Warzone, but we play on inverted settings... *OUR WORST CHALLENGE YET*
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video for more stupid challenges!

    • jack bernhard
      jack bernhard

      i was watching the big brain part and i got a pewdiepie video noti and it said among us is 600 iq

    • Mason Beresford
      Mason Beresford

      Do a pt.2 of random weapon generator

    • Ethan Brown
      Ethan Brown

      Next time do this with max sens + your monitor is upside down.

    • -_-GuLp -_-ThEbOt
      -_-GuLp -_-ThEbOt

      CouRage r u I’ll you sound... ntbr

    • angelo molenaar
      angelo molenaar

      Congratulations to your friend lando for his third place

  • Meoful-_-

    I did it uncle courage

  • Jon Matthew
    Jon Matthew

    Does anyone else invert the x axis as well or is it just me?

  • derek Vargas
    derek Vargas

    I see this as nothing lmao I play inverted, and on lefty ANDDDD max sens 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cooper Connolly
    Cooper Connolly

    Every like on this comment is how many people wanna see the 1000000000000% sensitivity challenge

  • Cooper Connolly
    Cooper Connolly

    Why is he better playing like this than me playing normal.


    I play on this on fortnite amd warzone forever and I like it

  • lily love williams
    lily love williams

    Ha when jack rages he puts his hand to his mouth like an Italian chef I’m dying

  • JoeWZ


  • Dahoodedcheese

    More cod challenges yes

  • Sinful

    Ha! Inverted is easy on control!

  • MicMic

    Wait... Doesn't everyone play with upside down monitor


    is it dam

  • Tsukia.r6

    I am from Australia and I can confirm everything he says, your toilets don't flush up?

  • 701 Chevy
    701 Chevy

    That first gulag was the most HILARIOUS shit i ever saw lololol

  • Joel Ramos
    Joel Ramos

    I like your Contact

  • Pallav Murali
    Pallav Murali

    I had to pee while watching this🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • Paul Beckham
    Paul Beckham

    You should do a new challenge inverted settings and screen off

  • Josh West
    Josh West

    i play inverted i wish i didnt though but thats what i got used to in mw2

  • Wesley Laureano
    Wesley Laureano

    6:06 best laugh on IRbin

  • Connor Manley
    Connor Manley

    You should do a bunker only challenge

  • Zacxrh7 Yt
    Zacxrh7 Yt

    Funniest vid on the fucking channel

  • Shawn Murphy
    Shawn Murphy

    I play inverted. I can’t play Normal

  • AltF4 Ö
    AltF4 Ö

    Do the highest sensitivity challenge

  • DaVe RoBeRtS
    DaVe RoBeRtS

    Holy shit 🤣🤣

  • AJ Hampton
    AJ Hampton

    Absolutely love the warzone vids... Subbed an got the bell on Jacky boy

  • Juan Pablo Villanueva
    Juan Pablo Villanueva

    Bro just look at a mirror

  • deadshotalex 10
    deadshotalex 10


  • Thomas Colon
    Thomas Colon

    New challenge or not but play max sensitivity and try to get a kill with a kar Edit: ik this is trash

  • Yaoob Jacobs
    Yaoob Jacobs

    How about a no audio challenge? Comms are allowed :)

  • GummyRolls YT
    GummyRolls YT

    This is how I play every game

  • Jackson Wilton
    Jackson Wilton


  • Dylan Beasley
    Dylan Beasley

    New challenge max sensitivity

  • Mirac Peker
    Mirac Peker

    report him

  • Mirac Peker
    Mirac Peker

    marcell has straight aimbot

  • TRS-VLrQ-_-

    I used play Fortnite playing like that

  • Baldwin Beats
    Baldwin Beats

    You and Marcel had mentioned needing a hunter for a new "The Hunting" series in Minecraft. Dr. Lupo is a legend and I think he would be great for the job.

  • Rayen MacDonald
    Rayen MacDonald

    Who else wanted to laugh at marcel but felt bad cause he was genuenly trying his hardest

  • Matthew Vazquez
    Matthew Vazquez

    I play inverted. Its ez XD.

  • Enigma Conundrum
    Enigma Conundrum

    FAF! you guys are great

  • Tpp Turtle
    Tpp Turtle

    @CouRage do a challenge where you don't use a reticle or hud

  • BradyKCMO

    12:05 had me dying

  • Electric Faze
    Electric Faze

    you should do more gunfight and modern warfare

  • abrojo _BOT
    abrojo _BOT

    Me in south América wathcing the video wilde im floating

  • Gui Yeet
    Gui Yeet

    Wat the hell was the first Gulag ahahaahahahhahaha

  • Dave Marquez
    Dave Marquez

    😂😂😂😂 lol

  • Shyland Moore
    Shyland Moore

    Marcel is me in a nutshell you can hear him thinking 🤣

  • matt

    Who remembers Legacy South Paw? Only the OG OGs know❣️😢

  • N

    Does he stream on IRbin

  • Ed Paddack
    Ed Paddack

    How long is the cord for his headset

  • Gwen/koen/Gavin Bradshaw
    Gwen/koen/Gavin Bradshaw

    Y’all should have a sniper battle

  • Wolf 51
    Wolf 51

    I couldn't stop laughing when Marcel was looking everywhere expect for where the enemies were.

