Warzone, but we can’t communicate... *I GOT TILTED*
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like if we need to do this challenge again but as a full team!!!

    • Thomas Adams
      Thomas Adams

      The suspense in this video straight 100! Your boy almost got ya back 💔😂

    • Drew K
      Drew K

      I like seeing challenges but only if the whole team gets the reward or at least split it between the team.

    • Brandon Peveler
      Brandon Peveler


    • TidesChannel

      tim is better watching this kills brains cells

    • Warrrior

      Hey courage I thought of a cool and ready challenged use ur main loadout with no attachment

  • Rylee Jones
    Rylee Jones

    Wow this is easy i do this with my teammates every game

  • Playstation Sony
    Playstation Sony

    Curoge why did you not ping the enemis

  • Isaiah

    “$400 from el chapo” idk about that jack, u might wanna refund it...

  • Thepoondoctor

    if homie could drop a band on online gaming entertainment i wonder how much he drops in adult entertainment 😙

  • Roudy Bustan
    Roudy Bustan

    you unlocked the holger gun at 8:12 and you didnt care 😂😂😂😂

  • Harry Patt
    Harry Patt

    Williams the man

  • Redgreen112 Live
    Redgreen112 Live

    This is easy how is this hard?

  • Wraxp —
    Wraxp —

    You just gotta send money from a Drug lord

  • Jimmy King
    Jimmy King

    Thank you everybody, for real! You guys all powered me up. I'm almost where I want to be! I owe you

  • C-Lights

    Couple of video ideas for you. 1. Killing roof campers with load out drop 2. The social distance challenge. Try winning a game 1/2 meters from your set up 😆 Let me know if you want anymore 😉

  • Ryan Mcmillan
    Ryan Mcmillan

    That's why u need team work to win

  • Happy original Channel Tv
    Happy original Channel Tv

    Very interesting warzone

  • Jordan Fisher
    Jordan Fisher


  • Wamplei

    Dang it felt like i was watching a war movie with the sad but epic music love it

  • thabeynun Meeheke
    thabeynun Meeheke

    Yes nice

  • BenBrown0

    I respect courage but this is solo qing but your teammates are actually good

  • Jeremy Gadson
    Jeremy Gadson

    Get on your editor courage... it’s comms not coms.

  • Thomas Adams
    Thomas Adams

    Most suspenseful video I ever watched!!

  • Amann

    The editing from 9:45 with the music added was so epic felt like a film.

  • hugo ramirez
    hugo ramirez

    that fal beat tho at 2:00

  • OJ NotJuice
    OJ NotJuice

    “We need to use pings a ton!” Proceeds to not ping anything for the entire video while alive.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

    I like how they are the supposed idiots when they just happened to be in Jacks way lol, rage much ?

  • Baldwin Beats
    Baldwin Beats

    You and Marcel had mentioned needing a hunter for a new "The Hunting" series in Minecraft. Dr. Lupo is a legend and I think he would be great for the job.

  • Luckypanda 999
    Luckypanda 999

    im simping

  • HistoricMakeovers

    This is me everyday

  • Taylor Bower
    Taylor Bower

    That was such a great final try by Crowder. The music made it so much more heart wrenching and ass clenching.

  • traviss wiley
    traviss wiley

    I wish I had the kind of money to waste that these people throw at these streamers lol

  • Kimshag Hardershagy
    Kimshag Hardershagy

    Modern warfare is shit how about you play call of doo doo advance poopoo

  • OfficialCPProduction

    This wouldn't be legit if he would have won because he skips through gameplay. We do not know if he had help during or etc. Record the whole match to be legit. Good game play though.

  • Marcos The Raider
    Marcos The Raider

    Fuuck that was a rush bro

  • Basil Alfayez
    Basil Alfayez

    Cris, the most heroic act I ever seen😢😢😢

  • Jayden Parker
    Jayden Parker

    Asmr Call Of Duty WarZone

  • Chente


  • Lillynx 1840
    Lillynx 1840

    what sucks is that there was defintly at least one stream sniping squad in one of the games that screwed him over

  • Keith Davis
    Keith Davis

    I love the way he ends his videos so satisfying

  • Cameron Mayea
    Cameron Mayea

    You should do it without any sounds or get your whole team to do it without and sounds

  • Javaris Bennett
    Javaris Bennett

    Where does he stream

  • basharshooter

    his fave after the second match☹️

    • basharshooter


  • OceanT3N

    Does anyone know his smg and mg load out?

  • Fried Crust
    Fried Crust


  • Mythical

    This is like solos lol

  • Dalton Stephens
    Dalton Stephens

    I sadly can’t play cuz I am out of Xbox gold that is why I want a pc

  • Lt. SpaceMan
    Lt. SpaceMan

    This is literally what I do by myself

  • DexTheApex

    Be better if no com ms at all for everyone.(no pings)

  • RivTheShaman

    This is me for the past like 12 years being a solo player lmao.

