Warzone, but I played with my monitor turned off... *WE DID THE IMPOSSIBLE *
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video for more dumb challenges like this!

    • John Wittich
      John Wittich

      Where’s the vid of you guys winning with your own worst load outs? You did it earlier on this same stream. I was telling my buddy about it, but no he thinks I’m full of shit 😅

    • secretAZNman

      When I was a member of your channel, I tried spamming to you about your "E" button as USE would be an ongoing issue when you get loadout, because if you hold onto E too long, it changes to your Default Loadouts because the "E" key is also the Next Page hotkey. You need to unbind it for Next Page or w/e the hell it is.

    • Jonah Arone
      Jonah Arone

      Challenge idea-play normal but all loadout guns need a sniper scope attached

    • Jonah Arone
      Jonah Arone

      Challenge idea-play normal but all loadout guns need a sniper scope attached

    • Peter Griffin
      Peter Griffin

      @TSM i360NoScopedJFK he just came from gulag with no reserved ammo and wiped a whole squad of ghosts against all odds

  • rebel64

    Is it me or at 5:54 he turns to early 😱🧐

  • Ceagan Haller
    Ceagan Haller

    At 7:10 to 7:30 it Took them 20 seconds to figure out he was not in the car

  • Cole just Cole
    Cole just Cole

    This is so hard to watch it’s perfect

  • Nintendo Siblings
    Nintendo Siblings

    No you didn’t

  • Jack Cadman
    Jack Cadman

    Still rather play with jack with his monitor off than randoms...

  • Brett Balan
    Brett Balan

    Hey I was wondering if I can just play with you guy and show you abit of who I am and my skill level and maybe be able to just your amazing team. The reason why I want to join your team is 1 I grow up watching your guys and 2 is because I love who you guys are and your like a huge family. I love how much u guys can joke around and have fun with video and gaming. Please let me know if your willing to give me a shot to play with you guys

  • Michael Looney
    Michael Looney

    Like teaching a blind person to write

  • Michael Looney
    Michael Looney

    Like teaching a blind person to walk

  • Michael Looney
    Michael Looney

    Like teaching a blind person to read

  • Michael Looney
    Michael Looney

    Like training a dog

  • Michael Looney
    Michael Looney

    This is like teaching a baby to walk

  • Michael Looney
    Michael Looney

    This is just like trying to teach a blind person to play sports

  • PotatoBoi

    when your monitor stops working but you still gotta play with the boys

  • YaTrash

    turn on v sync for christ sake nobody want to see those screen tares jack but any keep up the good work

  • NTG_voidzz

    Bro you should play with Conner that would be sick!!


    100 Degrees lol

  • Cassie Longhurst
    Cassie Longhurst

    this is like guys teaching girls how to play

  • Dezzie Parrish
    Dezzie Parrish

    This gave me anxiety

  • SweShooga

    They vehicle parts were the best dude lmao

  • Deadsaw9

    Epic gamrplay

  • Deadsaw9

    Epic gamrplay

  • Giangi Hiyoko
    Giangi Hiyoko

    13:40 "Alright ur safe in a closet" XDDDDD

  • Baldwin Beats
    Baldwin Beats

    You and Marcel had mentioned needing a hunter for a new "The Hunting" series in Minecraft. Dr. Lupo is a legend and I think he would be great for the job.

  • SirBootyHunter


  • VENOM_linkYT

    My man might be playing in the OBS window dude😂😂😂

  • ItzJustChill Lives
    ItzJustChill Lives

    I stopped watching you when you played Fortnite but when you started play warzone I started watching you again


    We need more of this

  • Juan pablo Herrera
    Juan pablo Herrera

    I fucking love lando

  • Framerz Mc
    Framerz Mc

    U should make a youtooz

  • Ricky Loseli
    Ricky Loseli

    Can anyone tell me where does courage stream please?

