New Warzone Map LEAKED! Minigun, Easter Eggs & More!
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  • CouRage

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    • i am meme Lord
      i am meme Lord

      Can you do paladins again

    • Dane Wasden
      Dane Wasden

      you shouldn’t lie as much in your titles and thumbnails you’re better than tnat

    • Joe P
      Joe P


    • Timothy Campagna
      Timothy Campagna

      Final kill was great

  • qromise_


  • Notorious TV
    Notorious TV

    You deserve to get a subscribe cause this video made me laugh a lot 🤣🤣

  • JazzHands #2826
    JazzHands #2826

    Never happend xD

  • Adam W
    Adam W

    I wished they would make a Cold War theme map for Warzone.

    • Adam W
      Adam W

      @Oscar أ that is new for me bc I do not follow leaks. Thx for breaking news! Got tired of old map already

    • Oscar أ
      Oscar أ

      well one was leaked maybe a week ago? im glad your wish came true

  • Gabriel Dupuis
    Gabriel Dupuis

    ur ruining the going dark line stop pls

  • Martin B
    Martin B

    It's Mr over exaggerate!!!!

  • Robert Stevenson
    Robert Stevenson

    How wrong was he

  • UnchartedSky

    Urzikstan is right


    U guys are funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 everyone should be going dark 😂😂😂😂😂 shout out Noah cause his cool

  • John Hester
    John Hester

    Probably just going to be a small Alcatraz map

  • Raji1090 Chinacheese
    Raji1090 Chinacheese

    U just went a head and killed my childhood with the going dark memes

  • Blake Walters
    Blake Walters

    Is anyone going to acknowledge that they got the fucking rare ass contraband twice and did nothing with it. I already completed the contraband contract but still I don't think they realized what it was at the time

  • BGaff

    maybe urziskan will be like an alcatraz game mode...that would be dope

  • dovydas milinavicius
    dovydas milinavicius

    Um... im nine and sweat this game

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    What if the blow up the dam and the warzone map gets flooded

  • Prank Panda.
    Prank Panda.

    they are going dark

  • YungMilOnstage

    That music got intense af halfway through 😂😂

  • b1slyfox

    This games version of Alcatraz maybe?

  • Ricky Schaffner
    Ricky Schaffner

    When you dont watch twitch but find out 100 gifted is 500 bucks a piece... Wow that's insane ninja can just hand out money like that

  • Floris Aartsen
    Floris Aartsen

    Don’t waste your time this isn’t a leak and the video and title is clickbait. Just some guy playing warzone.

  • DMXiNc

    your reactions are so fake & over exaggerated

  • Jered Gerson
    Jered Gerson

    The urzikstan map will be the Alcatraz version

  • Tyler King
    Tyler King

    How come verdansk on that map doesn’t have a sea any where near it, but in the game the south border is a sea? Also why does verdansk look so much larger than Urzikstan?

  • Keaton Macaulay
    Keaton Macaulay

    Courage I don’t know if you read these but out of all the guys you play with I enjoy your videos the most. I’ve been a fan of marcel and wildcat since around 2014 but stopped watching for a few years. I started watching them again when warzone came out and I thought you were the funniest of the group

  • George Dinnel
    George Dinnel

    Does anyone know courages class and his attachments?

  • Boxc4r Willie
    Boxc4r Willie

    gutter dialect, drooping this

  • Bored Teenager
    Bored Teenager

    When you watch it live😎😎

  • SuaveFireTeam

    I subscribed because you made me laugh, and that’s kinda hard to do.

  • Keshav Ramisur
    Keshav Ramisur

    The AC-130 is actually a thing

  • J_C_CH

    *Verdarnsk* *Urzikstarn* The way he says them makes them sound like places in France.

  • j on ps4
    j on ps4

    Can the minigun have stopping power rounds

  • Sarah Mcsween
    Sarah Mcsween

    This is my first time watching you I did sub you have good content 👍🔥

  • C Stizzy
    C Stizzy

    Donnie Thornberry with the sticks.

