Warzone, but my GIRLFRIEND picks my CLASS...
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  • CouRage

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    • JayMoneyMaster 00
      JayMoneyMaster 00


    • I love rice
      I love rice

      Since when and how did you get a girlfriend

    • xayru 2k
      xayru 2k

      Milk tidys

    • Atx Wilson
      Atx Wilson

      Liam Kain yeah he does

    • Navi W Keys
      Navi W Keys

      Cooper Cownover u B c Ty L N fudhihi if f go hbu

  • MysticGaming

    yk your down bad when COURAGE has a gf and you don’t😔😂😂😂

    • MysticGaming

      just jokes so don’t come at me lmao

  • Emapiolt Vids
    Emapiolt Vids

    I just like things that go boom - Maddie

  • mobilepotato Fortnite
    mobilepotato Fortnite


  • David Dennis
    David Dennis

    Did Jack give up on Ariana Grande ???

  • rip juice wrld
    rip juice wrld

    u didnt let her pick the attachments

  • Antonio Leija
    Antonio Leija

    it would have been a whole different story if he let her pick the attachments

  • Different Games
    Different Games

    When did you get a girl

  • Carly Gillard
    Carly Gillard

    Wait you have a girlfriend

    • Carly Gillard
      Carly Gillard

      U should tell Conor lol

    • Carly Gillard
      Carly Gillard

      Now lol

  • ricky garlitz
    ricky garlitz

    Fix them droopy slanted eyes. Wow

  • Brandon Ceasar
    Brandon Ceasar

    Courage must’ve not know the hdr is op

  • Mr Realistic
    Mr Realistic

    you have girlfriend got damn son nice job

  • Doc

    I want that hdr class

  • Luis Gaming
    Luis Gaming

    You have no girlfriend because how fat and get troll on. No I'm joking plz reply

  • Tucker Firmingham
    Tucker Firmingham

    Wait, u had a gf?

  • Santiago Miranda
    Santiago Miranda

    Wait you have a gf

  • Toxic Frosty
    Toxic Frosty

    Sniper king?🤔👑

  • Rhyze acosta
    Rhyze acosta

    sana oll may jowa💔💔💔

  • Notlizard

    1st get a gf

  • Dexter Horne
    Dexter Horne

    Gfuel naaaaaaah I use MOUNTAIN DEW GAMING

  • Brayden Stocks
    Brayden Stocks

    do the 100 thevs chanlnge

  • Dena


  • Noar Basha
    Noar Basha

    Oh my god u got a gf

  • Lil Switch.21
    Lil Switch.21

    Wait Jack has a girlfriend

  • Aiden Armstrong
    Aiden Armstrong

    allmosed shith him self wen he seen the dragonoff

  • Leila Quirke
    Leila Quirke

    sorry to tell you but ur girlfriend does not love you

  • Michael Zonetti
    Michael Zonetti

    The CouRage gets so upset about the sniper, but apparently, he is a triple team, 3x sniper winner for FaZe, OpTic, and 100 Thieves. 😂😂😂

  • Elisa Lucas
    Elisa Lucas


  • BlueIra 9
    BlueIra 9

    This was "chat chooses my loadout and my girlfriend clicks stuff" XD But it doesn't matter, bro, cause it's Courage JJJJJJJJJ DDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joel Gutierrez
    Joel Gutierrez

    15 bomb i can only get 2 kill on warzone

  • Grady Mason
    Grady Mason

    I thought he was going to have marcel or someone pick his class

  • Bye. Ultra
    Bye. Ultra

    63k game your so cracked with sniper

  • Ethan Dunlap
    Ethan Dunlap

    The load out is so bad, but it is so funny 😂

  • Matthew H
    Matthew H

    Do a video of you and maddy with haley and Matt quads warzone!

  • buck7515

    I remember watching this live and getting so hype 😂

  • Spin It Like A Chicken
    Spin It Like A Chicken

    That precision was insane.

  • I be like Toot toot
    I be like Toot toot

    Haha I’m lucky cause I don’t have a Girl friend haha I’m depressed 👍😄😄☹️

  • Finn be Wilin
    Finn be Wilin

    Connor is so proud

  • Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung

    Awwwww, Courage’s step-sister gets un-stuck from the dryer to help him pick a new class. That’s so sweet! ❤️

    • MW Godzz
      MW Godzz

      You copied a comment from 3 months ago word for word. Nice try tho😜

  • Michael Atteritano
    Michael Atteritano

    How does this man get a win with that?? I have a really hard time getting a win with my normal classes

  • Julian Reyes
    Julian Reyes

    Why does his girlfriend look like a 17 year old?🤨

  • Caleb Quick
    Caleb Quick

    wait you have a girlfriend when you look like the hunchback

  • vbai


  • Robbie Schell
    Robbie Schell

    shocking a girlfrriend whats his name

  • Aaron Lotom
    Aaron Lotom

    The best game g fuel

  • 1K Subscriber No Video
    1K Subscriber No Video

    He Is Making Everyone s Life Better 😁😁😁.

