Warzone, but we made the *WORST* classes possible...
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if you are subscribed to the channel! Thank you guys for 2.5 million subscribers ❤️

    • Colt Tedeschi
      Colt Tedeschi

      I love when you guys were just saying that in the lobby

    • Kaleb Marc
      Kaleb Marc


    • Husky Boi21
      Husky Boi21

      Hey jack plzzzz make more of these classes vids there the most funniest 😂 thing ever plzzz make another one

    • FB TurboMouse
      FB TurboMouse

      Where’s Conner

    • Cixtos

      M4 9mm Burst is a unique experience

  • The amazing world of aahad
    The amazing world of aahad

    Nah man I got a loadout quicker in rebirth

    • muselk's simp
      muselk's simp

      I don't care lmfao

  • Ryan Boomhower
    Ryan Boomhower

    Courage: Alright boys, horrible load outs, let's do it! Noah: *fire shotgun and a 1 shot marksman* He said worst guns, not most toxic guns 😂

  • NightTalonDawg109

    I actully beat the record with my squad with 146 people left and a loady no cheats

  • Xavier Garcia
    Xavier Garcia

    Jack took fall damage , got sniped , yea got sniped LMFOAOAOAOA

  • KillerKid Luka
    KillerKid Luka

    They did the impossible

  • Dylan Todd
    Dylan Todd

    Ik I’m about 4 months off but I was watching marcels video about this and his got boring so I’m watching your video of the same thing😂😂

  • Carter Gonzalez
    Carter Gonzalez

    i got a loadout 30 secends in to the game

  • Stitched Up
    Stitched Up

    "We made the worse classes possible" then use the grau attachments: drifter barrel, lightweight suppressor, variable zoom, burst, and no stock

  • ICEYY Destroyer
    ICEYY Destroyer

    i like ak-47s

  • Alex Gauthier
    Alex Gauthier

    Quick question, how do they know when the load out drops come? Ex. When they say. “Load outs coming in 2 Minutes”?

  • JxmzTV

    i’m watching this in november when the VLK, origin, r9-0 are all meta

  • Quinlan Burke
    Quinlan Burke

    it's my birthday today on 27/07/2020

  • Zila Dakilason
    Zila Dakilason

    Courage is the MOST OVERRATED IRbind alive

  • Clayton Mertes
    Clayton Mertes

    IRL, the vlk rogue is only used for breaching doors.

  • BurnoutMaster Builds
    BurnoutMaster Builds

    3.03M Sub

  • Cannon Mcmullin
    Cannon Mcmullin

    Courage congrats on 3 million

  • Beams S
    Beams S

    Who is watching this when the origin is the best weapon in the game 😂😂

  • Claudia Saucedo
    Claudia Saucedo

    Where the orgin started

  • Alexander Bissell
    Alexander Bissell

    "Do u have enough masks on marsel"😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cody Shaffer
    Cody Shaffer

    Who’s here now that the origin is godly and lando said it was trash

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh


  • Gabriel Cook
    Gabriel Cook

    little does courage know he will get 2.8 mil in only a few months

  • Ryan lanny
    Ryan lanny

    Who knew the origin shotgun is really good now

  • Jesse Maddox
    Jesse Maddox

    Stop begging for Subs!!!!!

  • Jesse Maddox
    Jesse Maddox

    Stop begging for Subs!!!!!

  • Animal Break
    Animal Break

    I got a quad kill with the one inch punch


    You Should do a thing that ere when u are going to get a Loadout you close your eyes and then you just pick whatever one with your eyes closed

  • Main_ manmonkey1
    Main_ manmonkey1

    Y did the ak look good tords the end of the vid

  • Cyclone Breezee
    Cyclone Breezee


  • Ryan Webster
    Ryan Webster

    Y DO PEOPLE CALL HIM FAT BUT CAN'T BEAT HIM IN A 1v1.Like don't talk smack if you cant kill him

  • kaeldon wassman
    kaeldon wassman

    watch out he has a sniper jack:stands still.

  • SneakyWall27

    One time me and my friends got 100,000 dollars from super

  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall

    I use the mk2 Carbine no scope and .357 revolver f

  • HyperApex360

    Dude how y’all winnin with these guns but I use a maxed out Grau and have only got 2 top 5s am I just dogshit?

  • Giveaway Central
    Giveaway Central

    Ik I’m really late but congrats on 2.5 mil.

  • notoriousteve

    hi!! pls check out my latest video on my channel! it would mean the world. have an awesome day

  • Trent McKenzie
    Trent McKenzie

    You know what feels amazing? The fact that these dudes can get a warzone win with that awful smorgasbord of classes and I can’t get one with literally the best guns in the game

  • Corbin Adams
    Corbin Adams

    Let’s be honest what are you doing if your not subbed to this man

  • Landon Lopez
    Landon Lopez

    I would LOVE to play with y'all . I would do ANYTHING

  • Bob Boon
    Bob Boon


  • Bob Boon
    Bob Boon


  • Bob Boon
    Bob Boon


  • Antony Fitzgerald
    Antony Fitzgerald

    Top notch bois! Loved this one 👌🏼👊🏼

  • Mr. Yoshy
    Mr. Yoshy

    This is comment 1000.