  • Mini Speevo
    Mini Speevo

    Courage actually good at a game 🤯

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson

    Why you act like you don’t have the hook ups as big as you are you already know lol

  • Fozzernator

    I'm English and watching them all saying going dark over and over scarred my insides

  • Will Humell
    Will Humell

    That place is just from the campaign it’s probably nothing

  • Devin Smith
    Devin Smith

    I hope new map

  • TheHomieB4LDO

    Who did not know this I knew this when I saw the trailer

  • Josafath Luna
    Josafath Luna

    5:11he had fortnite flashbacks

  • alberto osegueda
    alberto osegueda

    The editor is on point. So entertaining, Subscribed!

  • Dustin Bowman
    Dustin Bowman

    That area looks very small though alot of us was thinking of a second map that is fast paced almost the same as Alcatraz in Blackops 4 we had our huge map and our small map and we get to choose which to play based on how we like to play I honestly only played Alcatraz when it came out so if this urzikstan is the same deal as Alcatraz I'll probably play that all the time I'll still play normal mode from time to time

  • medmark

    You know what would be crazy.... Warzone at Night!

  • Inspector Steve
    Inspector Steve

    It's pretty obvious a new map is coming. They show the map of the area and there are only 2 names on the map. Verdansk, which is the map now and the other named in the video. I didn't think this was hidden. I thought they did a good job making it obvious

  • TheOpps !
    TheOpps !

    Give this editor a raise!

  • Nathan Nilos
    Nathan Nilos

    At 8:34 he said we had a time fun when it was me courage....

  • Pr0ximity

    anyone knows the outro song?

  • Donald Gibson
    Donald Gibson

    what was his vector load out

  • Gaming Gear Guide
    Gaming Gear Guide

    7:00 you guys are Awesome//

  • JiggleBiggles

    He says verdonsk Instead of verdansk

  • CJ Memmer
    CJ Memmer

    Urzikstan is where al asad is

  • BackYard Garage
    BackYard Garage

    Also urzikstan is a big part of the campaign

  • pedro Garbelotti
    pedro Garbelotti

    That map is part of campaign story

  • AudibleVisible

    Most annoying cod youtuber? *easily*

  • theHydra

    wow jacks losing weight great work

  • Apollo Syncc
    Apollo Syncc


  • Jacob Warman
    Jacob Warman

    Maps in multiplayer r based there

  • Aidan Raymond
    Aidan Raymond


  • squibz12

    Hey courage idk if you will even see this comment but I was hoping you'd maybe have some tips and trick for someone who is pretty knew with the mouse and keyboard?

  • Nolan_quap


  • Ben Rod
    Ben Rod

    Once you unlock the extended mags on the the vector it’s amazing !

  • cloids mac
    cloids mac

    You got my subs for that squad content hahahahahaha

  • Halldog7

    What if our mission is to uncover the nukes in verdansk and we are to launch them at urzikstan. We blow up urzikstan and then invade a ruined map of it?

    • Apathetic Blackface
      Apathetic Blackface

      People forget that it’s Chernobyl, we are gunna be the ones launching the nukes and maybe causing it to be the inhabited place it is today

  • jae chang
    jae chang

    i love your stream couragejd

  • Martin King
    Martin King

    Something something going dark something something

  • Kyle Gordon
    Kyle Gordon

    What is that gun he’s using at 4:43?

    • Blake Walters
      Blake Walters

      The CR

  • dean burns
    dean burns

    Is it ONLY in bunker 11 that you can pick up the minigun or can you pick it up in any accessable bunker

  • Christian Keene
    Christian Keene

    That C4 toss to the roof had me weak

  • DK 23
    DK 23

    Urzikstan is from campaign

  • Noble Gaming
    Noble Gaming

    Randomly came across your channel & would like to wish you goodluck to 2020 fam ❤️

  • ShanexX x
    ShanexX x

    So we have a storyline in war zone now so we’re just gonna forget about how Midas is about to kill the fortnite map??

