We found a way to be invisible in Warzone... *THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED*
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      Josh Rhman


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      Rick Good man

      You gotta stop with the clickbait

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      Mr Ghost

      You tuber

    • Mr Ghost
      Mr Ghost

      You’re the best IRbin

    • Mr Ghost
      Mr Ghost

      What’s up

  • Footballking gaming
    Footballking gaming

    Its been 4 months and it still does not have 50k

    • Footballking gaming
      Footballking gaming

      Noooooo come on guys

  • RGarcia 19
    RGarcia 19

    Bro this squad was so much fun

  • Kikå

    I havent won one game of warzone 🥳😰

  • Parkourer 72
    Parkourer 72

    God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!

  • Mr Reynoldzz
    Mr Reynoldzz


  • I Am
    I Am

    Seeing you guys have so much fun is freaking awesome!! :))

  • V. V. V -
    V. V. V -

    So where is the invisible glitch now ??!? Dude why tf u make videos when u do something totally different in the vid

  • Zander Whitcroft
    Zander Whitcroft

    This is true 130 IQ gameplay


    Lmmfaooooo had me dieing

  • SAVAGE -777-
    SAVAGE -777-

    Why is it you guys have all these fans all this support from all these people an you repay them with click bait an false content IRbin is a disgrace to the business industry an any IRbinr will agree

  • Hyper cLaPs
    Hyper cLaPs


  • Jack's tutorials
    Jack's tutorials

    CouRage: I HATE CAMPERS Also CouRage: *spray painting eachother like idiots to "camoflouge"

    • Yeet Or Be Yeeted
      Yeet Or Be Yeeted


  • Jayyif

    This rise of kingdoms ads are getting really annoying

  • Mal Uminse
    Mal Uminse

    Troll clickbait title

  • Cypher

    When you see a new Abella Danger video on the hub 6:50

  • Itz_charlie 28
    Itz_charlie 28

    To easy 41k likes

  • breadsmith 32
    breadsmith 32

    There is only two adds on this video which is ironic

  • Baldwin Beats
    Baldwin Beats

    You and Marcel had mentioned needing a hunter for a new "The Hunting" series in Minecraft. Dr. Lupo is a legend and I think he would be great for the job.

  • ItsDanYouKnow

    Grab a most wanted next time 🧐🤪

    • Hiral thakkar
      Hiral thakkar

      He did breh...

  • Mr Ghost
    Mr Ghost

    You’re insane

  • Dylan Johnson
    Dylan Johnson

    I learn more about warzone every 10-20

  • hozaifa gamer100
    hozaifa gamer100


  • Whalfin

    i turned off my sprays so i would just see normal people against a wall lmao

  • Nordby 9
    Nordby 9

    What midrolls? :-P

  • Aaron Coburn
    Aaron Coburn

    We used to do this a lot in the bunkers or at the airport. We would look like a bunch of painted fools running around after it was time we had to leave.

  • Tutie69 Soldier_Slayer
    Tutie69 Soldier_Slayer

    I see you have leveled up your click bait titling ability.

  • Joseph Iglesias
    Joseph Iglesias

    I wanna play with courage

  • xXMightywhiteXx

    6:45 gun not pointing at someone but 2 hits? thats some hit box you have there

  • Noah Gale
    Noah Gale

    You’re fat and bad at war zone stop trying

  • Ryan Buenfil
    Ryan Buenfil

    Am I the only one who didn’t notice smitty in the doorway?😂

  • FrostbiteFaceit

    This is Why You will Never join the army

  • Crew BBG
    Crew BBG

    GENIUS! Love that shit! "HELLO?" Crazy yall went back to same location that was truly fun to watch GG! GG! CREW BBG Season 5 Intel The Story "Nuclear Winter!!" irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/la-Fg62up4iLypU.html

  • Bear Newman
    Bear Newman

    First time I've watched this channel - Are the close-up zooms always this obnoxious? Why is it a thing to do with IRbinrs these days anyways? This guy takes it to another level of annoying.

  • Janosch Bert
    Janosch Bert

    I love how Jack has a new super cool challenge every day. Love it

  • wildcamaro

    How do people watch and enjoy this weirdo lame

  • aidan magee
    aidan magee

    Noahj457 would be the laziest offbrand name ever 😂

  • jeff johnson
    jeff johnson

    You (your pictures) make all your thumbnails look creepy!!!

  • whoopthereitwas

    I'll give u $10,000 if u can go a week without being u, click bait courage.

  • Jamie Moore
    Jamie Moore

    Yeah I’m un Subscribing

  • Carl Clark
    Carl Clark

    People like this is exactly why I have a adblocker. Makes you slog through a whole video of bullshit with 10 ads just to see what they are talking about at the very end of the video. All you have to do is lie in the title of the video and make the thumbnail and brightly colored as possible. I will never support shitty content like this.