  • isuc gaming
    isuc gaming

    12:56-13:43 was my favorite part and the time they thought he was in the car and they left him 😂😂

  • isuc gaming
    isuc gaming

    If I was blind I would definitely trust these guys to guide me to my destination 😂😂

  • Austin

    I could not stop laughing the intitre video

    • Austin

      Spelling prefect

  • TheNyte

    Video idea: winning a game of warzone with no audio

  • John Chavez
    John Chavez

    Next challenge *playing modern warfare with voice control*

  • Oh No No
    Oh No No

    The car part made me laugh soooooo hard🤣🤣

  • John Ester
    John Ester

    This was so frustrating to watch!

  • Tanner Behymer
    Tanner Behymer

    Symfuhny would be goated at this

  • Yamier Jones
    Yamier Jones


  • kodfish101

    Damn I have those same headphones

  • mike doherty
    mike doherty

    best one yet

  • Brien Latumbo
    Brien Latumbo

    LMFAO!!! JACK! When they say turn left, your turn, not hold it! Lando would say left or right and then he would YEET left or right. Like bruh haha

  • Justin Collier
    Justin Collier

    Do this with text to speech donations

  • Kris

    Still better than 99% of cod players

  • MiseryS

    he can see his stream in OBS, clickbait.

  • Aptery

    so fake

  • Akram Elsharnoby
    Akram Elsharnoby

    Jack I can tell that you are running out of ideas 😂😂😂😂

  • Adam Mendes
    Adam Mendes

    Blind people be like.

  • Jack Yeager
    Jack Yeager

    Thoughts: Activision adds an overwatch type system (like CS:GO) where player video submissions or Activision recorded and reported clips are reviewed by reputable players with a high enough rank or play time or phone verified accounts. Then if a clip gets at least 3(whatever number) of the same report from different people then they get banned. Video submissions and reviews that actually result in a cheater getting banned result in a reward like 50 cod points or something. This way Activision doesn't have to allocate staff to only reviewing cheaters, letting them focus on the game. Players will actually have an incentive to record and report cheaters (greatly increasing the size of the ban hammer) with cod points that they can use in the store to get more content to play the game. Activision frees up staff duties, players can help Activision clean up the game while actually earning cool stuff, all the while the cod community gets revenge on all the cheaters.

  • LaZyBuM187

    Omg Lmfao 7:12

  • Zeno WRLD
    Zeno WRLD

    He’s playing with lando Norris no way 😂

  • Kraz.e kraz
    Kraz.e kraz

    Great content 😂🤣

  • Zoom


  • Uknown_ ERROЯ
    Uknown_ ERROЯ

    How did it feel being blind on a game XD

  • Jonathon estrello
    Jonathon estrello

    Challenge: Try to win a game on the lowest sensitivity while on inverted controls and don't use armour plates Or just lowest sensitivity

  • Yashasvi Zaveri
    Yashasvi Zaveri

    Easily the best warzone video I've watched on YT! You got yourself a subscriber for life!

  • jeds Wasabi
    jeds Wasabi

    I wish he had his chat on the video it would be so much better

  • david Guerrero
    david Guerrero

    Courage has never been terrible at any games he’s ever played like in fortnite around season 6 he understood the game mechanics more than players right now and in war zone he has great cons and I love to see him succeed love you jack

  • J_Guzii

    Yo Check out my YT I would appreciate it, I stream everyday, stay safe everyone !

  • Gwenneth

    Wait what about obs since that shows your game overlay?

  • Living The Moment
    Living The Moment

    play brawl stars i have over 15,000 trophies

  • Lane Smith
    Lane Smith

    A challenge you could do is we’re you spawn in like when you have guns and waiting to go into the warzone you have to land there

  • Steven Rudd
    Steven Rudd


  • Speck

    “You’re in someone’s garden” lmao

  • Donovan Lopez
    Donovan Lopez

    I hate war zone but you make it fun

  • HyperMercs

    How blind people play

  • Victor Escamilla
    Victor Escamilla

    This some pretty damn good acting

  • Rebekah Bailey
    Rebekah Bailey

    We need more sea of thieves content!!!