  • Mr. Yoshy
    Mr. Yoshy

    Comment 999

  • Windsor Barnett
    Windsor Barnett

    How can I play with you? I really want to please

  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones

    Courage is an absolute slime (slime = g)

  • Joshua Marcano
    Joshua Marcano

    The ak is good put the spetnez barrel, 75round drum, ranger grip, vlk scope, and skeleton stock


    This my favorite youtuber

  • Matthew Torralba
    Matthew Torralba


  • Nitro pro
    Nitro pro

    Ali a thumbnail

  • Big Domino
    Big Domino

    He been on 2.5 million

  • Ghoul Dean
    Ghoul Dean

    the dragonov

  • si ya
    si ya

    I will subscribe but im just evil sooo

  • tigf_cryptic

    That thumbnail is hopefully a joke the mk2 carbine is a two shot

  • Cadon Buckles
    Cadon Buckles

    Jesus loves you spread the word.

  • Yk _vipex
    Yk _vipex

    Am I watching Timthetats man friend

  • Trash Games
    Trash Games

    I just love how courage plays with a famous f1 driver

  • THE G4M1NG N00B 420
    THE G4M1NG N00B 420

    Warzone gungame every kill u get u HAVE to take their guns.

  • R4M_Ricky Bobby
    R4M_Ricky Bobby

    You should've had the bayonet, hard breacher, no stock, sniper scope, and the long barrel

  • Masta7mike11 Warzone ex;p
    Masta7mike11 Warzone ex;p

    I disagree with the ak mines at like level 75

  • dark _camel
    dark _camel

    There is worse

  • Itz_Jason 5
    Itz_Jason 5

    You really what the worst gun in the game AK-47 shortest barrel sniper scope explosive under-barrel no stock good luck

  • World’s Okayest Marine Grunt
    World’s Okayest Marine Grunt

    You should win one with only a pistol and shotgun you pick up in crates. You can switch pistols and shotguns though throughout the match. No explosives or kills with anything else. Run til you get your guns hahahhaa

  • Baldwin Beats
    Baldwin Beats

    You and Marcel had mentioned needing a hunter for a new "The Hunting" series in Minecraft. Dr. Lupo is a legend and I think he would be great for the job.

  • Felipe Cruz
    Felipe Cruz

    Why you that you got sniped

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    312 don’t support racism

  • Blondefire823

    i wish i looked as good as him lol

  • Xcon_Corruptedflux

    3 mil ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • pineappledoge

    The crossbow isn’t even bad for warzone lol it’s actually not bad if you can hit shots

  • That_one_guy

    In 2 weeks... He gained 50k subs...

  • Isaac Summers
    Isaac Summers

    Apparently it's called the one inch pinch

  • Jack Reyes
    Jack Reyes

    The AK is really not that difficult to use at all you just need recoil stabilization attachments for it if you can't control the recoil on an AK then you can use anything

  • Tyler Kamps
    Tyler Kamps

    The CR-56 with 10 round mags can be melty....

  • Nate Hardin
    Nate Hardin

    the ak is actually my favorite gun. such a shame it jus got shidded on

  • Y2i Clips
    Y2i Clips

    When your loadout is so bad it’s good

  • Deleted-User-b9371p

    Season 5 just came out, and while my game updates, I’ve been watching courages warzone videos. And it’s really fun 👍

  • Joeb jeffry Atrela
    Joeb jeffry Atrela

    Yo courage I have a loudout for you m16 secondary sniper and any attachments eny perks

  • Yoboy Pizza and Squadzilla are my favorite yters
    Yoboy Pizza and Squadzilla are my favorite yters

    i’ve been watching since 50k and now he’s almost at 2.5 mil

    • Kaden Hogan
      Kaden Hogan

      I feel you brotha

  • Arturo Rangel
    Arturo Rangel

    There is no way they can all be good enough to have one that...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Drippedout Monke
    Drippedout Monke

    Ngl the ak is good in multiplayer

  • SeiGe Jake49oo
    SeiGe Jake49oo

    Half the time I couldn't tell if he was using and AK or and EBR

  • Trenten Robbins
    Trenten Robbins

    Let’s hit 3 million

  • Tyler Macmaster
    Tyler Macmaster

    win a game using only the starting pistol

  • Logan Shand
    Logan Shand

    Do your normal load out but no attachments on your guns

  • 4Distant

    bro that intro was like "i am once again asking for your financial support"


    Win a game of warzone with single fire in a mp7 the whole game

  • chefalc

    Would've been nice to see them use shitty perks also.

  • Jake Shaw
    Jake Shaw

    With the right attachments you can completely take the recoil from the ak

  • Hugo Gomez
    Hugo Gomez

    NaohJ: “I’m basically useless at all ranges” *get most kills in war zone win

  • Gamerlux

    Ak is not bad you just actually have to aim unlike m4 with no recoil

  • KiddowZz On YT
    KiddowZz On YT

    I used ak for ages and my recoil wasn’t bad at all

  • StarWarrior 7567
    StarWarrior 7567

    Don't know why but I love the mk2 car.

  • Brandon Ridgeway
    Brandon Ridgeway

    You guys are hilarious and it's awesome. Do a crossbow only game

  • MyNegativeCreep

    Meanwhile I use AK47 since day one and always getting first place. ok boy

  • HeddeGuoppi

    The thumbnail tho😂

  • McDonald’s chicken nugget
    McDonald’s chicken nugget

    Lando is the 🐐

  • BXSO Yt
    BXSO Yt

    If modern warfare racist it’s towards white ppl

  • Duck.ExotiiC

    COURAGE you and yo squad play rogue company