The 500 IQ AFK play in Among Us...
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if you this strategy was insane!

    • Vatsal Saxena
      Vatsal Saxena

      Unnecessarily long intro

    • Fares Al
      Fares Al

      U thick

    • Brennan Halfhill
      Brennan Halfhill

      I hate Toast , Toast is the worst

    • NotJohn


    • FN_Pumps

      CouRage Dude you literally have my favorite intro:D

  • Steven Gilbert
    Steven Gilbert

    Subbed with notifications on

  • Arlz

    I love your intros!!!!!! They are amazing!!!!!

  • hyperFox

    Karl like 😩😐

  • GoldAnxzu


  • Euan Rothwell
    Euan Rothwell


  • Bongo Wongo gold
    Bongo Wongo gold

    You could’ve got McDonald’s in all this time and still be in the same round

  • will bridge
    will bridge


  • Kegan Swanson
    Kegan Swanson

    I sub

  • Snipermcfly

    jack bro!!!!!!! gg

  • Lynberg Jean
    Lynberg Jean

    lit content bro

  • Lynberg Jean
    Lynberg Jean


  • Sophia Ortega
    Sophia Ortega

    Rae is hella annoying

  • void shado
    void shado

  • Mr clean Amv
    Mr clean Amv

    Play with Connor

  • David Baker
    David Baker

    met courage cause 2hype now i cant get enough of his videos

  • Fabo Rincon
    Fabo Rincon

    The light instruction virtually guess because multimedia acly stitch regarding a magenta beat. earthy, finicky william

  • Fabo Rincon
    Fabo Rincon

    The auspicious payment molecularly thank because area bilaterally invite unlike a eager spandex. halting, amazing rake

  • Division

    *Courage simping for poki and them flirting* *Rae gets jealous* Rae: HEY JACK RAE IS HERE TOO!!

  • Rage Quit
    Rage Quit

    Step 1: Be AFK Step 2: Close Cafeteria Doors Step 3: Vent out, kill and come back before Cafe doors open.

  • Orind Hyseni
    Orind Hyseni

    To think that jelly has 20 mil subs

  • Jonathan_xxx911 1
    Jonathan_xxx911 1


  • Denuhden

    Guys watch 4:16 and look at the discord names on the top left you can see his name and he said he’s should be afk

  • Maria Robinson
    Maria Robinson

    Valkyrie from Thor Ragnarok

  • Carter Sauce1
    Carter Sauce1

    Pls reply to me courage

  • FreeFire Broken
    FreeFire Broken

    Start playing free fire and u will thank me❤

  • Chase Alford
    Chase Alford

    Ninja is doo doo at this game. Constantly third impostoring and just screaming over everybody so everyone has the privilege of hearing the great ninja speak

  • Jack Sharland
    Jack Sharland

    Courage going ultimate simp mode with Poki at the start

  • Michael Seawright
    Michael Seawright

    He said three mil by Christmas ... it’s nov 9 and he got 3.12😂

  • Matthew Douglas
    Matthew Douglas

    So is that blackmail on how he gets subs in the beginning? Lol

  • Reyes Gus
    Reyes Gus

    Dude was that a 3 minute intro?

  • Osey Osas
    Osey Osas

    You hit it

  • Rinzler’s Playlist
    Rinzler’s Playlist

    The intro was the best part

  • Nathan Marquez
    Nathan Marquez

    Day1 love you

    • Nathan Marquez
      Nathan Marquez

      Sigh kun oh

  • Aldin Markisic
    Aldin Markisic

    Simp in the begging simp alert

  • Jay Dollarz
    Jay Dollarz

    Bro Rae gets me so annoyed like damn. She is always on someone

  • Rachana Shakya
    Rachana Shakya


  • Ben Moon
    Ben Moon


  • Daniel Kaidbay
    Daniel Kaidbay

    It is confirmed courage is a simp

  • Gin Jadge
    Gin Jadge

    bro courage nice play for one but it kinda seems like toast is a little cheater just knowing who is the imposter with 0 evidence sometimes

  • Ciro

    among us just increases IQ

  • Steve 13
    Steve 13

    Yo jack straight simpin at the beginning ❌🧢

  • Marco Ragosta
    Marco Ragosta

    hitch: I’m assuming Jack is AFK Jack: *slowly walks away*

  • justin quinn
    justin quinn

    3mil by christmas a month later

  • Micah Green
    Micah Green

    Toast: I don’t want to be part of a 1000 iq clickbait video Courage: 500 iq afk play

