Vanoss rages at Ninja on Among Us...
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  • CouRage

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    • Wendigo willow
      Wendigo willow

      How you doing in couratin

    • Kuennae

      I love ur clickbait

    • Subscribe to Meaksy
      Subscribe to Meaksy

      @Joseph Calabro first your cap second your capping for attention bc in so many steams I see ppl saying in donations random shit like there grandpa died or it’s there birth day and they wanna get a happy birth day in chat or there mom died of COVID 19 and then they start syaing nice stuff like watching your stream makes me feel better and all that kinda crap is just kids wanting attention

    • SoulGameing1324 6
      SoulGameing1324 6


    • Ark Vail
      Ark Vail

      I can bet 100$ he wont reply to this string of comments in 3 days

  • he he
    he he

    them first 3 mins just made me subscribe 😂😂😂

  • Kokichi Oma
    Kokichi Oma

    Alternate title "Vanoss and Ninja yell at each other for 5 seconds and then don't talk again!"

  • 김치

    Seems like everyone in the comments knows Evan better than they do

  • DeathFlam Lc
    DeathFlam Lc

    Vanoss never rages when he dose its scary

  • The cowsternator
    The cowsternator

    I hate ninja

  • Bossrizz 11
    Bossrizz 11

    You know this title got you hooked

  • Yomamaslamas

    Just saying my guy was born to be a caster even when hes not doing it he yells from the top of his lungs

  • Dallie Panda
    Dallie Panda

    If anyone wants to skip to Vanoss raging. 12:26

  • Blue

    The clip of Tim got me😂😂

  • joseph paille
    joseph paille

    12:22 vanoss rage moment towards ninja

  • IATNEH Master
    IATNEH Master

    Ninja almost makes me wanna drop Dragon Ball as a whole

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez

    Vanoss:rages Everyone:wait that’s illegal

  • Domino’s Domino
    Domino’s Domino

    I subbed because your laugh is fucking amazing lmao

  • michaeldisharoon_

    Is it just me or does ninja annoy the piss out of y’all as well

  • TBG Tabias
    TBG Tabias

    how are y'all mad at ninja when wildcat and ninjas name is the same. he got confused he isn't being the center of attention he was confused. you guys are just Vanoss fanboys. you guys are mad ignorant

  • Ian Lancaster
    Ian Lancaster

    Me reading the first 2 words in the title: _Impossible_

  • Dynox -
    Dynox -

    Sounds like Mickey mouse

  • Cowen Gaming
    Cowen Gaming

    4 months ago, and I’m just seeing this. And maybe I’m just old, but seeing the king of funny moments, vanoss, and the king of fortnite, ninja, playing together really is amazing lol.

  • RobbieFuns

    There goes cloak’s twisted tea sponsorship

  • GoldenLightning_

    imagine being ninja and thinking you are at the top, then you play among us and get yelled at by someone with 25 millions subscribers

  • Kaleb Graham
    Kaleb Graham

    did any get when Dr lupo said i’m the one who turned lights off 12:33😂😂

  • The Red Rhino
    The Red Rhino

    Playin a solo game right now ~Vanoss

  • Infamous Melon5
    Infamous Melon5

    This is false advertising everyone who watches vanoss will know that he NEVER rages

  • Koriyagay the ninja
    Koriyagay the ninja

    I don't think I've ever seen evan rage. Just goes to show how annoying ninja is.

  • RUBZ 8R0
    RUBZ 8R0

    didnt ninja play with D4th imposter

  • Dave Crupel
    Dave Crupel


  • UnofficialRaven

    I really like the thumbnail, it's very cursed

  • XXxFandundanxXX

    Vanoss is better than Ninja.

  • gustavo garvia
    gustavo garvia

    Lmao everyone in the comments talking about vanoss💀

  • Mr Gonzalez
    Mr Gonzalez

    Vanoss/Evan Was Thanos! He *SNAPPED!* On Ninja! Tyler Is Ashes And GONE!