  • KROO300

    Who else yawned when the dog did

  • ii_fuzion

    Was that girl his girlfriend

  • Totallycool Gaming
    Totallycool Gaming

    You look like Sypherpk but bigger

  • Gespaltene Gaming
    Gespaltene Gaming

    I don’t have a headset so this is normal

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    Now you know how random quad feels like

  • Tyler Pierce
    Tyler Pierce


  • Andre Smith
    Andre Smith

    Courage pulls baddies

  • The Simplest
    The Simplest

    U know right before I watched this I was getting bullied for being fat and now see that u don’t let it get to u why should I u are such an inspiration I want to have a gaming career but My parents can’t afford to get me a pc so my dream is on hold but I just want u to know I never want u to stop posting

  • Mauricio Velasquez
    Mauricio Velasquez

    was that his wife?

  • Hunter Jacobs
    Hunter Jacobs

    this community is amazing

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    No comms challenge, AKA the doctor disrespect challenge.

  • Rylk Darte
    Rylk Darte

    Man the Crowder solo part was so good, nt budd.

  • Tate Bryant
    Tate Bryant

    Tim was so much funnier in this video I think it’s because I couldn’t hear him

  • Leopold Wethet
    Leopold Wethet


  • Luke Dickinson
    Luke Dickinson

    This guy is a legend for donating even though the challenge wasn't complete. I have dreams of being a top streamer but I don't think I could ever be this good 👍 G.O.A.T

  • Colin McClellan
    Colin McClellan

    The sound effects for the car just sound like someone going vvVvVVVvVVvvvvvVVVvVVvvvvVv

  • Fluffycupcake 39
    Fluffycupcake 39

    I do this all the time you know teammates never talk so

  • Billy Adame
    Billy Adame

    No ads challange !!!

  • Heueh 2006
    Heueh 2006

    This is funny because this is what I do all the time

  • Crosley MacEachen
    Crosley MacEachen

    Wow this really played with my emotions right here I thought crowder was going to pull this off

  • Eric2 Fed
    Eric2 Fed

    I'm not gonna say wat I'm thing but how......jus how?

  • Caleb Portillo
    Caleb Portillo

    Does anyone know his mp5 class set up?

  • J H
    J H

    Welcome to 90% of our lives brother

  • it's me sandie
    it's me sandie

    Why does he have a different background

  • Joshua Azwar
    Joshua Azwar

    ay yo kelly single tho?

  • stefanManiak262011

    This,my friends...is when u want to play some duos or trios and u have no friends to play with and u choose some randome players!! the lack of communication is the order of the day,is something normal! in fact..what am i talking about the communication is totaly off and i saw that is not like they don't have mic,is that they don't want to talk at all!! That's why i prefer to play solo.. Solo is full of campers and from time to time is a cheater(no hacker,i don't want to hear that u call a cheater hacker)!!

  • Mr.Walter420

    Og headset is back

  • General Blackout
    General Blackout

    I remember this in the stream it was awesome

  • Istsu

    This is literally my experience all the time...


    How. My friends play

  • Slurpy YT
    Slurpy YT


  • Benny99

    That's easy me and my team do this all the time

  • McCoy

    Stands in the open shooting screams becouse he gets shot at from different directions.

  • CallofDuty God
    CallofDuty God

    I do this anyway lol

  • Baller123302

    I love how mad he fucking gets dude great videos keep up the good work!!

  • Jivan

    i remember when he was still a small streamer getting a donation from mr.beast, look at him now

  • Ali Yousef
    Ali Yousef

    Hmm 6 reactions of him dying vs 1 good reaction, my huge guess is that he'll choke

    • Ali Yousef
      Ali Yousef

      Just finished watching the vid but I gotta say it was intense ggs jacky

  • Demario Palmer
    Demario Palmer

    Dope challenge and gameplay

  • Cuzinist

    We need more of this. I haven’t been able to watch the streams due to my ridiculous work schedule but I’ll be there again Jack

  • ChrisBean

    His mp5 says rampage and he is getting so mad and dieing he is on a rampage


    Anyone else see that ainbot at 1:06

  • D24 ODamer
    D24 ODamer

    Is this from a old stream?

  • Doozy

    This is me because my “friends” every time I join them they kick me so this is me but with bad teammates

  • My Phone
    My Phone

    Courage it would be funny if you could win a game with just pistols or a no buy station challenge

  • Kurferix

    At 4:30 i saw it happen on stream lol

  • Rudy Boza
    Rudy Boza

    His reaction. When he dies is literally me

  • LolRazh

    You should do an RPG only challenge lol

  • lzxldr

    Was really nice of that guy to donate $400 anyway.

  • Dsean Official
    Dsean Official

    Crazy how they make this a challenge, this just a daily thing for me🤣🤣

  • Sean Maginn
    Sean Maginn

    Great vid earned a sub

  • Austin Walker
    Austin Walker

    Dude, Chris is legit the GOAT

  • Cary Scheirer
    Cary Scheirer

    Hmm..... this was a pretty good video but you don’t talk to anyone so it takes the comedy away.

  • Ibie Macneil
    Ibie Macneil

    Honestly u should be paying him

  • H J
    H J

    No aim assist controller challenge.....do it.