Visiting the playboy mansion in GTA... Marcel & Wildcat find me a girlfriend?
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if I need to find a GTA Girlfriend!

    • TheBlackGideon

      Love love the this or family friends we love friends we friends friends and and

    • Michael Brain Lisyar
      Michael Brain Lisyar

      Babushka : yes yes you can choose meh

    • Anthony Pryce
      Anthony Pryce

      Rob a bank plz we all been waiting

    • Devan Thomas
      Devan Thomas

      Get the 4K graphics mod!

    • Anthony Pryce
      Anthony Pryce

      I need more gt5

  • Lily Saucedo
    Lily Saucedo

    Please make another Gta vid's i like them.

  • david qaz
    david qaz


  • itz jakxyy
    itz jakxyy


  • Ankin Oliver
    Ankin Oliver

    Jack hasn’t fucked then killed a hooker that’s like half of gta and he hasn’t done a heist

  • cmpulse

    2:48 Nadal was the best player on clay and you're playing on grass so idk if that was the best comparison.

  • Adrian Caiazzo
    Adrian Caiazzo

    Ah man this was the last one 🥺

  • Sebastian Saldarriaga
    Sebastian Saldarriaga

    want more gta vids

  • Jacob Esquivel
    Jacob Esquivel

    How did these two idiots make tennis so intense

  • Royalty Gaming
    Royalty Gaming

    Did he say tiger woods while playing tennis 😂😭

  • Hunter Thorpe
    Hunter Thorpe

    Man the gta content really died out..... sad face

  • Lucid Trax
    Lucid Trax

    Best and the funniest content,could you make more GTA vids

  • noob and noob kid
    noob and noob kid

    Plz more gta

  • jessie lopez
    jessie lopez

    Yo the grunts while playing tennis wins the day for me lol

  • Spencer VanOchten
    Spencer VanOchten

    as a tennis player, that match physically hurt my eyes to watch the animation is so choppy


    0:05 my favorite part

  • GS Meridian
    GS Meridian

    The intro tho😂😂

  • Alijah Villanueva
    Alijah Villanueva

    Can you do heist soon

  • Fried Crust
    Fried Crust

    Outro song is fire

  • Cody Whitt
    Cody Whitt

    Play THIS. MORE

  • Jamison Clement
    Jamison Clement

    Who else wants to see them rob the casino together

  • KingXero

    you should put up your wheels then you will go faster in the jet like so jack sees it

  • Kian Iverson
    Kian Iverson

    These videos are awesome! I wish they were longer

  • ADiehardSavage Gaming
    ADiehardSavage Gaming

    TiGeR wOoDs WaS gOlF. XD

  • NutSquad Gaming
    NutSquad Gaming


  • Plix

    Last time i've been more interested in 100 Thieves and i honestly think Jack en nadeshot are the best guys i've ever seen i love the humor and the friendship. Courage i'm sad i've never saw this before love u (NO HOMO🙃)

  • Noah Scott
    Noah Scott

    y'all ever noticed you've never seen Courage and Panda in the same room??

  • oliver Gonzalez Zapta
    oliver Gonzalez Zapta

    Hello is connor still your friend

  • wesley wagner
    wesley wagner

    fun u for killing muselk in the pro am

  • Try Plays
    Try Plays

    Pls play apex legends

  • Storm DN
    Storm DN

    Vanoss crew needs to come back RN

  • Wyatt Almond
    Wyatt Almond

    Can we get Connor back

  • Nicholas Bell
    Nicholas Bell

    Every time Jack does his caster voice i get full sent into nostalgia.

  • KG3 Impactz
    KG3 Impactz

    1,000$ Game but you have a 10mil Tank

  • Kyle Gower
    Kyle Gower

    Where's the God of War videos pussiii?!??

  • tiny_squirrell 2
    tiny_squirrell 2

    The intro 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Angela Odd
    Angela Odd

    Why do you not play with Conner

  • EatYourKale

    I need 3 pc players that’ll run with me, help me with mc I’ll help with heists

  • Marta Sullivan
    Marta Sullivan

    Who remembers Connor jack do u

  • Vivek Alex
    Vivek Alex

    I came back for the first time in 3 months I have a question is jack still streaming

  • TyDi Scope
    TyDi Scope

    Soooo when y’all doing that 100K uno tournament IRL

  • xSTART_A_RiOTx __
    xSTART_A_RiOTx __

    Bro MrBeast brought me to a bomb ass streamer

  • V2 Draycoh
    V2 Draycoh

    This gives me nostalgia

  • Alex gaming and reactions!!
    Alex gaming and reactions!!

    I'm five minutes in and just realized I'm Watching 2 grown men hype up a tennis match. I don't even like tennis much and he made it interested.

  • Jeremiah Da Costa
    Jeremiah Da Costa

    Is it just me that jump when the car come??

  • Mariam Mostak
    Mariam Mostak

    can u play destiny 2

  • Kyle Gower
    Kyle Gower

    Where's the God of War video bruh?!