  • Lazyy

    vanoss probably never uploaded this footage bc he knows how much of a clown ninja is and doesn’t hangout with clowns for clout

  • Drew Hesse
    Drew Hesse

    We have 4 tasks left out of 25 Meanwhile with Tim😂😂

  • Ayden Beck
    Ayden Beck

    Dude Nogla just knows

  • Junior Flores
    Junior Flores

    Keep er going

  • macklad

    Evan? Angry? No Nvm he’s playing with ninja fair enough no human can stand that

  • Galax Water
    Galax Water

    69K likes. coincidence?

  • Jason did it
    Jason did it

    everyone wants to beat each other up while CouRage is having the time of his life lmao

  • Blue_Boy20

    Who calls it comets

  • Rxyn

    Bruh, literally hes been anwering tovthe name ninja

  • sphiedd

    Courage is like pandas lost brother

  • BNDT Gaming
    BNDT Gaming

    the wires with tim still has me shiting my pants

  • Gab Chan
    Gab Chan


  • Nate Stevens
    Nate Stevens

    12:34 I quote from Lupo "I was the one who turned the lights off uhhhh."

  • Shockwavve

    Ninja should be kicked out. I agree with the comment section. Literally ruins everything.

  • Mr Freeze
    Mr Freeze

    Courages commentary on this was hilarious first video I've seen of him

  • Emmanuel Lesaca
    Emmanuel Lesaca

    I laugh the way courage laughs to nogla

  • Jasmine Westhead
    Jasmine Westhead

    I love how ninja is the one saying "calm down take a breather" bruh

  • The Nut Button
    The Nut Button

    The fact that some of us are waiting for the moment where Vanoss actually rages in a game then when we actually get it, we are still shocked and moved.

  • B Her
    B Her

    Ninja is a dumb ass. I can’t stand that guy’s voice

  • TheRedDragon

    Only clicked because it said Vanoss lol

  • L3gt_ Omega69
    L3gt_ Omega69

    Ninja ** calls Nogla a dumbass* Also Ninja “ we don’t vote on odd”

  • Devon Erb
    Devon Erb

    Nogla....... rEmEmBeR wHeN i BoUgHt YoUr SwEaTsHiRt? It’s a game Jesus. Oven never seen anyone go so try hard in such a simple game. And I mean, if you have the ability to make VANOSS raise his voice, I think that’s a pretty big sign that you might be a little bit narcissistic and need to lower your ego

  • Ariana Desimone
    Ariana Desimone

    1:31 *Nogla:* alright im voting Wildcat *Tyler:* there he goes

  • Jake

    The colab of gamers we didn’t know we needed


    12:18 is where it happens


    Ninja shits on everything 😐

  • Demon Slayer
    Demon Slayer

    Watching this now I love how this will be the only time vanoss plays with ninja😂

  • PrimCylinder 890
    PrimCylinder 890

    Me: clicks on video to hear vanoss rage for the fist time Vanoss: not raging at all Me: u son of a bitch u click baited me

  • Austen Bennett
    Austen Bennett

    Ninjas so annoying I swear man

  • Hunter Karch
    Hunter Karch

    we don’t “hate” on ninja for fun. He just doesn’t belong in the group with them. Ninja is very sweaty and takes the game extremely serious, gets in fights with the group, and just isn’t funny in general. this is my opinion. I hope some of the OG vanoss fans can see where I’m coming from.

  • ThatsStraight UpBullshit
    ThatsStraight UpBullshit

    great editing

  • Rei

    This is the first time i only saw and hear vanoss scream of anger and good thing he stopped cause he doesn't want the viewers to know what he looks like when his angry

    • Riley Jordan Maingque
      Riley Jordan Maingque

      The owl don't wanna show the beast in him

  • MrBall414

    tim’s first games of among us are legendary lmao

  • __Skiddo__

    That scared me I never heard him rage like that I was actually terrified

  • Fetish

    Alt title, among us but most of the time i just laughed.