  • skirtzez

    Fine I’ll sub only only because I love ur among us

  • Kyrom Birch
    Kyrom Birch

    love your intro at the end

  • Keegan Melly
    Keegan Melly

    Why is sykkunos voice so satisfying

  • UCFierce

    Three million by Halloween 👍

  • Brent Darren
    Brent Darren

    I like how Sykkuno said courage name wrong

  • Jakon Zozoogo
    Jakon Zozoogo

    was Jack simping in the begining of the vid??🤔🤔

  • ItsMeatballGG

    Courage and Poki are starting something great here

  • Mookan Kandiah
    Mookan Kandiah

    I wish sykkuno told me bedtime stories, his voice is so soooothing


    I love ur vids man

  • Tristan Kovach
    Tristan Kovach

    3 mil baby lets goooooooopo

  • Samuel Tiatia
    Samuel Tiatia

    Yeah let’s Zabriskie oilfield

  • rsn2

    its a 500 iq not a 1000 iq thumbnail

  • Franco Bradshaw
    Franco Bradshaw

    Hitch was worried for Jack😂

  • Franco Bradshaw
    Franco Bradshaw

    Sykunno was sick !!!

  • a random weeb
    a random weeb


  • NT Nathaly
    NT Nathaly

    The "I'm asking Rae I'm ASKING RAE!!!!" Is so funny Here is the part 10:58 Pls like this?

  • Krcxtal

    Is Jack simpin?

  • Mikey Rivera
    Mikey Rivera

    Simp lol good luck to ur 3 mill courage

  • Axtro ESports
    Axtro ESports

    The moment i turn on this video people drop f bombs lol


    I liked and subed I love your videos courage

  • Stephie Marshall-McVay
    Stephie Marshall-McVay

    3 mil

  • Lost Hope
    Lost Hope

    Sykkuno trying to protect imposter.... Again but got killed this time 😂😂😂😂

  • T WE
    T WE

    I just came to this vid after attempting my first AFK play and it went SOOO much better than I thought. I literally got imposter the first time I pretended to be afk, only to watch my partner get caught venting in the first f****** round, leaving me to kill 6 guys without getting caught. But I knew I'd be sus if start moving so I was just like "well I guess I'm going for a hail marry". I waited like 2 minutes until I saw cyan was alone in cafe doing task and then I sabotaged the room so we were locked in. He didn't even realize he was locked in so he just kept doing task. I immediately ran over and the moment he saw me his character looked like he was having a seizure right before I sliced his throat and ran back to where I was located. Afterwards literally 4 people ran through cafeteria before they even saw cyan's body, and at that point they all thought it was red and voted him out, 4 more left to go. Then in the next round I sabotaged lights, and then the reactor. I waited for everyone to run over to the reactor so I would have a better chance of not getting caught when I try to quickly vent and kill someone before they see me missing. But then I see dark green heading away from reactor and just hanging around the emergency button, probablywaiting for the emergency timer to cool down, and I saw everyone was getting close to finishing their task, so i decided to take risk and kill a 2nd time in cafe, chasing him towards weapons and then killing him so it looked like it could have been someone who vented. Then when they found the body they thought it was pink and voted him off, 2 more left to go. And the best part was that nobody had left the game, so I knew there were like 5 ghost in the cafe just yelling behind their muted mics that I was the imposter. In the next round almost all the task were done and I still needed 2 more kills. Purple decided to stay by the button, right next to me, watching blue thinking that he was the imposter, probably trying to catch blue kill me so he could report it 😂. Then blue leaves the cafe, but purple is still there waiting to call an emergency meeting, probably so the kill timer can get reset and they can win by completing all their task. I knew I was running out of time and I couldn't wait for purple to move away from my body, or let another meeting get called, but i didn't have anything left to sabotage, so I killed purple right at the center of the cafe, and went motionless praying no one would see me before my kill timer cooled down, or that at least it would be black who might just blame blue. But with my kill timer still having nearly 10 seconds left I see blue walking in from admin to find purple dead right next to me. I literally said out loud "AHH NOOO, God damn it I was so fucking close" expecting blue to instantly report purples body and realize that it wasn't black and I had been the imposter the whole time. But then HE DOESN'T REPORT IT!!! He literally just walks over to purples dead body, which is laying right next me, and just starts looking around for at least 5 seconds probably thinking "Wait what? But I was sure that it was purple, so then how is purple dead right next to OH SHI...." Booom, my kill timer finished its cooled down and I immediately took out blue, getting the 6th kill I needed to get the W. And then right away everyone in the chat was that had been watching me stack up bodies in the cafeteria while acting like a statue were united and started yelling at blue "Why the hell did you wait to report it blue". I then said GG , logged out, uninstalleled the among us app. I've been hella addicted to this game for the last few weeks, always telling myself I'd stop right after I get a good game as imposter, just wanting to end on a high note. Well this was probably the best big brain move I was ever gonna make in the game, and I decided that it was gonna be last game. I've been missing way too many school assignments because of that game, and this was just what I needed to feel like I got what I wanted and should end while I'm still only marginally behind in my work. GG everyone, have fun playing among us, but don't let it take over too much of your life.

