your getting your back blown out?

  • White Stallion
    White Stallion

    The last bit was hilarious

  • DJordanMedia

    I got $70,000 in Warzone , not plunders... is that a record ?

  • 20Cameron08

    When he said you would know it took me a second 😂

  • Kelby Schultz
    Kelby Schultz

    I think if a hackers account isn't permanently banned they should hard reset the account and get rid of anything they earned :) all weapons are at level 0 for them as well..........and take away the stuff they bought it that's possible....getting tired of hackers man....perma bands are worthless on a free to play game

  • Mr. Sykan
    Mr. Sykan

    11:20 goes xbox 2012 mode

  • Sean Arsenault
    Sean Arsenault


  • ìmörtål

    The ending tho

  • AlphaXavoz

    I got killed by these dudes this morning still not banned after a month


    Who is watching this now and the famas destroys

  • fortnite sucks
    fortnite sucks

    11:36 alright someone get a kar98k cla as right now😅

  • metrxshat2k

    well they listened to marcel. the famas was very viable

  • itsyaboy 4217
    itsyaboy 4217


  • Pokémon Geek
    Pokémon Geek

    what's this quality

  • Kyly Satoc
    Kyly Satoc

    symfuhny: i think when they drop there guns its just insta reload on them me: i try to do that fortnite now but not it dont work now right guys ?

  • Presten Lasalle
    Presten Lasalle

    Sounds like Noah eat the whole bowl of

  • Presten Lasalle
    Presten Lasalle

    It sounds like no one eats a

  • Baldwin Beats
    Baldwin Beats

    You and Marcel had mentioned needing a hunter for a new "The Hunting" series in Minecraft. Dr. Lupo is a legend and I think he would be great for the job.

  • Nathan Calcutt
    Nathan Calcutt

    damn i feel sorry for Jacks editor trying to subtitle Sym xD

  • miaminumb12

    Sounded like Jim Ross at the end there.... "as God as my witness, he is broken in half"

  • brick boss
    brick boss

    Bro it's insane I've seen this dude in vids so many times

  • Issues Kyle
    Issues Kyle

    wtf is cheating they have good gaming chairs

  • A&R Films
    A&R Films

    You know what I get banned for my name tag and there cheating like

  • gamer destiny
    gamer destiny

    Insta like for the spicy moroccan chicken

  • KevinGreeneFawx

    Let's get a hashtag going eveyone. #BanallHackersInMW

  • GrantTheBigman .w
    GrantTheBigman .w

    He just has a better gaming chair

  • Blake kun
    Blake kun

    Well it’s season 5 fmas got a buff you got what you wanted marcell

  • Cryptic Yoshi
    Cryptic Yoshi

    That rage and accent in courage mad funny at the end😂😂

  • Juan Miguel Albao
    Juan Miguel Albao

    We have the WHOLE gang on you BOI

  • Lucas Hope Rojas
    Lucas Hope Rojas

    what about a warzone challenge where everything is max sensitivity

  • GamingWith Lync2318
    GamingWith Lync2318


  • Gui Yeet
    Gui Yeet

    The last part can be a rap song 😂😂😂 u tell him courage

  • Wolfi3 pulfie
    Wolfi3 pulfie


  • Bostjan halilovic
    Bostjan halilovic

    All streamers when they get killed yea they are cheating admit it hes yust better than you :)

  • Hadz Clipz
    Hadz Clipz

    I swear why don’t actvision look for hackers and I’ve died 10 times to a hacker and caught it on my stream

  • Gurshan Gurshan21
    Gurshan Gurshan21

    Noah at the start facts

  • Jack_Crutons

    Why are you glorifying hackers

  • Ice enemy
    Ice enemy

    How does skilled based matchmaking pick up Japanese hackers which are half way across the damn globe and not to mention on different Severs

  • channo808

    im coming for u we got the whole gang on u boy lol

  • Tkgamer 44
    Tkgamer 44

    They pay Activision

  • Zinc

    When u drop ur gun u run quicker

  • Boltron01

    the ending LMAO !

  • Joshua Yt
    Joshua Yt

    You can play in ps4 or Xbox for a wile until the hackers are banned on ps4 you dont have much hackers

  • Moistopia

    Tbh I just think there’s people that pros don’t know that are just really good, obviously Ik that a lot of ppl do cheat and a lot of these vids are cheaters being exposed but there are other ppl that are fucking cracked at this game

  • lifeles

    They ain't cheating he's a chinese player

  • Godly_Boomer

    3:42 that explains how symfunny doesn't get banned

  • Instinct MLBB
    Instinct MLBB

    When the people are downed the aimbot won’t lock on them that’s why their aim is so scuffed without their cheats 😂😂

  • —Fvbian—

    So no ones gonna tell them that they’re running the perk “fully loaded” so every time they pick up their gun it replenishes their ammo

    • NeX Driven
      NeX Driven

      Maybe you should figure out what you’re talking about cause thats not how it works

    • Thomas Colon
      Thomas Colon

      It means u spawn with max ammo play modern warfare more

    • Conner Clewis
      Conner Clewis

      thats not how that works😂

  • Galactic Space
    Galactic Space

    Here’s a tip is you want to last pistol idk how to say it I’ll end up saying something else land with the afk kids and head shot them

  • Da cat wants 1mil subs lol help a fellow out
    Da cat wants 1mil subs lol help a fellow out


  • Da cat wants 1mil subs lol help a fellow out
    Da cat wants 1mil subs lol help a fellow out


  • Betty Allen
    Betty Allen

    Je suis heureux d'avoir à nouveau fait confiance aux ENTREPRISES phreakhackers.com pour mon dernier chèque car je ne pouvais pas me permettre de perdre mon appartement, elles m'ont obtenu 1,5btc sans stress. +17472251957

  • Israel jr Duran
    Israel jr Duran

    Press x

  • Israel jr Duran
    Israel jr Duran

    Report him

  • PH 2002
    PH 2002

    How can you call this a “glitch” when he is hacking

  • Jace Bleattler
    Jace Bleattler

    Symfuny I watch him on twitch

  • ThePantsless Shadow
    ThePantsless Shadow

    Courage ever thought of eating before you play 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 love it

  • Charles Garrett
    Charles Garrett

    Hell I play on xbox and won 27 warzones not alot I know but ive been message saying I was cheating b4 even tho I've only won 27

  • Charles Garrett
    Charles Garrett

    Think cheaters make it so long bc ppl report ppl that aint cheating to Activision over looks alot of them bc they get so many reports. Everyone needs to only report after spectating like how you do.