  • Typical llama
    Typical llama

    6:27 lmao! I couldn’t stop laughing for like 5 minutes because of fricken Tim 😂

  • R00CKIE

    *Me watching the first five seconds* Me: and so it begins

  • Tofuee111 Glynn
    Tofuee111 Glynn

    I hate ninja so much

  • David Berko
    David Berko

    it really says something about Ninja's character that the very rare time that Vanoss raged at someone it just happened to be Ninja, the biggest and most obnoxious tool.

  • Galxy slayer
    Galxy slayer

    Courage is having the time of his life

  • TheeCool1HD Gaming
    TheeCool1HD Gaming

    69k likes Let’s go boys

  • Benjamin Carter
    Benjamin Carter

    Ninja Sucks

  • Ethan Jackson
    Ethan Jackson

    Broooo no wonder vanoss didn't upload, cause he's playing with ninja and also he was too quiet until he raged at ninja Damn.....

  • Locked Corgi
    Locked Corgi

    bro ninja is the worst and he is so fucking CRINGE he should stay far away from Vanoss I rate ninja 1 on the poggers scale anti-poggers

  • Steven Coty
    Steven Coty

    I now know why I don't follow Ninja.... #trash

  • Joshua Balmores
    Joshua Balmores

    Nogla is the guy that wants to be the "1000 iq player"

  • Human Robot
    Human Robot

    Don’t vote on odd ninja is stupid

  • ashes of ashes
    ashes of ashes

    Love how he says Wildcat is the only Tyler, shows what he thinks of Ninja.

  • ProvokeFN

    why so funny?

  • Dark Gamer
    Dark Gamer

    Firdt time seeing vanoss and ninja play together THIS MADE MY DAY

  • Star Blazer
    Star Blazer

    12:23 is what you guys want

  • Track Gamez61
    Track Gamez61

    And thus Vannos never played with Ninja ever again The End

  • Haruka Nanase
    Haruka Nanase

    I never seen vanoss so quiet its really werid seeing Evan him so quiet 😃 I been watching him for so long since the gmod sandbox videos but also I hat that ninja is just pushing vanoss away like he's nothing and I love how wildcat is trying to get vanoss involved

  • Felipe AKA-Flint
    Felipe AKA-Flint


  • Monarca_rdz

    Tim doing wires was the most peaceful and wholesome moment in this video 🤣🤣

  • Ruben Soto
    Ruben Soto

    This was the best stream I saw

  • Eric Solis
    Eric Solis

    yall notice how vanoss is top of the description 😂and ninja isn't pfft- even courage knows whos better man

  • ash of Crete
    ash of Crete

    Ninja ruins the whole video

  • PantiesGoneWild

    i remember seeing the livestream where vanoss left the stream after only an hour cuz he got soo fed up ,uncomfortable and annoyed playing with ninja

  • Mikaelynn Copley
    Mikaelynn Copley

    Me watching this and me having to listen to ninja and nogla talk makes me want to clean my revolver and put it in my mouth and pull the FUCKING trigger...

  • That Weird Shy Guy
    That Weird Shy Guy

    You gotta love how ninja can’t admit somethings his fault

  • ƎLIꓶE

    The thing is that Vanoss thinks that Wildcat is the only Tyler he knew in this Among Us lobby is the greatest thing I've ever seen but I feel that Vanoss' mood is different when there's Ninja because I believe that Vanoss truly dislike Ninja with passion, just like the rest of us viewers.

  • Jaime Ivan Andrade Corona Andrade Corona
    Jaime Ivan Andrade Corona Andrade Corona

    olivia jade

  • CZK Gaming
    CZK Gaming

    This had me crying😭😭😭😭

  • Christopher Dunn
    Christopher Dunn

    courage, idk man. you just are fun to be around

  • Drench

    U guys must be legends at this game to be playing with two third impostors like Nogla and Ninja

  • Rees Bowdler
    Rees Bowdler

    I hate ninja so much

  • Wyatt Smet
    Wyatt Smet

    I've been watching VanossGaming since he started making music on his channel this channel not renix

  • Axe Playz
    Axe Playz

    Bro this is my first time seeing vanoss raging (The one on his golf video he almost did rage)But this one DAM and got this as an recommended