Ranking the BEST Among Us players... (Tier List)
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video for another Tier List video!

    • Shannon T
      Shannon T

      Where is the best imposter list? That is what matters! This list is crazy outdated at this point because SO many have fallen!

    • Chrisy Toman
      Chrisy Toman

      @dynamite pro you have about 60 so stfu

    • DizzyyIzzy


    • DangerDylan

      Idk if I would put Marcel at good CREWMATE I'd put him at detective Cuz He Knows who the imposters are and he gets voted out I'd put Marcel at Detective.

    • Gustavo Gonzalez
      Gustavo Gonzalez

      Bruh how did you put Rae in giga over hafu, i watch all you guys/girls streams and by far hafu belongs in giga. It should be toast rae hafu xqc is pretty good when hes not crying and i would also put 5up in giga. And i cant forget my boy corpse. I think corpse is between detective and giga though

  • Tariq Omer
    Tariq Omer

    Toast is on a tier of his own

  • Daniel Garrett
    Daniel Garrett

    Wtf courage

  • Shalipichu!

    I’m a Rae stan but I think she’s a detective as a crew mate but an absolute nightmare as imposter (pls don’t come at me >~

  • Saad ali
    Saad ali

    sykkuno is way smarter than many of them he just plays for fun

  • Vanessa Penaloza
    Vanessa Penaloza

    I would add corpse in GIGA BRAin

  • Shashwat Goswami
    Shashwat Goswami

    My man, don't you find these tiers kinda illogical? It's seems stupid to rank these player only on the basis of their skills, when playing as crewmates; I mean, there is also the imposter role in the game. And some of the players in the list were seriously overestimated/underestimated by Courage. For example, even though Lupo is a pretty good crewmate, he is nowhere near Toast. Also, H2O Deli. is an extremely underrated crewmate, since he chooses to meme out and have fun instead of always going for the wins.

  • Subrata Das
    Subrata Das

    Honestly corpse is the best so it's kinds wrong - _ -

  • Gravity

    16:13 wtf 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yovinda Mahardika
    Yovinda Mahardika

    I don't think valkyrae is better than hafu and 5up. I think she is morelikely a detective. But overall I kinda agree with this list.

  • TheRealJuxy

    Like Corpse Isn’t Even IN S TIER TF???

  • TheRealJuxy

    The disrespect On Nogla Damn

  • Physics Rox
    Physics Rox

    No CallMeKevin? Seriouslyy ??

  • Montecat99 :D
    Montecat99 :D

    That image of Marcel is so funny

  • Ayon Shyok Angan
    Ayon Shyok Angan

    Bruh the comment section so garbage lmao Courage shared his opinion. But you can't accept that, neither can no one can't accept each other's opinion. Lol none of yours opinions. Get the fuck outta here, even players themselves don't get butthurt when they get outplayed by each other. (except xqc)

  • D3ADZ0N3

    Yessss I was waiting patiently for ninja to be put in the mayhem tier 🤣

  • Luciano Kern Catallo
    Luciano Kern Catallo

    Justice for sykunno and corpse Let's be honest corpse best among us player ever

    • 4J'S XD
      4J'S XD

      Yea when there imposters but this is crewmate tiers That's why sykkuno deserves to be in third imposter for being a troll and a simp

  • Dj McGonigal
    Dj McGonigal

    Poki is definitely Detective level.

  • muffin eater555
    muffin eater555

    Where is moist critical

  • Chase Halvorson
    Chase Halvorson

    Make a imposter list

  • Cooldudemc7

    Where is MoistCr1tikal

  • weird AS fuck
    weird AS fuck

    Bro i started watching among us only because of corspe in my opinion corpse should be in category of giga brains not in good crewmate.

  • GG_Atomic_420

    If val was giga then wildcat is

  • SNbaya

    Yup toast deserve that rank

  • IDK

    Nogla wants to vote off wildcat, wildcat and marcel wants to vote off nogla, brian wants to vote off evan

  • Gabriel Jones
    Gabriel Jones

    Ummm the amigops need to be giga

  • Saijiin Aki
    Saijiin Aki

    Tommyinnit deserves to be in Mayhem, especially the fact that every little girls are in love with him, let me tell yall something: HES FUCKIN UGLY

  • Yarii Perez
    Yarii Perez

    Leslie and sykkuno are just memers but they have some amazing plays lmfao Poki is pretty amazing as well like she notices the tiniest details and gets the imps out when she's crew

  • Aasish Dangol
    Aasish Dangol

    I think Poki should be Detective just because Toast kills her early which is a good sign, or maybe he kills her because she just want toast out alot.

