Warzone, but we teleport everywhere... *HOW DID THIS WORK* - Chipotle Challenger Series
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like if you need teleportation as a perk!

    • Kaiden Mayernik
      Kaiden Mayernik

      ofc he liked his own comment😂

    • Jimbocoyle

      I lag like that everyday

    • CH4SE R10J4S
      CH4SE R10J4S

      x Aurora yea some servers are glitched

    • I eat CRAcKers
      I eat CRAcKers

      I’m thinking a lag switch was being used

    • SOUR S4G
      SOUR S4G

      Lag W feels good!


    Laginator 2.0

  • Jackson

    My internet all the time because everyone is streaming shows in my house

  • Aidan Calipari
    Aidan Calipari

    To summarize this video cauculated chat chat couculeted

  • Simon Larsen
    Simon Larsen

    I've just found you holy 😂😂

  • Pandia 427
    Pandia 427

    when I tell you The ending music SENT ME

  • Aidan Groff-Frazer
    Aidan Groff-Frazer

    I play with this lag daily, sometimes even worse lmao

  • Sinister YT
    Sinister YT

    Watching this is like your parents encouraging you to make your first baby steps 😂😂😂

  • Demøn

    No joke I play like this everyday

  • Michael Looney
    Michael Looney

    Do ever lag so hard you just turn off your monitor and ask yourself "why"

  • Frank galvis Ulloa
    Frank galvis Ulloa

    welcome to my wold

  • Donovin Dorogy
    Donovin Dorogy

    i got second place with this lag before

  • Jman Playz
    Jman Playz

    Bro this is how I play everyday


    i had this happen last night

  • Vincent Ponte
    Vincent Ponte

    Your insane 🤘👍🤘👍😜

  • gusorion 81
    gusorion 81

    Seriously, do all these pro players play against trash? I would have gotten lazer’d by now

  • Crashboy

    That’s my internet at my dads house

  • CoCo Beans
    CoCo Beans

    I like how they stop lagging

  • MTC Yael
    MTC Yael

    Me playing always

  • Amir Zxz
    Amir Zxz

    Hey Jack, I wanted to say that, all Iranian gamers play with the same lag you said for fucking whole week, go thanks God for your cool ping 😏🤍

  • Patriotic_ Dedeye
    Patriotic_ Dedeye

    I play on this every day and it’s not fun

  • HULKGQ Nissan Patrol
    HULKGQ Nissan Patrol

    What did you press on your lap?

  • Francis Sullivan
    Francis Sullivan

    thats my everyday life

  • 10pcoin

    courage complaing some lag r6s players: you've never seen lag before...

  • Fire28

    My game even when the internets perfect😂.

  • Itz Milku
    Itz Milku

    This might be the best gameplay we've seen from Jack

  • Colin Dickinson
    Colin Dickinson

    Challenge win without Marcel easy dub

  • MrMcnugget 374
    MrMcnugget 374

    Someone count how many times jack dabbed with his gun in his hand

  • Josh da bandit
    Josh da bandit

    Dude u need to play with conner again he was the best

  • Baldwin Beats
    Baldwin Beats

    You and Marcel had mentioned needing a hunter for a new "The Hunting" series in Minecraft. Dr. Lupo is a legend and I think he would be great for the job.

  • L.M. Alcala
    L.M. Alcala

    Can you share your class for the gun you used to kill the final guy?

  • William Way
    William Way

    The title and then the gameplay

  • Damien Belmares
    Damien Belmares

    6500 freaking damage!! Love to see dubs in LAGZONE

  • Dorsila Agengo
    Dorsila Agengo

    My game lagged harder than that


    When I had that me and my friend won the game

  • Julian Pedroza
    Julian Pedroza

    Me and my cousin had that and we got a free win lol😂

  • Gamer Kinn
    Gamer Kinn

    i don't like the remix ither

  • Team.intense_

    Step one on how to do this Glitch:have bad wife

  • TSI Phoenix
    TSI Phoenix

    Can you play Fortnite

  • Iso Iso
    Iso Iso

    dude your energy

  • Mylittlepeople 62
    Mylittlepeople 62

    I remember this it happened and we won the game it was me and friend and it was halrious cause the dude was stuck in a rock

  • Antoine Ghazal
    Antoine Ghazal

    This is my normal wifi 😂

  • Arritype

    clickbait at its finest

  • John P Werner
    John P Werner

    How do they not have a lot of recoil on their guns while looking through the scope??

  • Green

    This is what my gameplay looks like most of the time, whenever I play warzone

  • Dylan_4kt

    The lag is for everyone it’s just war zone

  • Blare

    That how I play everyday 🤣🤣🤣

  • XxTravdamanxX !
    XxTravdamanxX !


  • Dale T
    Dale T

    Lagzone lol

  • DoAFlip

    What do you use on your mp5 other than 5mw merc and 45 round mags?

