The *ONE CHEST* Challenge in Warzone...
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  • CouRage

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    • Gage Irvan
      Gage Irvan

      jack:talks about why u should watch most dangerous game me: knows ive already see the whole thing WATCH IT O QUIBBE RN

    • ItzA Drizz
      ItzA Drizz

      I challenge you marcel, smii7y and any 4th to no pick ups only cash, ammo, and tacticals. No lethals no guns only X16 you can also get your perks from the load out but thats it have fun. And any other rules you guys can make up but try to stay within the first rules.

    • WWETaker07


    • Benjamin Hernandez
      Benjamin Hernandez

      The fact that he called a 100 round Kilo a LMG LMAO

    • Regina Dickens
      Regina Dickens

      Hi there I’m just trying to figure that out

  • Ramon Rodriguez
    Ramon Rodriguez

    Got a video for you thank me later make a shitty class jumó into random duos trade him ur class ur welcome

  • Jordan

    Watching older videos and seeing quibi ads make me laugh.

  • Allen McPherson
    Allen McPherson

    The most dangerous was a short story and the show is based on that story

  • Chase Lecouturier
    Chase Lecouturier

    If only he knew dmr zone was coming

  • Jack Dunell
    Jack Dunell

    If I want to add a ✨jiraffe✨


    Can we just say who edited the Giraffe wrong they spelled it jiraffe

  • Owen Burrow
    Owen Burrow

    Do you still stream and if so where can I find it?

  • Strike force gaming
    Strike force gaming



    This is the hardesr challenge in our lives WE CANNNN DOOO IIIIIIIIT. 5 Seconds later, kill me now kill me lls

  • mike rouda
    mike rouda

    Why does everyone jump out when you can use the flares on the heli

  • Aidan Davis
    Aidan Davis

    I just want to know how long it took Swpah to edit this

  • Megastax1 Cunt
    Megastax1 Cunt

    Bro it’s spelled giraffe

  • A Ramos
    A Ramos

    The most dangerous is a book. And also it has an old movie

  • Aidan Calipari
    Aidan Calipari

    Curage I got a lmg Smity uhhhhhhhhh

  • Rodney Young
    Rodney Young

    The most dangerous game is the best

  • Tony G
    Tony G

    You guys they should have landed at a scavenger and each one of them takes one chest

  • Gabe Rinnert
    Gabe Rinnert

    Barely anyone knows this but if you want to keep a chopper than use the flare to send off the missile into another flare -sorry if was unclear but when lock use flare

  • Cody Stoever
    Cody Stoever

    Why couldn’t the run through the tunnel at the end?

  • Bridget Robinson
    Bridget Robinson

    Can we just talk about how much weight he’s lost ever since mr beast donated to him!! Congratulations Jack!

  • DragonPrince 255
    DragonPrince 255


  • Akilah Gable
    Akilah Gable

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  • Akilah Gable
    Akilah Gable

    Marcel-“I’m so happy I have two 45, 45, . , .45 pistols” People who know a lot about guns-“ what tf did that mf just say”

  • Noah Marotz
    Noah Marotz

    Nickmercs is better

  • Brayden Teixeira
    Brayden Teixeira

    i love your vido's

  • dixie hugh
    dixie hugh

    Play it in 1.25

  • Nicholas Lambert
    Nicholas Lambert

    0:41 could not have put a better song lmao

  • leticia sanchez
    leticia sanchez


  • GW Nate
    GW Nate

    Can we talk about why smitty spelled giraffe with a j

  • death ghost
    death ghost

    is dat lupo

  • kanis haby
    kanis haby

    Last time I was this early I thought Ariana was gonna be lucky enough to get with Jack

  • Jasper Parrett
    Jasper Parrett

    I had to leave a like when I heard the crab rave music


    you are a pro

  • Im_Jiant

    I’m sorry, JIRAFFE???!

  • It’s FaTe_Tony YT
    It’s FaTe_Tony YT

    Best Warzone Challenge EVER!!! This got me cracking up XD

  • ThermicULT 123
    ThermicULT 123

    Am I the only one that notice the jiraffe spelling instead of giraffe

  • sparks

    we read the most dangerous game biook

  • Tyler Raynel
    Tyler Raynel

    Tim the tatmans awsome but your better

  • A1 Amier
    A1 Amier

    0:43 hilarious 😂

  • Jacob Doggett
    Jacob Doggett

    the way he moves in real life when hes dodging bullets is honestly so relatable

  • Jayden Calvi
    Jayden Calvi

    2:40 is when war zone actually starts

  • bill jenkins
    bill jenkins

    ah yes, nothing better than seeing a "JIRAFFE" explode in post.....sick

  • Ryan Mcmillan
    Ryan Mcmillan

    Do u even play fortnite anymore

  • Ryan Munchel
    Ryan Munchel


  • Archie Cleland
    Archie Cleland

    When did Liam Hemsworth start playing war zone?

