This NEW bug could be the END of Warzone...
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if this is the worst bug you’ve ever seen!

    • Duvi

      Now I'm fucking pissed. I don't even use curse words on comment sections. I for the first time experienced the enemies being blocks. Before it was just weapons. So me and my team are making our way from Port after tearing two teams up and we got prison by the bunker where we saw a car go ... Now... We start shooting them and another team is up at prison. I jump down on the side of the cliff so prison can't see me. Then my teammate says they jumped down... So easy flank I go around and I see all 4, I kill and thirst one. Reload and down another. Mind you they still don't know where I'm at and when I go for the fourth one that was gonna scavenge his teammate, he becomes a block. I say "lemme aim for the middle" and only one shot hit the dude. He then goes in front of the rock so I'm still able to shoot as he still is unsure where I'm at. No hits. He literally revives his boy that I downed -- all looking like blocks now. So finally the 4th dude sees me behind the rock and pushes. Switch to my SMG. Aim for center mass -- nope. I get bodied. Go to gulag and win... Come out and pu default look in farm when I land. Bring back a homie. And we end up coming in third because we didn't have ghost and we had 3 teams converge on us. Guess which team, only of them was? The block team. My boy bodies them and someone he chose the vehicle without the trophy and I didn't peep cause we had to head towards port from farm. And he gets out and bodies two and I have my glitched fucking guns. So I go in car again to at least try to run them over and c4. Second team who pushed us-- they two that was left died in storm and that other team won watching by green port gates. I forgot to mention I was in gulag with the 725 glitched. But this dumb ass gun just has to be shot in the direction as I heard dude scream "he wasn't even aiming at me" 🤣 Moral of the story... May have to take a chill pill on this game because it's ridiculous how they cab do a weapon balance and not even touch the real issue. I stopped using Bruen when it became popular. Funny thing is I saw peeps running the same classes. Bruen with mp5/Fal --

    • Zunghul

      Also when you use custom weapons it goes away

    • Zunghul

      I'm pretty sure it's only on pc as well

    • Duvi

      @the1stb yup... mentioned at 12 hours ago in the comments. but it can still happen as it did with me with a gulag gun.

    • the1stb

      Found one fix, as it didn't happen on guns without camos, the fix is to remove camos. No more pink guns bro.

  • Marec 777
    Marec 777

    hi all see my squad win with bug and let me know what do you mean but then pneultimate kill with mp5 its craazy thx for all the response here is link:

  • EZ Baller
    EZ Baller

    Replay the second over and over again

  • kimberly Gower
    kimberly Gower

    yo jack tell sym hes gay

  • JoshuaJosh Crossland
    JoshuaJosh Crossland

    Courage won't notice this comment and play duos

  • R K
    R K

    Pretty sure i could pinpoint the time Courage has a stroke. I'm not kidding. I could swear i saw his eyes both go away from his nose just U < o>

  • BluefacedQuack

    How does CouRage unlock his new guns? I rarely see him play anything other than Warzone. Just wondering if he has someone doing it for him since he has stated that he never plays COD off stream.

  • Caleb Roach
    Caleb Roach

    That's why i don't play warzone multiplayer is better for sure

  • Mjc

    60,000,000gb update incoming

  • Lowkey1661

    Literally come back everyday to listen to the end 😌

  • javier espinoza
    javier espinoza

    I remember borders I miss it 😭

  • theplourde

    Courage, I don’t appreciate the slight Borders slander. I’m 26 and I still have a lot of books from Borders.

  • pacho me
    pacho me

    Call of duty will never die maybe war zone yes

  • mix gaming
    mix gaming

    Try apex

  • Rxvenge40

    No one: Courage when a small glitch happens in war zone: this could end the game

  • fortnight gaming
    fortnight gaming


  • fortnight gaming
    fortnight gaming

    It's funny because this does not happen on xbox

  • Laminator

    Patches are supposed to fix the game not break it even further

  • Porrohman

    Taking the camo's off the guns seems to fix this issue for me.

  • Raccoon_Salad

    I have this too im quiting

  • D J
    D J

    You know whats crazy? This bug is getting WORSE! HOW?

  • XxPapixJaeXx H
    XxPapixJaeXx H

    If courage was a teacher I would want to go school even more

  • Richard Green
    Richard Green

    Guys now imagine a downtown finish and this fucking cube rushes into the the hallway were I was , I tried to shoot center mass but then my entire screen became the same when you spectate someone with a broken gun. Fix your fucking game Activision!