  • Wisdy

    This whole game gave me anxiety 🤣

  • Big Chungus69
    Big Chungus69

    My WiFi every time I play😭

  • Stanjdc

    Ah they’ve never played r6

  • mike doherty
    mike doherty

    my lag is like that every game and I have fibre optic, enjoy

  • Theofficalorbit

    Thats the Internet i have every time i play Warzone 😂

  • Tangerbtw

    Yes lag but, I still have that ☹

  • Bigrich87 Gaming
    Bigrich87 Gaming

    And this is why I deleted this game because I always lagged and could barely move and please stop laughing at it a lot of people don't have good internet like you gamers and its 4:25 AM right now I have no clue what I'm saying but I always lagged

  • Skinny LongJohn
    Skinny LongJohn

    This was some King Crimson level of calculation, zipping around everywhere

  • kimsour1212 gamer
    kimsour1212 gamer

    Browse a single Spike their complaining I cannot win a game with a single Spike noob oh my God this is the best day of my life I haven't won a game for so long

  • protools fanatic
    protools fanatic

    I got click baited again.


    Lagging sometimes help you to avoid bullet like wat happen to mwh

  • AntiTeo Sensai
    AntiTeo Sensai

    I had this same thing happen half the teams timed out

  • J. Arndt
    J. Arndt

    i got motion sickness, hahaha

  • Tech Guy
    Tech Guy

    How to win every warzone game: Have the Secret Lag Perk Equipped

  • Rebekah Bailey
    Rebekah Bailey

    We need more sea of thieves content!!!

  • Gman T
    Gman T

    This is my Wi-Fi daily until I get new Wi-Fi. Lol

  • Jake Hewitt
    Jake Hewitt

    I got click bated and I’m not mad

  • JJ Ortiz
    JJ Ortiz

    This is me on a normal day

  • Kelton Elliott
    Kelton Elliott

    250 gb update to fix the bug...

  • Jay Aze
    Jay Aze

    I used to play like this daily using mobile data

  • Woodster 605
    Woodster 605

    This video is a representation of my internet... :/

  • Thomas Dolberg
    Thomas Dolberg

    CouRage go back to fortnite u are so childish

  • Tashreeq Gaming
    Tashreeq Gaming

    That’s how we play in South Africa all the tine

  • Axis

    This is what my internet is like 😂

  • Kelley Muro
    Kelley Muro

    Hey Courage! Great video. I really enjoyed it. I really liked the music you put in during the middle. So funny and epic. You're a great guy. I hope you have a great week and great rest of the year. ttyl.

  • Mr god mode hacker 347
    Mr god mode hacker 347

    As a south African that is the least lag in my game

  • duelinthis

    NEW CHALLENGE - drop middle of circle and only go prone until the win

  • Ziki

    I demand warzone duos with Connor

  • Smythie3_ Strm
    Smythie3_ Strm


  • William Francisco
    William Francisco

    U should do Assassination only

  • secretAZNman

    lol... i woulda left that game for sure

  • Cloud 9
    Cloud 9

    I lag horribly in this game. Only game I play that I lag hardcore in.

  • Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas Smith

    CEO of clickbait 😂

  • Cynthia Kim Keevy
    Cynthia Kim Keevy

    do you know someone named christian

  • J Kango
    J Kango

    Bro you’re playing on China lag

  • Mason Keen
    Mason Keen

    Courage will u still make videos or no because u have to get tested for the rona

  • Misagh Lord-X
    Misagh Lord-X

    Wow we can teleport i guss we gona watch the holl video

  • Agent_Keetin

    Any updates on Merch?

  • John Camacho
    John Camacho

    Who woulda thought what if people lag would be so much fun


    This me all the time

  • toxsick hehh
    toxsick hehh

    I wonder how long it takes to make these thumbnails these god awful thumbnail, I have seen his mouth open more times then riley reid and I have seen that alot

  • Itz Syko
    Itz Syko

    Go back to fortnite please!!!

  • Bob da Builder
    Bob da Builder

    It’s crazy that their lag is better than my internet

  • North American P 51 MUSTANG
    North American P 51 MUSTANG

    Same shit happened to me. Every one was timing out.

  • Noah Scott
    Noah Scott

    theres no way I'm about to randomly watch a video and it turns out to be the same server I was in

  • [,EBK,] Mjeezy
    [,EBK,] Mjeezy

    Warzone but semi auto on all weapons like so he can see

  • Pasco5098 Wa
    Pasco5098 Wa

    Bro u look like a 10 year old playing games every day stupid face

  • Aditya Pratap
    Aditya Pratap

    New challange : try to win a game without winning

  • IanOne Ianys
    IanOne Ianys

    Jack you need to do this challenge dog picks my location on the map

  • Speedy ;
    Speedy ;

    Hey I was wondering if you can help me get my first warzone win plz.