  • Echo Viiirby
    Echo Viiirby

    sykuno is literally an animae character

  • Nutter

    Courage walking around looks like me during my online P.E class

  • Cody Dukhovny
    Cody Dukhovny

    Love. Yuo. And. That. We. Van. Ok. Love. Yuo. We. And. Ok. See. Yuo. See. Yuo. We. And. Ok. Love. Yuo

  • DrummerIan 19
    DrummerIan 19


  • Jack bob PlaysYT
    Jack bob PlaysYT

    1:45 he do be flirting tho

  • Natnal Zekarias
    Natnal Zekarias

    3 mil by Christmas??? We got it before Halloween 🎃

  • Lena Mackenzie
    Lena Mackenzie

    I love how he wanted 3M before December and it's legit 1 months later and he has 3M 😶

  • Jonathan Saladin
    Jonathan Saladin

    I'm just saying, if I was in this group Val would be muted the entire time. She's so annoying, I can't hear anyone else bro

  • Pheqs

    You hit 3 mill congrats

  • P4_ZRYZ

    just started watching your among us vids your the best detective and imposter ever keep up the vids

  • P4_ZRYZ

    you got 3 mill

  • Uriel Rivera
    Uriel Rivera

    Soo first i saw dat u where not muted

  • Chris Mcmullon
    Chris Mcmullon

    Congrats on 3 million

  • Jon Cesario
    Jon Cesario

    Yeah you got three million

  • RespXct_ Phobia
    RespXct_ Phobia

    3 MIL BEFORE CHRISTMAS, IT IS 10/20/20 and 3 mil is here.

  • Caeleb Brewer
    Caeleb Brewer

    SO CLOSE TO 3 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁

  • Jo May
    Jo May

    Sus that courage partner imposter always dies

  • Vatsal Saxena
    Vatsal Saxena

    You have very long boring intro

  • Sc Foqals
    Sc Foqals

    Courage is the most kind and genuine IRbin’s ever

  • Regresion


  • Fate Modz
    Fate Modz

    I know it's a month ago but does Jack realize that Cyberpunk is gonna be hard to censor. I would like to see Jack play it but I'm wondering how is he gonna make it monetized?

  • Squishysquid 88
    Squishysquid 88

    anyone hate when sykkuno simps over people but you simp over the same people lol maybe i a little jelly !!!

  • LaNmAn67O

    I’m subbed

  • Someone Named anonymous
    Someone Named anonymous

    I saw this and thought it said 50 iq and said to my self wow when did courage start being honest

  • landen 2k
    landen 2k

    I already subbed so I made new acc and subbed and told all my friends hope this helped you out.

  • AmirTheDreamer

    I will pay money just to see Sykkuno and Corpse be voice actors in a movie

  • Creation YT336
    Creation YT336

    Im subscribed I liked the vid and I shared it to my friend i love ur vids dude keep up the good work and hope u reach ur goal

  • lightbulbman

    "Friends on IRbin!"

  • Kellen Fritz
    Kellen Fritz

    Everybody subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ADV Kryptex
    ADV Kryptex

    I’ve been loving this content bro :)

  • JoeMaMaKudi

    Sorry Jack. Jack you ain't gaining 3,000 subs by Christmas your gaining 3,000 pounds...

    • JoeMaMaKudi

  • ColdChi11

    Tier 3 pokimame sub