  • Kyle Nelson
    Kyle Nelson

    It hurts that they are able to so easily win while just completely screwing around

  • Alessandro P
    Alessandro P

    This is clickbait and not content

  • J Kango
    J Kango

    Me and my friends did this in a toilet 2 months ago

  • Aiden Light
    Aiden Light

    Im confused to why your 'invisible' and 'This needs to be fixed Its spray paint 🙄

  • Randomwhateve R
    Randomwhateve R

    Great video so funny

  • Devin wendorff
    Devin wendorff

    They should have brought loot to lay down in

  • KayLily M
    KayLily M

    Me other here with 50+ games no win Courage: U seen 100+ Wins that’s normal Me: ok bud

  • guguigugu

    but theres still a red nametag

  • Subie Racer
    Subie Racer

    Funny vid. There is a setting to turn off bullet holes and sprays :)

  • Ballistic MilkShake
    Ballistic MilkShake

    I'm dead!🤣🤣🤣

  • Angel Valverde
    Angel Valverde

    To much

  • KyAlpha Gaming
    KyAlpha Gaming

    Lmfao that was great

  • Jeroen Kossen
    Jeroen Kossen

    U should have done recons so you could prepare for finale circle

  • TheZombieNixon

    Would they not just see the enemy name tag straight away

  • Justin M
    Justin M

    Marcel funny af cause he is the rager🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kota Foster
    Kota Foster

    And I got a 7 day ban for a immature username... lol Fml 😂

  • Agent Bolt
    Agent Bolt

    Click bait

  • Dominick Wilson
    Dominick Wilson

    What skin is that that he has on in at the beginning what the pack called

  • Ciara Doherty
    Ciara Doherty

    You are the best person in the world

  • Chelsea Barry
    Chelsea Barry

    You sould hide in a pile of loot

  • B1gDaddy 03
    B1gDaddy 03

    Bruh me and my friends done this on season 1 it’s so original

  • Evan Robertson
    Evan Robertson


  • GTbowhunter90

    Me and your Mom 6:50

  • Life With Maison
    Life With Maison


  • Andy Van
    Andy Van

    people will be playing seriously to get a dub and here this guy is fucking around and still winning XD

  • k pop riot
    k pop riot

    yall have the very best warzone content

  • John El Khoury
    John El Khoury

    Your content is awesome, big bravo, so entertaining

  • LunaTheDoggo

    14:25 I thought he said he shot himself

  • 「TheOneAndOnlyGacha」 「Boi」
    「TheOneAndOnlyGacha」 「Boi」

    Why do people post videos all at the same time cause like three people post with is video at the same time

  • Codeme 11
    Codeme 11

    The thumbnail makes it look like your picking your nose 😂 nice vid though

  • El_Gian05

    Play search and destroy please🙏

  • Leon Junte
    Leon Junte

    Ive got like 1200 kils and 0 wins...🧐

  • Ernest Bayne
    Ernest Bayne

    Clickbait ..

  • Muddyjr

    Jack: you'll have to watch a couple of mid roll ads AdBlockPlus: we'll see

  • Thelogicalgamer

    Kreuger is the best op to do this with because you can paint his he’s netting

  • demonicmind6 6
    demonicmind6 6

    Courage looks skinny ngl looks like he lost some weight and has more tendon musclee

  • THe "OFFiCial" K.A.M... =P
    THe "OFFiCial" K.A.M... =P

    460k later...... Well done chap. You sure kept it a secret..

  • Team Zodic
    Team Zodic

    I haven’t won a game yet.. legit, ive played the game for 2 days.. and I’m level 42, like com’on

  • Omertà

    U guys should get the deployable shield and color that red and the walls and hide behind them

  • SiR-Tazman

    That was some funny shit! GG

  • coco xqcL
    coco xqcL

    I was ther pogu

  • DylanPlayz

    U sound like logdotzip

  • chad McLaughlin
    chad McLaughlin

    this is a really stupid video

  • Waylon_G

    Courage is the definition of cringe

  • creaminthebank

    Cool idea but poorly executed 😆😆

  • Tyler Conley
    Tyler Conley

    Now this is content

  • Nathan Mathews
    Nathan Mathews

    hahaha i have done this in the 3 story blue building and my teammate triped out a shot at the paint ... it got him killed lol

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson

    Theyre painting Marcel. 🤣🤣 The worst KD in the squad.

  • Nelly Nelson
    Nelly Nelson


  • Nicholas Ali
    Nicholas Ali

    I can't believe they won games while trying to do this and I can't win games in general 😂

  • Jake King
    Jake King

    I feel dumber for having watched that second round

  • M4Actual


  • jesper holthe
    jesper holthe

    Thia is not new me and My friends did this in the start of the game

  • WoolyDood

    The best somewhat click bait I have ever seen in my life

  • AyoIt’sDj


  • Asset Inbound
    Asset Inbound

    Omg how did noone come inside hahahahah

  • ThatKidDalt

    The fact they win this much having fun and I’m over here sweating my ass off dying to hackers

  • Dais

    im not dumb if i walked into that id just not kill those people id help paint.

  • Donald Gibson
    Donald Gibson

    see this guy does cheat at warzone, all of his friends cheat at warzone yet they havnt got banned yet and they need to be