  • Arshnoor 01
    Arshnoor 01

    Post god of war

  • MikeRach10

    I'm glad I'm not the only one to win clothes. Worst prize ever

  • Cre8 to NEW
    Cre8 to NEW

    Nice video and nice game

  • AppleSauce

    Its so refreshing bc jack is bringing back the old vanoss days

  • Denise serrato
    Denise serrato

    why don’t you play rainbow six siege with wildcat, marcel, and tim

  • Nick

    I needa see jack and the gang in a bombooshka or however it’s spelled lol


    His GTA character look like Mr.Benson from street fighter.

  • Watermelon

    How courageJD works out 0:05

  • SnappyHero

    during the start the only thing i could think of is the full house theme

  • Landon VanDyk
    Landon VanDyk

    Dislikes are perfect no one else dislike

  • ThaRealGrayGhost -_-
    ThaRealGrayGhost -_-

    Well since I can’t type in your chat when your life streaming because I’m not a member Ill just hope you see this you should play Spiderman when your done with god of war

  • Gxdz •
    Gxdz •

    3 seconds in and already laughed

  • akaMythics

    Who's gonna tell him about the video links at the end 😳😳

  • Kaido

    Please do heist jack like this comment so jack sees it

  • Oh Follows
    Oh Follows

    Any content other then fortnite is good

  • MIXDJ3000

    Hey Courage ! I don't know if you you'll reply to this but is it possible to not unlist the god of war live stream and other future single player campaign live streams ?

  • Sebastian Dixon
    Sebastian Dixon

    Anyone noticed how jack used a controller. Just me... ok

  • i am not a bot dude
    i am not a bot dude

    Marcels family line is the reason black people weren’t allowed to play sports in the 40s.because they were goated

  • Lachlan Kirk
    Lachlan Kirk

    U should play the new and improved saints row 3

  • Jullien_30

    If you guys don’t know if you spin the wheel then log out of gta and go back to the casino the game doesn’t remember your spin and let’s you spin again it works for me on ps4

  • Luke Miller
    Luke Miller

    The amount of editing in the beginning alone is insane 👏🏻

  • Gaming Wolf
    Gaming Wolf

    U should make another minecraft series that series was the shit I would literally wait all day on your page for a new episode

  • Shlime

    mfw i hear that jev got on arianas insta before jack

  • Justn luvs u
    Justn luvs u

    JACK PLAYING GTA????....... NANI

  • TheBossRaider

    Why was this uploaded so late? Wildcat and marcel uploaded their videos over a week ago

  • Marcos Diaz
    Marcos Diaz

    Why the hell does he have a intro that spoils the best moments in the video

  • Tripple Harpy
    Tripple Harpy

    The new vannos gaming

  • Anova-Arin Nurius
    Anova-Arin Nurius

    A+ on the editing Love itttt

  • Brent Alexander
    Brent Alexander

    Some of the best gta content I’ve seen in awhile. Mostly because jacks reactions to everything is hilarious

  • Master Saucer
    Master Saucer

    When is Connor coming back

  • Luminifier Gaming
    Luminifier Gaming

    Notice how lesser and lesser youtubers upload fortnite because theres not enough content

  • boondoxkid21

    Everyone knows you lost tennis cause you said tiger woods haha

  • F3aRLess

    Bro I love the gta content Ps Go sub to me plz on the road to 20 subs

  • PeanutBadger335 C
    PeanutBadger335 C

    Do a heist plz

  • Nate Smith
    Nate Smith

    More videos like this please

  • kirbster3678

    The end credits are always my favorite

  • THE JJ's OP
    THE JJ's OP


  • Dutch

    is this timthetapmans friend

  • Osamah bin ballin
    Osamah bin ballin

    Jack was playing tennis and said tiger woods

  • Ryley Campbell
    Ryley Campbell

    Will you do the story mode

  • Denzel Pascual
    Denzel Pascual

    Go find the ghost of gta5

  • jadenhxsk14

    Did you play warzone yesterday ?

  • Daniel Abbas
    Daniel Abbas

    you have to wait till night time to see naked bitches at the playboy mansion

  • LowercaseCactus

    More more more

  • Gg Gamings
    Gg Gamings

    When are you going to play with conner again

  • Alpha Falter
    Alpha Falter


  • extremedeerbruh 2
    extremedeerbruh 2

    Do races marcel loves them

  • nicky boy
    nicky boy

    Please play golf and overtime rumble!!

  • FaZe Cholo
    FaZe Cholo

    10:27 he thought it was WarZone.😂😂

  • P

    Some of the most entertaining gaming content on IRbin Rn,

  • Matt Greenstein
    Matt Greenstein

    I need this gta content all summer!

  • Davvidmags

    CouRage × Vanoss ???

  • Peyton Finch
    Peyton Finch

    “Where’s the naked bitches?!” -Marcel. Words of a true philosopher