This loadout is the best in Warzone... Must try! (NEW KILL RECORD)
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  • PatrykosiX

    28 kills nice

  • CoDmAsTeRbo1234

    Ok prove that ninja said plz on a video

  • Trace Laird
    Trace Laird


  • Jude Christopher Dancel
    Jude Christopher Dancel

    What was the loadout?

  • Void_ Flloxzy
    Void_ Flloxzy

    I hear Nogla

  • sirin noor
    sirin noor

    guys if there are any noobs out there crying cuz they dont have the grau even the nerf the grau is da best it is soooo smooth the iron sights oof it is just good has no recoil att all its a beast watch this vid if u dont have the grau this man made the best tutorial ever for people who dont have multiplayer cuz i litterly can unlock the grau in 3 hours in multyplayer here is the link of his vid sub to him hes a beast (im not an bot this vid is just warzone tutorial for Grau 5.56) i just want to help everyone out and sry my english is soo bad

  • Kayleigh Evans
    Kayleigh Evans

    ninja sucks

  • Yuangel Mendoza
    Yuangel Mendoza


  • TTLLProductions

    The mp7 is good 2

  • Skyler Reid
    Skyler Reid

    my sister wouldnt stop talking to herself the whole vid

  • Owen S
    Owen S

    Lying piece of shit

  • ranchisbad

    When those guns took 3 shots across the map lmao

  • Lord Bashir
    Lord Bashir

    Look at 5:10 he found a red access card

  • Marcio Oracio
    Marcio Oracio

    Ninja doesnt like warzone because its too manly for him, he only likes childish games 😂😂

    • Guitar Gamer
      Guitar Gamer

      FACTS but lucky my mum doesn’t let me play war zone which makes me go 😭

    • Milo Thompson
      Milo Thompson


    • The Gags Gaming
      The Gags Gaming

      I love warzone but the only reason I quit it is because I suck lol. Now I’m stuck playing apex which is kinda doodoo

    • The Ballard Boys
      The Ballard Boys


    • Diegot

      K. Kayz bro?

  • Max Peters
    Max Peters

    nogla is so nice and positive

  • Not Pica Fanboy
    Not Pica Fanboy

    Marcel: *dies* Also Marcel: He’s hacking!

    • BogeieツBogeieツ

      thats me

  • Isaiahplaya_13

    Could anyone tell me what the grau setup is plz

  • El Drip Entertainment
    El Drip Entertainment

    Subscribe For A Subscribe

  • Manny Derma Garcia
    Manny Derma Garcia

    Badass player no 🧢

  • Qualthias

    Courage is fun to watch. Sad he plays with hackers.

  • Deadly Mist
    Deadly Mist

    so this is courage so tha one i recorded was a trash hacker i knew his skill werent that great

  • Mr. Schwifty
    Mr. Schwifty

    What is the mp5 attachments

  • JP Messer
    JP Messer

    Aimboting like hell.

  • ben

    Nogala is so wholesome it’s amazing

  • Jude V
    Jude V

    I like how I bought the purple tracer pack because of this game. You’re so good Courage, I wish to be like you man!

  • dad_100

    What happened to the little kid in fort I miss him😢

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    Using the default weapon I see


    Good guy to a bad guy

  • josh

    I wish I had friends like nogla

  • Giga

    Rlly wish I could get tracers

  • Stratify

    Did he just buy like 3 UAVs at the same time

  • Diego Chavez
    Diego Chavez

    Pop off bro 🔥🔥💯

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez

    I promise you your not good At war zone if you always use the grau 😐 that hoe is OP

  • MNG

  • .

    How do u get 28 kills with 9k damage

  • Jamie Whitehead
    Jamie Whitehead

    Sorry, but has to be said, just love nogla :D good vid :)

  • Nate Baris
    Nate Baris

    Courage is cracked

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer

    Ninja says warzone is trash only cause it takes skill to play

  • Crusty Marine
    Crusty Marine

    The best class is the class you feel works for you.

    • josh

      Crusty Marine bit facts my guy

  • Brandon Kent
    Brandon Kent

    Anyone else tired on the grau in warzone like you dont see streamers using anything else

  • Alexzander Wright
    Alexzander Wright

    Bro i wanna play with y'all so badly

  • KA0T

    hey could anyone help me get more wins on warzone ? If you could then would you comment you activision id on this comment

  • Toa poaru
    Toa poaru

    Ninja is a toxic team mate.... he seems like a cool person but thinks everyone is a hacker or shit cause they killed him 😂😂... don’t get me wrong I used to say that tooo now I just blame myself for being shit

  • Rounded

    This supposed to be gta not warzone

  • bjorn vanhove
    bjorn vanhove

    imagen have such good friends that give you the last kills. my friend wouldn't wait a second to kill them

  • David Corrado
    David Corrado

    How come everyone they shoot at barely shoots back

    • iSimpForLilUziVert ,
      iSimpForLilUziVert ,

      They get beamed before they can shoot

  • Luke Hughes
    Luke Hughes

    Did he say what the class setup is

  • Gary McLean
    Gary McLean

    Click bait constantly from courage.