  • vDaaylight

    probs my fav cod streamer right now i feel like K3 an Swagg try to act gangster too much

  • Ricky Frum
    Ricky Frum

    Your fucking hilarious. Thank your buddy Tim for my sub. He’s my favorite streamer by far. You played with him and your now my second favorite bro

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez

    Put the reverb back on. Lmaooo

  • Cameron Dooks
    Cameron Dooks

    12:40 When smity said suck on our balls I lost ut🤣😂

  • Louie Gats
    Louie Gats

    L he didn’t even last 5 minutes next video

  • Gunner Seekins
    Gunner Seekins


  • zHutchz

    Jack nobody cares about ur stupid movies

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith


  • BiffysSwamp *
    BiffysSwamp *

    I remember reading the most dangerous game book in middle School

  • v merci v
    v merci v


  • Guppy Dah
    Guppy Dah

    5:36 tries dodging a bumper in real life

  • Evan Brown
    Evan Brown

    13:40 perfect cut scream

  • Larry Bozeman
    Larry Bozeman

    Next challenge. You're blindfolded the whole time and your teammates have to talk you through the game.

  • Constant Questing
    Constant Questing

    Most dangerous game is high risk high reward

  • VibeChecker EXE
    VibeChecker EXE

    Like the comment if you like Courage and wanna pass the vibe check :)

  • Wayne Jefferson
    Wayne Jefferson

    Most dangerous game Not as good as Running man

  • Riley Rombough
    Riley Rombough

    Did jacks editor forget the giraffe has a G not a J

  • Łejix TheŁunatic
    Łejix TheŁunatic


  • Frankie

    Ur content is trash

  • Sxnny

    Who are those guys there so funny!

  • Tcf5

    Lmao jiraffe

  • Hayden Gooding
    Hayden Gooding

    The decibel challenge. Everyone gets a sound level meter, if you go over a certain decibel, let's say 40 dB, you lose.

  • Joseph Roach
    Joseph Roach

    No speaking challenge

  • ZENY B
    ZENY B

    ive watched so many videos back to back and ive come to the realization whenever you rage or say OH MY GOD you remind me of Nick from New Girl in the scene when he meets Prince LMAOO

  • Just a Rony
    Just a Rony

    Courage Literally full blown curses out loud with no sensor and then sensors when Marcel says Shit??

  • Tyler Mulligan
    Tyler Mulligan

    Thanks IRbin for giving me an ad about “Most Dangerous Game” right before I watch the video just to start off with the same fucking thing😂

  • Jaxson Rose
    Jaxson Rose

    I watched the most dangerous game

  • laflection

    “Jack can you see me (looks right at him). Nope”

  • AUX Coops
    AUX Coops

    Random comment I am here 1,027,103rd view

  • Samuel Henao
    Samuel Henao

    “We will get through it!!” Literally one second later: kill me know.. I laughed so hard😂😂

  • kevin roberts
    kevin roberts

    He just made a million people fist the air

  • Baldwin Beats
    Baldwin Beats

    You and Marcel had mentioned needing a hunter for a new "The Hunting" series in Minecraft. Dr. Lupo is a legend and I think he would be great for the job.

  • Jacob Evans
    Jacob Evans

    HeS oN cOnTrOlEr might me the lamest excuse for getting shot at

  • 191x12

    I saw the show and that is the awesome one in quibi

  • pX. XaNs
    pX. XaNs

    Who did this after jack said ima eat a pickle went to their kitchen got one. Cause I did

  • warzone details xavier
    warzone details xavier

    I use grau and fennec in warzone as my best loadout for the grau i have monolithic supresor With conmmando foregrip With arcángel Barrel and tac láser and for the fennec i have high wall Barrel sleight of hand perk and i dont remember more since the WiFi went off since 2 days

  • Texnz

    How do you know if someone’s on controller

  • Andy Fletcher
    Andy Fletcher

    jiraffe huh

  • Maximum Level Gamer
    Maximum Level Gamer


  • Joseph DiCola
    Joseph DiCola

    Who else remembers when Smity played with Fitz

  • jean mari
    jean mari

    Imagende pinnde🤡🤡🤡

  • Jacqueline Boyd
    Jacqueline Boyd

    nice vid

  • AyeBrickz

    BRO SMII7Y is my favorite youtuber anything he does or his laugh jus makes me laugh so hard like out of the whole group the vanish group or courage group like lupo tim nick ninja cloak sym etc.. Smii7y is my favorite like top 1 i just be dyin no matter what 😂

  • Oscar Luebbert Camargo
    Oscar Luebbert Camargo

    i cried when i saw that pistol hahahahhahahahahahaha

  • typical luka
    typical luka


  • Gui Yeet
    Gui Yeet

    I love ur vids every time I watch ur vids I laugh my head off ur a great Utuber

  • Chad and Nicole Hove
    Chad and Nicole Hove

    Me and my friend chose each others loadouts and placed 4th 2nd and 1st

  • William Rush
    William Rush

    the concept of the show was based on a old short story if no one knew

  • Sandserpent1

    Anit marseille the one who played with h2o delirious

  • The Good Life
    The Good Life

    Co U RaGe

  • Harry Forbesh
    Harry Forbesh

    Look at jacks face cam while the ad is on

  • Jynkz.

    He spelled giraffe with a j

  • lokocacayoo loko
    lokocacayoo loko


  • BeeBoy07

    5:35 Dodges bullet in real life

  • M13T Clan
    M13T Clan