  • kirk stanton
    kirk stanton

    The screaming/ear rape is so cringe

  • Pierre Diamante
    Pierre Diamante

    How come only streamers have problems like this

  • Tyler

    did anyone find a fix to this bug? its been happening for last two days to me on pc with ps4 controller

  • Brilliant Sir!!
    Brilliant Sir!!

    Exact thing keeps happening to me, i even switched to my old video card, and it did the same thing! LOL glad its not my card though.

  • CreatureGames

    “New bug could end warzone” Me: Laughs in error 6068 5763 fatal error and every other dev error.

  • Brian

    whats th efix for this

  • Cody Stuart
    Cody Stuart

    4:50 best part of marcel getting crowed is he says seconds before hand "caw" then gets crowed. Watch his vid for it. Its hilarious

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    I lost a game 3 days ago because of this, I haven't played since

  • sepheul

    I have the same bug, you can't use some weapons, you can't reload.. it's so stupid!

  • Robi

    I thought this was only happening to me

  • PROtan

    8:01 did anyone notice that the gun was called "the glitch"?

  • Hike 2080
    Hike 2080

    Wait you dont have 10M subs.

  • Kiki Alexander
    Kiki Alexander

    Omg I LOVED Borders! 😭 I would go every Sunday after church. The only place my mom nvr said ‘no’. What a shame...

  • O JWK
    O JWK

    What is it with every warzone youtuber or streamer having a fucking 2 minute intro

  • Richard Laframboise
    Richard Laframboise

    This bug just happened to me today hot garbage

  • Zeyu Luo
    Zeyu Luo

    8:44 This is exactly waht I look like when I see this bug lol

  • igetlotsofspam

    Oo so glad you posted this i get the same issue thought it was on my end.


    I hate this bug. I cannot believe a triple A game company has let this present in the game for 5 days almost a whole week without a hotpatch

  • Space Doge
    Space Doge

    still no fix 2 days later. gg

  • hunter smith
    hunter smith

    I no longer want to play, played 4 games tonight and died because I can't see anything. Unless I use common weapon drops

  • Christopher Thoni
    Christopher Thoni

    Play again button is broken it keeps going back to spectating

  • R1Z3_ FUNK
    R1Z3_ FUNK

    Is this only on pc i dont get it

  • AsusRoG

    This weapon artifacts been happening 1out of 3 Warzone games for me. Happens with my loadout and also in Gulag... and games been running like shit ever since season 5 happened.

  • vince digiacobbe
    vince digiacobbe

    obviously dont know how big 3 feet is..

  • Barry Payne
    Barry Payne

    Bro! I've been having this every game since season 5! So annoyed!

  • Sean Daigle
    Sean Daigle

    Why you use the ISO its trash compared to the other smgs also ive never seen this bug and ive been playing non stop.

  • the offbrand Joker
    the offbrand Joker

    this bug has been in the game for a while now, but I haven't seen any IRbinrs/streamers get it, nor have I seen an entire squad get it

  • Brennan Oakman
    Brennan Oakman

    Doesn’t happen on console

  • Lukas_Tambour

    I think its only a PC glitch cuz om playing on PS4 and i have never seen that glitch

  • Alejandro

    This glitch gave me goosebumps

  • Justin Frink
    Justin Frink

    more singing outros please!

  • Mr.UniverZe

    Some of y’alls viewers are so young y’all talk about borders and they think y’all are trump supporters

  • Dom FN
    Dom FN

    Let’s all hope it is

  • Risky W
    Risky W

    Consider reinstalling shaders lol

  • Jurassic Ws
    Jurassic Ws

    Who else always thinks Jack is always spectating because of the ad at the bottom

  • Simon Broberg
    Simon Broberg

    I just watched JackFrags unlock the easter egg in the stadium. Doesn't look like Jack has the same problem with the guns either. I've only just downloaded the new series, and not had time to play it yet (Was rebuilding a GPX750R F1 to play with in real life). I'll see if I got the same problem later. I doubt it. Fact is you probably upset a few hackers and got them kicked out, so they probably hacked you and some of your friends for revenge.

  • M Key
    M Key

    I had exactly the same issue!!! Impossible to shoot... Game became super laggy also on PC... Last circle indicated wrong on the mini map also and 7 left but there where only two!!! Lost multiple games because of glitches... Call of duty online in 2020!!!🤣🤣🤣 The game is kinda joke sometimes...

  • Alran109

    Don't worry the trash devs still haven't fixed this bug or even addressed it. It's been happening to me and all my friends since season 5 launch. It happens almost every game and it makes the game unplayable when it happens. Seriously going to quit this trash if they can't fix game breaking bugs such as this in a timely fashion.