  • tamara davidson
    tamara davidson

    Wwo youre so gud at dis game 🐋

  • TayTheBandit

    Allow it with the clickbait face

  • Ahro Ali
    Ahro Ali

    Sub to me Ahroali

  • Maximillion 2212
    Maximillion 2212

    Why does he use 50 round mag and not 60?

  • lilGaryBusey

    i dropped my snipper for the confident in houses and buildings now..

  • Alex Golden
    Alex Golden

    So what are the attachments

  • Jared Hair
    Jared Hair

    your a beast bro!

  • Yakult

    the sweat is real

  • Nick Huff
    Nick Huff

    Wow crazy game from Courage

  • Sébastien Côté
    Sébastien Côté

    ya he pay for ez lobby

  • SeniorTooStoned

    MUST TRY! dose not show the class build...

  • joel medina
    joel medina

    Generic grau mp5 fruitcake. How do u think ur good when u use the same loadout literally everyone else uses?

  • hi bye
    hi bye

    I think he has the symfuhny grua

  • Truly Airsoft
    Truly Airsoft

    Man I've been waiting for the day that Courage would finally be good at a game

    • Scott Mckinnon
      Scott Mckinnon


  • ItsJ0hnny PR
    ItsJ0hnny PR

    Dudeeeee this vid was insane gg Courage.

  • Pipicheese

    Courage what’s the mp5 class so we can try it u didn’t even tell us the class

    • Grant Naftzger
      Grant Naftzger

      Ftac collapse stock, merc foregrip, stipple grip tape, mono suppressor, 45 round mags


    It's your new kill record not the actual real kill record

  • J Penny
    J Penny

    You didn’t even show the load out dumb ass

  • Drizzy kid XL
    Drizzy kid XL

    He got the key card why dident he go to the bunker. And plz don’t judge me because my name is Fortnite beast or what ever it is I don’t know I how change it I love call of duty I said this so don’t judge me ok just reply the the key card one

  • Kyber Bleeding
    Kyber Bleeding

    Now try that with underused guns lol

  • Faze Task
    Faze Task

    Faze mist

  • Bobby Kelly
    Bobby Kelly

    Bro mans killed me twice and called me a idiot lmao

  • Impulse God11
    Impulse God11

    Play Fortnite

  • Gavin J
    Gavin J

    Cool, but what’s the load out build?

  • iConic

    Max vs Conor already happened, someone educate nogla, Conor mauled that boy 🤣

  • BE3RUS_L2K L 2K
    BE3RUS_L2K L 2K


  • BE3RUS_L2K L 2K
    BE3RUS_L2K L 2K


  • Brizo
    Brizo Check out my First day streaming 22 Kill Solo Game.


    inspiration on top of the morning

  • noel_boii

    i dislike ninja and yet respectfully agree with him that warzone is one of the worse BR games out right now. COD died after black ops 2. they just trying to be relevant, which is smart and all for the company. doesnt mean its a well polished game. only thing good about cod is S&D

    • Rocky Zoo
      Rocky Zoo

      This game is amazing you should give it a chance

  • Lucie Grimes
    Lucie Grimes

    where's the stream with LAANNNNNDDOOOOOOO

  • hwood 1287
    hwood 1287

    Courage poppin off. That was some confident playing.

    • Joaquin Garcia
      Joaquin Garcia

      @Mcnuggs Fries not true he was big before Mr beast even donated

    • Mcnuggs Fries
      Mcnuggs Fries

      You know he’s only popular because me beast donated him a lot of money he was like just a small streamer

  • Names

    "Look the Trophy's gonna stop it" *Squish* "Oh"

  • iLL nakis
    iLL nakis

    YOOO straight up beaming!!!!

  • Ethan Sandstrom
    Ethan Sandstrom

    When you realize that the "dude dude" guy at 9:51 is yourself and courage shat on you

  • Rekz_ _DaJoka
    Rekz_ _DaJoka

    U should tell us what u r load out is

  • Michael Roush
    Michael Roush

    Prototype Alpha and Rampage

  • Claude Bernier
    Claude Bernier

    my sister discovered a perfect method to get CP on *trickempire xyz* I got them. =)

  • MtzGamer8143

    Does he know that he has the red card

  • josh Garcia
    josh Garcia

    Anyone else saw shroud get online?

  • Charlie Goodman
    Charlie Goodman

    Whats the primary rifle

    • Bot Rilez
      Bot Rilez

      Grau 5.56

  • Javi Luna
    Javi Luna

    WoW mrbeast is a true friend the dream got through

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    i'll watch anything with nogla in it

  • ZeniNotFound

    Where do you get that grau that courage has I really like it can somebody tell me where you get it

    • ZeniNotFound

      Zach Buff ok

    • Zach Buff
      Zach Buff

      The in game store

  • Trevor Hurt
    Trevor Hurt

    I absolutely LOVE anytime Courage and Nogla play together. 2 of my absolute favorite YT creators/streamers 😂❤️

  • Anthony N
    Anthony N

    Do more the hunting Minecraft

  • Luke Delbianco
    Luke Delbianco

    You fell off make more videos

  • OPR _ARizOnA
    OPR _ARizOnA

    At 10:00 look type sus

  • Akkimbo

    Must watch

  • Jimmy Malizia
    Jimmy Malizia

    What is his MP5 class?

  • Carbob

    Play with Conner

  • Icebear1985

    #J key