    • Dixie Normous
      Dixie Normous

      No one cares about fortnite anymore

  • Insalty Zack Waller
    Insalty Zack Waller

    Courage can you raid me please

  • My Friend Group
    My Friend Group

    Any one rememder Milk titis

  • Nick Trask
    Nick Trask

    You don’t remember when they had that desert type place was in the start screen when the game came out?

  • Graxu 8
    Graxu 8

    It would be cool if they made small map just like PUBG have that Karakin map with C4s and shelters

  • Vansh Antriksh
    Vansh Antriksh

    Just to let everyone know, most multiplayer missions are held in urzikstan

  • UNK Chief
    UNK Chief

    Bruh I’ve been saying that as soon as the trailer came out. I watched hella you tubers reacting and no one was like “maybe a new map”

  • Mariam Mostak
    Mariam Mostak

    bruh try to play halo 5 it is free in Microsoft store

  • Mat Harkness
    Mat Harkness

    I actually died at 'I got this' 'Going Dark'

  • Jayden Akkus
    Jayden Akkus

    If courage or any else is reading this, get into a game of war zone and you have to get a helicopter it must be a helicopter and go to the top part of the dam and hover over the ice at the TOP not bottom. Go as high as possible over the ice and look down, you might have to wait a bit to see it . But that might be a new change to the map.

    • Jayden Akkus
      Jayden Akkus

      If anyone is successful with this, leave a comment

  • QDizzleDog

    Can u please play siege

  • Jonathan Rich
    Jonathan Rich

    I can care less about warzone. It's all about multiplayer and everything else but warzone.

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    You can hear a train horn on hovec sawmill

  • Brett Medeiros
    Brett Medeiros

    This season has been so disappointing... getting ready to head back to Apex if they don't make some changes that we felt we were promised with the eggs in season 3.

  • Irving Rosa
    Irving Rosa

    What attachments you got on the fennec because it shreds

  • Half Baked420
    Half Baked420

    If you’ve played cod u know what is coming and it’s gunna b great can’t wait

  • Joe Pierre
    Joe Pierre

    Or they plan to betray the lion and use the nuke on urzikstan instead

  • Kenny

    He got 10000$ but did not get the free self revive??

  • I have done things
    I have done things

    Urzikstan is in the campaign

  • Nick McCubbin
    Nick McCubbin

    I really enjoyed the editing style of this video - I’m not sure if it’s different but I’m pretty sure none of ur other videos were like this- wel in son

  • Robert Stratford
    Robert Stratford

    The tablets ui clearly showed verdansk as already selected. They therefore locked onto verdansk. Why else would these new characters arrive in war zone in the new season.

  • Imabot69

    I have no friends :(

  • Mikey Mayo
    Mikey Mayo

    Add me on war zone tdmayo223

  • Ethan Justin
    Ethan Justin

    I dont know if Urzikstan is gonna be the next map. I mean Urzikstan is in the campaign and they were prob trying to merge it for the cutseen

  • Astxn

    Hello Courage I'm a huge fan I love your vids im from ireland and I would love to play fortnite duos one day its my dreamt play with you if you see this thanks for reading this

  • 壱まざKira

    is it just me or they incorrectly place the map name? like the verdansk actually near the water?


    Have u noticed the strange thing swimming under the frozen lake yet

    • Haha Lol
      Haha Lol

      A submarine swims?

  • MrRawalex

    I find it surprising / shocking that the map didn't at least deteriorate some. It's a warzone, after all, and they could easily have some building have more damage or even be removed down to rubble. One or more of the hangers could have been taken out at least partially. It wouldn't have been as difficult as all that, I suspect. But I guess it's just run it until it's over now... another what, 10-15 weeks?

  • DarkByDesign

    So there was no leak nothing to see here