  • Aasish Dangol
    Aasish Dangol

    Toast is still REALLY giga brain, he just wants more people to have fun with the new mods and stuff so more then half the time he knows who he is he doesn't say anything

  • Tristen Coronado
    Tristen Coronado

    i thought nogla was really good

  • DaRk Templar
    DaRk Templar

    I agree where you put wildcat

  • Joel Hayes
    Joel Hayes

    Galatians 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me."

  • Jave Miravalles
    Jave Miravalles

    Hafu is still underrated . She’s so giga brain thooo

  • Payton Yoder
    Payton Yoder

    Where’s moistcr1tikal

  • YaBoiFinn

    Still waiting on the imposter list, since this is at 55k likes

  • Brandon Ivo
    Brandon Ivo

    Watching this makes me wish I had a gaming PC and $5 on my Steam account to get Among Us because I would love to play at least one match with every creator on that tier list.


    Toast always considers Poki as big brain . She should be in the top tier

  • Mya James The 3rd
    Mya James The 3rd

    Nogla can be good sometimes but he's kinda like delirious and is more of a third imposter

  • Shadow Reaper
    Shadow Reaper

    where the fuck is dream???

  • Lamignonne Manal
    Lamignonne Manal

    S: 5up, dumbdog, hafu, toast, corpse. (they re good as impo and crew.)

  • Ezri Huang
    Ezri Huang

    why isnt dream in this

  • Josaphat Saril
    Josaphat Saril

    Corpse big brain no argument

  • Jarod Mateo
    Jarod Mateo

    I don't agree with the list as best but the list seems fine to me (just saying).

  • Winmar Getio
    Winmar Getio

    Mrbeast is cool

  • Shipra Sarkar
    Shipra Sarkar

    Umm actually sykunno is really scary as imposter

  • Allie Hocking
    Allie Hocking

    Poor Sykkuno is so underrated 🥺 Justice for Sykuwu

  • Siberian Trouble Makers
    Siberian Trouble Makers

    Corpse HAS to go on the “gigs brain” section. He has like 6 videos where he’s 1000 IQ

    • 4J'S XD
      4J'S XD

      :I for being a imposter But crewmate idk

  • Kaiyn McDonald
    Kaiyn McDonald

    If you do a Imposter one make sure to add ash and dream they both have quite a lot of solid imposter clips

  • santamaria773

    I feel your being modest man, you belong in good detective. Also I’ve seen a many games where toast just outright knows Imposters, without any evidence... I think he was stream sniping. And doesn’t deserve S tier

  • Jaddy charlemagne
    Jaddy charlemagne

    Corpse should be at giga brain or detective

  • AxB_zero

    5up is easily the 2nd best impostor in this game and a god at crewmate, even if he doesnt make crazy calls like toast, he is defo the best player (with Yeti, moxy and so on) if everyone would play competetively and not for fun

  • Julius Benedict Delfino Foronda
    Julius Benedict Delfino Foronda

    Sykkuno is actually on the level as toast, but yeah, the guys a troll. And we love it!

  • Djisdbhdudei ihdbdhssusismbdhd
    Djisdbhdudei ihdbdhssusismbdhd

    Sykunno deserved to be higher

  • SWullelluWS

    wheres moist

  • Ihatebraindeadsheep

    5up and Hafu not at the top??? And having KSI and Sykkuno at the same level is an insult.

  • Katie S
    Katie S

    I was ready to throw hands if toast wasnt in the Giga brain catagory😂

  • Mike Lockhart
    Mike Lockhart

    I feel like when you described lazar, you should have been talking about Nogla. When nogla tries he's incredibly good. Maybe not gigabrain, but definitely detective level. Albeit with the occasional blunder throw game.

