Warzone, but I set a World Record... *THE WORST ONE POSSIBLE*
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  • CouRage

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    • TheRealMad


    • B34T R4pT0R
      B34T R4pT0R

      Can we do lobby's gun challenge u can only pick up the gun you get from the lobby

    • Dino Radley
      Dino Radley

      Is Minecraft the hunting going to come back?

    • Ghost 94WD
      Ghost 94WD

      Lmao you actually think controller players have any advantage at all over a mouse and keyboard player ? Haha the patheric excuses people make for getting their asses handed to them. Smh.

    • YaBoiClown CODM
      YaBoiClown CODM

      Matthew Simsheuser by unsubbing

  • Demo Fpv
    Demo Fpv

    COD WAR ZONE is Slow AF.... Jacks COD Videos look Sped Up! After downloading this Sh!tty Game! I can Easily say Apex and Fortnite are Hands Down Better! 🤜💥🤛


    Its really great jack got over 500 thousand dollars on charity streams. Oh wait he owes his team over a million dollars

  • 13049-Noor Yasser Ahmed Abbas
    13049-Noor Yasser Ahmed Abbas

    2:50 1st down 3:17 2nd down 3:26 3rd down 3:41 4TH DOWN 4:42 5TH DOWN 5:44 6TH DOWN 6:40 *7TH DOWN* 7:48 *8TH DOWN* 8:17 *9TH DOWN* 9:15 *10TH DOWN* **DESERVES A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD**

  • Larry The Goat
    Larry The Goat

    Screaming jail break with the horn in the background got me.

  • AndrewJ2012

    The start of the video and I’m already laughing 😂

  • JB_ Zeke
    JB_ Zeke

    Hi courage challenge here try and win with the x16 you spawn with that would be fun to see u rage

  • Baldwin Beats
    Baldwin Beats

    You and Marcel had mentioned needing a hunter for a new "The Hunting" series in Minecraft. Dr. Lupo is a legend and I think he would be great for the job.

  • 33PG Dopey
    33PG Dopey

    Why can’t I skip these 15 second ads

  • Xira

    Goo goo ga ga


    So is nobody gonna talk about how jack stabbed that guy in the 🍑 at 3:01

  • Allen Thomsen
    Allen Thomsen

    Ive died 15 times in one game and so no 9 isnt a world record

  • Bradley Wise
    Bradley Wise


  • persiianpridee ghaeli
    persiianpridee ghaeli

    One moment i thought hes dying all the time just for the content..

  • Jaden Jenkins
    Jaden Jenkins

    Yo what is that operator Jack and Smitty have in the end?! I need that!

    • Warren Bothwell
      Warren Bothwell

      It’s a mill sim bundle

  • Roxann1001


  • Melissa Davis
    Melissa Davis

    Remember when u got 70000 form mr. beast

  • Connor Anderson
    Connor Anderson

    Is that top left number your FPS? 👀

  • greg said no
    greg said no

    10:15 what operator u using

  • Luigi

    I don’t get how courage is not that gd at the game like I’m better than him but he still has this many views and subs 🤷🏻‍♂️ I don’t think he really deserves it

  • secretAZNman

    oh man.. 9 deaths.. that's rough!

  • Hendles Luvs cars
    Hendles Luvs cars

    My mate and I just beat this with 11 buy backs on one person

  • Marcus Thrasher
    Marcus Thrasher


  • Monkeyz

    Do a no aiming challenge take away you’re aiming keybind

  • Bears

    Courage: Dies a lot Also Courage: lands on full teams with only a pistol, nowhere near his teammates.

  • Fatal Innocence
    Fatal Innocence

    You died 9 times my friend 😑

  • DarthMage 99
    DarthMage 99

    Nice to know that jack’s team spent over $40,000 just buying him back.

  • Evan Robertson
    Evan Robertson


  • Nate Samuels
    Nate Samuels

    That music at the end is so soothing

  • AyooFaygo

    0:44 had me dying bro, it be like that sometimes doe🥺

  • bert 2.0
    bert 2.0

    shout out to swappa for being the editing goat


    More Warzone videos please. Best content on YT!

  • Dalin Pusic
    Dalin Pusic

    Holy shot guys I’ve been trying to find someone entertaining that plays warzone and most of them are not entertaining. Then I found you guys, you are so fucking funny you always make my day thank you so much for making these videos they help me so much in this time! 💕💕❤️❤️

  • roy dodd
    roy dodd

    i know one unsubscription doesent mean anything to you but ive commented several times and ive asked questions and never a reply. im unsubscribing

  • Gorkhe

    Hell of a way to start the video 😂

  • Mason Hampton
    Mason Hampton

    he does not post fortnite vids i know he plays fortnite but he does not post it on his channel because ninjas live stream show TIM AND COURAGE PLAYING

  • Zach Blendick
    Zach Blendick

    No using your parachute challenge.

  • Illl Illx
    Illl Illx

    Jack died 9 times hahah💀😂

  • TyloWren Wren
    TyloWren Wren


  • Maldust

    Why is your mouth wide open in EVERY thumbnail??? Its weird

  • Billyblace EU
    Billyblace EU

    Jack, listen to me now. NEW CHALLENGE: Bind your shoot and aim to a different key on your keyboard. Start with switching your shoot button to the spacebar and go from there. GOODLUCK!