  • fallbae


  • Apple Pie Mellon
    Apple Pie Mellon

    Him moving on inverted settings is me moving normally...

  • ranchisbad

    jack has such bad lobbies wtf

  • Chris Gibbs
    Chris Gibbs

    I'm dead

  • Sawyer Fullerton
    Sawyer Fullerton

    "did he shoot" hahahahhaha

  • Lucas Gabriel Custodio
    Lucas Gabriel Custodio

    Who ever dosnt sub is dumb

  • Karpz

    What's the outro song soo relaxing

  • vincent l
    vincent l

    I play inverted and i play like a normal player :p but i play on ps4

  • John Cahill
    John Cahill

    More challenges ! ¡Ahóra!

  • floris heerkens
    floris heerkens

    Next challenge play max sensifiti

  • Walter Naranjo
    Walter Naranjo

    Life of a musician when sight reading in c flat major

  • Evan Mackey
    Evan Mackey

    The poor guy at the begging was just tryin to be nice :(

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez

    New challenge courage use a riot shield and stick or pistol of any kind and the only rule is when u pick up your class u can’t pick up any other gun good luck

  • Timxthy V1
    Timxthy V1

    I’ve been subbed for a while but I just joined the notification gang. Time to binge watch you and Tim and try and sleep

  • PEaChO's oNtHemOVE!!!
    PEaChO's oNtHemOVE!!!

    When Marcel whipped every shot mounted with the bruen and the guy didn't even know😂😂😂🔥

  • tameyxo

    Omg I’ve never laughed so hard in my life 😂😂😂😂😂

  • kira

    you should do where each person i kill u should pickup there loot

  • Matt Campion
    Matt Campion

    Love the videos, newly subscribed. Sad you won't see this :(

  • Melvin Keely
    Melvin Keely


  • bj

    4:32 is the best part at the vid😂

  • David Valdes
    David Valdes

    Like and sub turn on notifications

  • Skorpionized_swag

    I thought I was subscribed but I guess I wasn't

  • Josh Vandekamp
    Josh Vandekamp

    What instrumental as at 9:55

  • Jeserito

    Theres 4 hemispheres

  • Mike

    I almost died of laughter

  • Blake Witman
    Blake Witman

    Funny thing is. I actually play with the inverted vertical setting as a norm. I can blame "Ace Combat 4" for that lol.

  • LiL SaUcE
    LiL SaUcE

    I don’t get how anyone couldn’t play on invert

  • Justina Forester
    Justina Forester

    My mom and dad's going to kill me if I turn on notifications

  • logan esker
    logan esker

    This intro is hilarious 🤣 😂 😆

  • Kalan Straley
    Kalan Straley

    This is one of the best things I’ve seen in a while😂

  • Will Counsell
    Will Counsell

    I would like this channel if my guy didn’t shout at everything

  • Owen Ovitt
    Owen Ovitt

    Why his outro music sound like double trouble from that Eurovision movie with Will Ferrell

  • Mannequin Man
    Mannequin Man

    Marcel looks up and down before crossing the street. He's like a giraffe with with a short neck. He doesnt know what to do with himself. After this, he's the type of guy to smell music and listen to food like😂

  • Chris .Maldonado
    Chris .Maldonado

    This is the most hilarious warzone video ever!!! Lmao

  • Davis Joiner
    Davis Joiner

    Who else plays on inverted because they have a brain issue

  • Jacob Silver
    Jacob Silver

    New challenge every kill u get switch ur loud out with theirs


    them aiming in inverted settings is like me aiming with normal settings god damn im bad at the game😂😂😂

  • Dillan Triplett
    Dillan Triplett

    watching marcel was like watching a toddler with cerebral palsy trying to shoot a water gun 😂😂😂😂

  • iSoShiFiery

    This is F'ing gold. Haven't had such a laugh in ages

  • Stomping Peak
    Stomping Peak

    There i subbed and turned notifications on.

  • Rexsus1

    Oh my God these are amazing. I laugh my ass off every time

  • Wowon27


  • Wowon27

    3:30 omfg

  • Jack Davies
    Jack Davies

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much, literally cry here 😂😂 keep up the good content jack.. because that was pure GOLD!!!

  • Brian Galeano
    Brian Galeano

    this is the best challenge, had me crying lol

  • Braden Bonser
    Braden Bonser

    He forgot about east amd west hemisphere

  • Jəşūš Bəřmūđəž
    Jəşūš Bəřmūđəž

    Im watching youtube on my phone and when it went to upside down I put my phone upside down because I thought it flipped

  • Mansa X
    Mansa X

    Inverted left/right is just strange, but up/down is the only logical way to play. Imagine your head is the right analog stick and pull your thumb down. Your head looks up and vice versa.