  • T- BoneTone
    T- BoneTone

    Mini Map only challenge

  • Austino Trevino
    Austino Trevino

    I love how jacks monitor was off the whole time but he still was looking at it the whole time

  • Tim Fitzgerald
    Tim Fitzgerald

    Can you please do this challenge again?? Just a montage of funny moments from this will win you personality of the year, streamer of the year, tony award for best sitcom, an academy award.... you name it the list goes on. Great Content Jack

  • Thermoforger _603
    Thermoforger _603

    Must be nice to be able to dick around i blink and get smoked from across the map

  • Charles Couch
    Charles Couch

    This game is trash

  • Prince Dela Cruz
    Prince Dela Cruz

    the part that they left u and they thought that u are in the car hahaha I laugh so hard.

  • Itz Void
    Itz Void

    Jack can we play soon I can see if you don’t want to you are the person I look up to I am soon getting my pc and trying to stream And trying to get good at games so I can probably get good

  • Sabahath Khan
    Sabahath Khan

    It's defo possible if they do recons and just sit him in a building.

  • James Coetzee
    James Coetzee

    New challenge - Jack plays off watching Marcel's stream. Gotta bring up Marcel's stream and play from his POV. Provided it doesn't cause any lag, of course.

  • Scrappy McCoy
    Scrappy McCoy

    The part when they left Jack was so funny I choked literally

  • Sebastian Scully
    Sebastian Scully

    that's how I play with my screen on

  • Matts gaming life
    Matts gaming life

    When everyone thought jack was in the car i started dying of laughter😂

  • Crewz Caswell
    Crewz Caswell

    When he threw the smoke not knowing anything 🤣🤣🤣

  • lb city
    lb city

    this is just the stupidest shit ever... he's a knock off version of TimtheTatman

  • secretAZNman

    On this episode of "Warzone, but..." Jack does absolutely nothing!

  • Linus Petersen
    Linus Petersen

    He's a jedi!

  • MrRageQuit 22
    MrRageQuit 22

    The whole gameplay was him looking at the ground

  • brody rotell
    brody rotell

    Jack when are you gonna play with Conner again ????????????????????????????????????

  • sfotinos22

    I’m guessing *we did the impossible* was getting a kill with no monitor ?

  • xXG3t_sHr3kt69Xx Yolo_420_Blaze_it
    xXG3t_sHr3kt69Xx Yolo_420_Blaze_it

    You should do a challenge where you fight by the samurai's code of honor. You can only shoot enemies when they know you're there.

  • Aged Cheddar
    Aged Cheddar

    He should win a game while only using his own stream to play

  • Daniel Leech
    Daniel Leech

    I wanna see him play with Connor

  • Julian Odish
    Julian Odish

    Why didn’t u just pull up marcels stream

  • Austin Faust
    Austin Faust

    Anyone else notice con1234567890 is now appearing online

  • Devin Ono
    Devin Ono

    Yep the impossible challenge of choosing a non click bait title

  • Elijah Brooke
    Elijah Brooke

    This has got to be the most frustrating situation ever....I mean peopke are just yelling at him haha 😄

  • Todd Boyce
    Todd Boyce

    “Follow the sound of my voice”lmfao

  • TSM i360NoScopedJFK
    TSM i360NoScopedJFK

    Try this in at least duos and solos for fun. You can do anything in quads and get carried. Still a funny vid tho!

  • Unknown Gaming
    Unknown Gaming

    guys it would mean the world to me if you could check out my vid and just give me some feedback and if you liked it drop a sub but only if you liked it @4Cjw

  • ZaineRyann

    So basically this was a carry challenge

  • Shea Frasier
    Shea Frasier

    I absolutely lost my S when Jack got outta the car 😂🤣