  • Trent Fitzpatrick
    Trent Fitzpatrick

    People NOT in this tier list: Classify SypherPK Trainwreckstv xQc Avalanche Deansocool BigPuffer ChilledChaos Dakotaz Sips Ovilee Steven Suptic Ludwig Peter Park Moe Myth People he’s played with once or twice in a tournament that are NOT in the list: Jellypeanut EasyRod Wolfabelle Masterfiend Yetiapocalypse

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez

    No matter what people say corpse is a crazy imp


    Do an imposter tier listttt

  • Tiến Đạt Lê
    Tiến Đạt Lê

    55k already, let's do it

  • Tiến Đạt Lê
    Tiến Đạt Lê

    quite agree about Corpse, he's great crewmate and best impostor. With Sykkuno, i think he's both genius and 3rd impostor, it's more likely that he can easily control the game but it depends on the way he choose to be. He's smart, polite but tons of memes :))

  • OG Gamers
    OG Gamers

    Corpse and poki r so detective or giga

  • Eirik Kvalheim
    Eirik Kvalheim

    Would be awesome to see a game with; Toast, Corpse, Sykkuno, 5up, Valkyrae, Ludwig, Dream, Hafu, Train and Pokimane. From my perspective the top 10 players.

  • XD _Wonder
    XD _Wonder

    only thing I would change is noah he is so goatedd

  • Aezron Alboc
    Aezron Alboc

    no ludwig?

  • Mister Shitty
    Mister Shitty

    I feel bad for the mayhem, the people saying they suck are just to much-

  • lina zheng
    lina zheng

    Idiot no one trust nogla because he is one of the best third imposter

  • JonJonJon 9
    JonJonJon 9

    Hafu and 5up should be GIGA BRAIN ngl, but I agree with the other placements tho

  • balusca de morgann
    balusca de morgann

    fuslie is 100% mayhem

  • Ashland McCallum
    Ashland McCallum

    good list but I would put Poki and Corpse as detective.

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez

    But in that nogla clip it was wildcat😭

  • Amjad Boudhiab
    Amjad Boudhiab

    Corpse is GEGA Brain

  • M Reed
    M Reed

    TommyInnit deserves mega brain

  • ya momma
    ya momma

    clicked off when he rated corpse

  • Fantasia

    Hafu is detective ?!!!!? Bruh!!

  • Fantasia

    Courage You are bad at tiering I would like to point out

  • rYAn0907


  • Ahmadisouthere DE
    Ahmadisouthere DE

    Rae higher than Hafu and 5up? are you crazzyy??


    where's dream?

  • Charley Ruth
    Charley Ruth

    For me Poki would be in Giga Brain because of the resent Airship games she has played same with 5up. I think Corpse would be detective because, like you said he is a much better imposter but he still has the brains to be a great detective. And if Rae is in Giga Brain then I think Sykkuno should be to, Sykkuno knows who the imposter(s) are but he likes to troll so he never says anything.

  • Wyatt Konopka
    Wyatt Konopka

    jack is giga brain 10000000000%

  • Mark G.
    Mark G.

    Wait is Valkyrae better than Hafu?

  • Dave Sung
    Dave Sung

    I think it would be more appropriate to switch hafu and rae around

  • Furkan Bozdag
    Furkan Bozdag


  • Demarcus Witten
    Demarcus Witten

    Corpse has admitted he was imposter and still won. He can talk people into believing it's not him he has more big brain moments than not. Sykkunno knows a lot more then he shows. Rae and poki are only good if their partner is. I have watched many different people play this. I think you put Rae as high as you did because you're crushing on her.

  • Stephanie Tuba
    Stephanie Tuba

    "Toast is Toast." Yeah. Love that.

  • Fredrik W
    Fredrik W

    Corpse is the best player

  • Alex Bielecki
    Alex Bielecki

    Where is Puffer?

  • Da Contradiction
    Da Contradiction

    I am the best imposter I have ever seen, get on me level

  • Niçholas Miguel Ignacio
    Niçholas Miguel Ignacio

    I watched this because of Sykkuno. Say Hi if you did so too... 😸

  • ZERO

    Toastttt 🔥

  • Andrew Webb
    Andrew Webb

    Corpse detective

  • Rick Astley • 5739 years ago
    Rick Astley • 5739 years ago

    So are we overthrowing the fact that when Harry killed Ethan and JJ said he saw vik kill even tho he didn't that vikstar was actually the imposter

  • A S
    A S

    where is cr1tikal????

  • Amierul Sauffi
    Amierul Sauffi

    Hafu at detective lvl? Pfffft....you got to be kidding me.

  • Midnight

    ...so close...yet so far.

  • Noor Umaimah
    Noor Umaimah

    I disagree with 5up place he deserves to be in S tier like dude its 5up he is an insane player. 5up and toast have the same rank

  • Peka Hauhnar
    Peka Hauhnar

    Toast and Rae are NOT in the same tier