  • Salauzon

    Only from CouRageJD ladies and gents. CAN WE SET THE RECORDS. Good or bad xD

  • Crosley MacEachen
    Crosley MacEachen

    Play a game on the lowest sensitivity possible

  • Eliax

    You should try putting c4 on a drone and troll some people with it😂

  • Fb

    CouRage making warzone a joke lol

  • The Goat
    The Goat

    Challenge: use dragonov and riot shield

  • sa ga
    sa ga

    Goo goo ga ga

  • Wolfyy

    Not hating or anything but Jack things he can kill anyone with pistol and melee

  • Dark

    Can you be my schools sports commentator

  • Cookie Assassin_YT
    Cookie Assassin_YT

    I had a hacker on warzone irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/lNRpY2a0y6J-un8.html

  • Joshua Briers
    Joshua Briers

    What operator does jack use

  • andras huszar
    andras huszar

    i have a friend e has like 0.5 kd one time we bought him back like 11- 12 times, he had 0 kills :)) so no u do not have world record :))

  • wubbies

    Goo goo ga ga 🙂

  • Emily Bond
    Emily Bond

    What a click baity title lmao there are videos if you take two seconds to search showing over 40 deaths in a game.

  • K TM
    K TM

    Where does he stream

  • Cohen Hook
    Cohen Hook

    The streams are really fun

  • AgentAardvark

    Goo goo gaga

  • Dog water
    Dog water

    How much likes next video for a pc

  • joann maxwell
    joann maxwell

    bubble trouble 3 on hudgames is the best game ever that I'm a pro at

  • Dino Radley
    Dino Radley

    Is Minecraft ever coming back? Everyone who likes this comment is one vote for Minecraft hunting series to continue,

  • Dennis Miller
    Dennis Miller

    *CHALLENGE IDEA* All kills must be done with explosions. Launchers and explosive rounds allowed.

  • I l huh l I
    I l huh l I

    Wanna play warzone?(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Benjamin Lopez
    Benjamin Lopez

    at least one vid of call of duty 3

  • Benjamin Lopez
    Benjamin Lopez

    can you please play a differant game if not im ganna unsubscribe i swear to my whole family

  • Only Chungus
    Only Chungus

    It's funny how he got this many subs because of MrBeast that's actually crazy

  • Jacqueline Inforzato
    Jacqueline Inforzato

    Give me all your amo he ain’t going to

  • johnathan benitez
    johnathan benitez

    warzon is getting boring can you multiplayer?

  • Tiago Cerpa
    Tiago Cerpa

    Only the real fans watched the stream if you didn’t know he is saying gogogaga cause his aunt was watching and his younger cousins

  • Xiu Huang
    Xiu Huang

    Lmao the part with the truck

  • SquareLimit

    Jack I doubt you will read this but you lost a follower with your anti second amendment post. You either have never known what it’s like to fear for your safety or to have the overwhelming need to protect your family from harm. I bet you feel super safe living in your gated community with security 24/7 in the richest part of town but us regular people aren’t so privileged that we don’t worry about our safety. My security is me and my AR-15 and all that stands between me and criminals trying to do me or my wife harm is a 15 minute response time from the police. Keep politics out! All you did was alienate and divide your fans.

  • Devin B
    Devin B

    There’s no way somebody die this much 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Peepinthom

    Where did you get that shirt in the thumbnail jack? It looks nice

  • Silent Bezerker
    Silent Bezerker

    Stop clicking baiting it’s garbage

  • SitDownDusty

    Lol i ressed a random teammate 15 times one game

  • TSM i360NoScopedJFK
    TSM i360NoScopedJFK

    i have this glitch where I die off spawn but my random partners buy UAVs instead of me...

  • Mythic Ace2526
    Mythic Ace2526

    Only reason courage is famous is because mr beast donated a bunch of money to him

  • Daddy Squidward
    Daddy Squidward


  • Jeffro Bodine
    Jeffro Bodine

    If you think that's a world record, you've probably never seen Doc play.

  • Sean Barron
    Sean Barron

    I thought this was just a Jack Warzone death montage

  • Grant Schweiss
    Grant Schweiss

    jackthetatman with how many deaths this man has

  • captain mostafa
    captain mostafa

    8:22 that face😂😂😂

  • Cruz Avila
    Cruz Avila

    Has anyone felt that some content creators aren't really enjoying the warzone plays and are forced to make fun content when before all they had to Do was play the game and it was more entertaining and genuine fun

  • Akirarsen

    Jack is so dogshit it’s not even funny

  • Prosperity

    courageeeee w the barsss

  • TNT Dynamite
    TNT Dynamite

    I would say the worst call of duty record would be my friend for not having a single win in warzone Battle Royale

  • bigboyhercules

    i love how they said hercules in this video it makes me so happy because my last name is hercules which is hard to believe but it is:))))

  • Chappie Livdahl
    Chappie Livdahl

    I respect the bear puns. 😂😂😂

  • Kevin on YT-Clash Royale
    Kevin on YT-Clash Royale

    Jack biggest noob ever sometimes

  • Masta Blaza
    Masta Blaza

    Maybe you should have used your pistol on the last guy genius

  • Alex Burke
    Alex Burke

    Imagine not supporting our rights in America...

  • Varksanity V
    Varksanity V

    Slow/big scopes only Even on smgs

  • Stickydolphin21

    Me every game!

  • Turtle POWWA
    Turtle POWWA

    so how many times has jack died

  • Aidan

    Anyone know where marcel streams

  • JokrPlayz

    Whoever edits this there goated

  • MrJMO78

    I like the sweater t-shirt you have in the thumbnail.

  • exo

    ive looked all over modern warfare to find your operator please tell me your operator person thingy jack :((

  • Willatron

    Hey Jack are you going to carry on the GTA series


    Courage stream on

  • Woodster 605
    Woodster 605