  • 5142tsx

    Lol he is always click baiting and it works all they time fml

  • Nathan Kassahun
    Nathan Kassahun

  • Swiftt

    Thought he was gonna talk about the graphics bug.

  • CFX -
    CFX -

    I hate THIS DAM BUG

  • Superior Sunshine
    Superior Sunshine

    Sm11zy = simp

  • PB& Jean
    PB& Jean

    Who in Activision divided 0 by 0 in the programming

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith

    Tim the tat man into?

  • Nils Arvay
    Nils Arvay

    He is the youtuber/Streamer who makes me laugh the most

  • Ty Chaplin
    Ty Chaplin

    Nah the worse bug I've seen is where it effects your KD ratio. Says mine it's 1.06.. absolute lies.

  • AnimaL

    *3:45** So is that a minigun blueprint????* I can't get I to bunker 11 which is a con because the dicks want to use Russian languages and writing

  • AceCraze

    that lips of an angel chorus at the end XDDDDDDDD GOD HAVEN'T HEARD HINDER IN SO LONG

  • Luke Byrne
    Luke Byrne

    It's the best optic in the game

  • Atharwa Namjoshi
    Atharwa Namjoshi

    Holy shit all these comments typing SMii7Y's spelling wrong.... Like just type milkbag if you don't get it, jeez.... 😂😂😂

  • Tommy Watson
    Tommy Watson

    Courage you are awful! Accidentally clicked on this and its the worst warzone streamer ive ever watched!

  • GarrbearLive

    I thought it was me to 😔

  • M3rKz MurdaGangA
    M3rKz MurdaGangA

    You have dam

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget

    Please speak out about how broken the Fal and Bruen are. Thought forsure they'd change those guns in season five and maybe buff a few others that have been neglected since release. You can make so many different variants with the ak47 but no matter how you make it, the ak is out classed by 90% of the guns.

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget

    Nerf Bruen and fal, atleast give the guns more recoil. Makes zero sense how the fal is beating most smgs in close quarter fights and the Bruen is better then every DMR from far come on cod...

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget

    The worst bug is the fact that they did nothing to the Bruen or fal. How're they gonna have so many different ways to build guns then have 2 that are so dominant that no one uses anything else. I'm over the got damn Bruen. I have it unlocked myself, just so bored of the gun.

  • VendableFiend

    I thought my Gpu was messed up

  • Luke’s Politics
    Luke’s Politics

    Courage: most of our viewers are so young. Also courage: WHAT THE FUUUUCKKKK!!!

  • spiffycrane_310

    8:39 he on x game mode

  • MusicellaTV

    But we have a train!!


    Trust I play pc , this bug is 🤬🐕💩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩🥺

  • AnimaL

    *Ever thought it might not be a bug Courage? Have you got a Aimbot installed on your PC or got the Cronus Max, maybe COD have given the bug to all who have such files on their PCs/Consoles* You aren't a cheater now are you, LOL an Aimbot doesn't have to be the best as that is too easy to spot. I think COD should do that bug to Hackers / Aimbot by reading there files to be able to play the game

  • Sushii

    This bug looks like dark matter in bo4😂😂

  • Megan Bruno
    Megan Bruno

    Love the outro song

  • this_is _wolfie_03
    this_is _wolfie_03

    4:28 that booty though😂😂👍

  • Sandman996

    He acts like they're not gonna fix it "this could ruin warzone forever" bro turn the drama knob down, it's just a bug

  • Ben Philpott
    Ben Philpott

    This happened to me all the time in fortnite

  • hollow man
    hollow man

    i had a smile on my face when i saw this title

  • Gian Jestoni S. Padilla
    Gian Jestoni S. Padilla

    It’s been happening since the end of season 4...

  • Ty Knight
    Ty Knight

    that glitch has been happening since day one for me. doesn't matter if its multiplayer, campaign, or war zone. annoys me so much and its to late to get my money back

  • Ueril Torres
    Ueril Torres

    When my friend gets friend zone by my crush 6:59

  • Shewt Man
    Shewt Man

    maybe 30 seconds worth of video i wanted to see?

  • r0d136

    Even in the Gulag Or picking up a new gun/ secondary it’s annoying

  • Ethan Oliver
    Ethan Oliver

    Another bug is that self to revive doesn't work

  • Joe 711
    Joe 711

    This is by far one of the most funniest videos I have ever seen on your channel while your playing warzone🤣🤣👌🏼💯

  • majinmorpheus

    I'm 50