  • Thomas Sain
    Thomas Sain

    Since when did he get a gf

  • I love rice
    I love rice

    Love the vid but one question... SINCE WHEN AND HOW DID YOU GET A GIRLFRIEND

  • Mamba

    couRage how do you have a girlfriend ? So this poem is for you. Roses are red voilets are blue CouRage Has a girlfriend , Why dont you? Here is another poem : Roses are red voilets are blue CouRage is eating Ofcourse it you. ;)

  • That is So cringe bruh
    That is So cringe bruh

    Do you guys break up after this? LOL 😂 😂😂😂

  • Enjoi

    Yes that would be amazing

  • Anonymous Psycho
    Anonymous Psycho

    Wtf? He was just playing Among us with me

    • Anonymous Psycho
      Anonymous Psycho

      Bro I subscribed

  • insane kid
    insane kid


  • Ryze Clan
    Ryze Clan

    Quit lying that’s not your gf

  • Zlurz

    He did it boys he hit 2nd base keep it up but don’t simp to hard

  • PLAYZ _
    PLAYZ _

    so no one is gonna talk about how they wiped out 1/3 of the lobby?

  • X_ Frostysky
    X_ Frostysky

    You should do the video that you just said Brooke picks smyfunny I can’t spell and nadeshot gf picks his class your gf picks your class

  • Griffin Wilkins
    Griffin Wilkins


  • Joshua Gaming
    Joshua Gaming

    I thought courage could date Ariana drande

  • Hazir Ramic
    Hazir Ramic

    Am subscribe mar vidj vit har

  • SillySalmon 1
    SillySalmon 1

    Not even gonna lie as soon as I saw courage and girlfriend I clicked on the vid

  • Fate_Jason

    Courage girl kinda bad

  • ツJoey

    What is thr build?

  • Judy Huet
    Judy Huet

    I sub love u courage

  • Cristian Contreras
    Cristian Contreras

    Who ever reads this have a good day and you will be successful at anything

  • pxtrwtf

    Came back after a year and he has a gf not

  • TTV Eon
    TTV Eon

    What op is that

  • The blue Bangers
    The blue Bangers

    4:37 is when she comes in

  • Eoin O'Hara
    Eoin O'Hara

    Courage has a girl friend

  • Eric Vidales
    Eric Vidales

    The only thing I wanna say is omg hes on xgames mode

  • Diego Sebastian Cruz
    Diego Sebastian Cruz

    My brother ask is there alcohol in game fuel because he said he will never drink alcohol

  • Grant Bow
    Grant Bow

    If Brooke chooses Symfuhny classes it would be the best she is to nice

  • Anson Saefong
    Anson Saefong

    Didn’t symphony get his account banned

  • Faze_ Blur
    Faze_ Blur

    they got 63 goddamn kills

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams

    im already subed

  • Mason Gray
    Mason Gray

    Your a great

  • yR ICON 2
    yR ICON 2

    I havent watch courage in a while and he has a girlfriend i still remember when him and connor use to joke around about him having a girlfriend

  • Charlie Scene
    Charlie Scene

    If you ever want to do a challenge where you pick a class from IRbin comments, I have one that you might like. I use it all the time. Primary is the Rytec sniper w/ suppressor, 7 straight barrel, Duel power Thermal scope (change if you like), explosive rounds, & slight of hand. Secondary is M13 w/ monolithic suppressor, marksman barrel, 60 round mag, VLK 3x, & skeleton stock. Perk 1 is cold blooded & perk 3 is Amped (also change if you like). Lethal is c4 and tactical is heartbeat sensor. Best of luck on your next game.

  • every night games Frank
    every night games Frank

    I thought you were just live any way can I get a shout out for xrate xa and Every night game or Frank Ponce xrate xa is my cuz

  • Jeremia Padilla
    Jeremia Padilla

    courage gets a gf: also courage: :)

  • Patricia Prieto
    Patricia Prieto

    since when did jack have a girlfriend i honestly thought he was going to be single for the rest of his life jajaja

  • FaZe Roam
    FaZe Roam


  • Versa


  • AirStriker 109
    AirStriker 109

    Wait a minute.... That’s not Ariana Grande, how long have I been gone for

  • Cyb3r7r0n

    I thought CourageJD's GF was Ariana Grande?


    U have a girlfriend????????

  • Team Epic Gamer I Gaming Channel
    Team Epic Gamer I Gaming Channel

    Cool video! Love the concept of including your girlfriend in the videos.

  • Capitanspace Waffles
    Capitanspace Waffles

    ima need that class

  • Durrboy 236
    Durrboy 236

    A title I thought I would never see

  • UnkownDreamZzz_

    Connor would be proud

  • Deidre Torrey
    Deidre Torrey


  • KevMcA HD
    KevMcA HD

    Con1234567890 would be proud

  • Tace Sullivan
    Tace Sullivan

    Yessir CouRage.

  • Brenden Pops
    Brenden Pops

    she looks twelve

  • Carson Greenstreet
    Carson Greenstreet

    Can kids drink it

  • Not a Fortnite kid
    Not a Fortnite kid


  • Aidan Davis
    Aidan Davis

    Didn’t know he had a girlfriend lol

  • Sloths Forever
    Sloths Forever

    Omg. Courage got a girlfriend!! Never thought you would get one. Thought you were to busy looking at food. ALL JOKES

  • Billy bob
    Billy bob

    She looks under age

  • S & A Vlogs
    S & A Vlogs

    Damn bro sry I though I was subscribed make sure you subscribed to courage or he will rek you in warzone