We found a way to *STOP* cheaters in Warzone...
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if you hate hackers!

    • Yeet Man
      Yeet Man

      Keep up the good work

    • Yeet Man
      Yeet Man

      Your my favorite youtuber and u inspire me

    • Kaden Springer
      Kaden Springer

      Can u show ur mp5 loadout

    • FirstBAMFx13

      When are streamers who drop 10+ kills per game going to stop using the meta weapons and start using guns like the (Famas, AK-47, or the G36 LMG)? i would literally love to see all these guys start doing that.

    • XxTravdamanxX !
      XxTravdamanxX !


  • Axel Kula
    Axel Kula

    Dang bro, Sypher curses?

  • XMalkyrion _
    XMalkyrion _

    But Tim's really good at warzone tho

  • The Gulag Clan
    The Gulag Clan

    I will be as famous as you one day 🥰

  • 26 Kimchi v2
    26 Kimchi v2

    Nick: are you sure ? 5 seconds later Gets knocked

  • Baldwin Beats
    Baldwin Beats

    You and Marcel had mentioned needing a hunter for a new "The Hunting" series in Minecraft. Dr. Lupo is a legend and I think he would be great for the job.

  • Sidefaze Sniper
    Sidefaze Sniper

    Is this clickbait

  • fRaNKiEb0NƎZ

    How come all of these streamers have zero recoil with every gun? I play with a controller and it's not that easy to aim, shoot, keep the gun steady, more aim, and then shoot.

  • TG Trench
    TG Trench

    He’s not hacking he just got a new gaming chair

  • TidesChannel

    how is the call of duty franchise not able to have control over their own game

  • Cum

    Yo I have the same headset.

  • Blake Long
    Blake Long

    sypher getting carried as usual in every game😭

  • montana duke
    montana duke

    Content: great Editing: impeccable Thumbnails:

  • TheOriginalDonDadda

    great content keep it going

  • gameron55

    2:37 imagine having to commentary your own gameplay

  • Thadeus Pawlikowski
    Thadeus Pawlikowski

    video name is good but thumbnail needs changed

  • XxTravdamanxX !
    XxTravdamanxX !


  • Shane nope
    Shane nope

    got enough fuckin ads courage?

  • ToasterrJuice

    Literally fight me in real life I’m 6 foot and jacked

  • Jon D'Amore
    Jon D'Amore

    The body knows where you can and cannot take a shit.

  • Brennan Seaford
    Brennan Seaford

    Why is there no likes views and comments?

  • Kameron Spencer
    Kameron Spencer

    How to stop cheaters? turn off crossplay...

  • OGxPadrino

    This video had me so pumped, glad you all destroyed those hackers. I was playing some rocky music in the background while watching the hacker kills. GGs

  • ya boy
    ya boy

    such an annoying video, so many quick cuts and zoom ins...

  • Breefcasejoe

    Hate how this game rewards scrubs who can’t aim

  • Elijah Deleon
    Elijah Deleon

    Nick always sounds like he smoked to much KK

  • Jorge Ortiz
    Jorge Ortiz

    He must have a gamer chair

  • Hamid’s gaming Chanel
    Hamid’s gaming Chanel

    Courage you should play with vickstar123

  • PTR_38

    me not knowing sypher swears bc i watch hus fortnite


    watch my new squad wipe clip its fire!!!!!!

  • Xander Hardesty
    Xander Hardesty

    The dam is open

  • Jared Ignacio
    Jared Ignacio

    Bro I do the same thing when I get home from a flight

  • Glazeddonut 00
    Glazeddonut 00

    At 2:06

  • Glazeddonut 00
    Glazeddonut 00

    I like how he shot him when he was knocked

  • another fishy
    another fishy

    A 65 bombbb

  • It’s Crippler
    It’s Crippler

    Yo can you raise your cam box a little higher so we can see the top teammates Heath armour status 😘

  • AntiTeo Sensai
    AntiTeo Sensai

    Is courage still streaming on IRbin ?

  • Pollonaut

    Clickbait..... unfollow and blocked channel.

  • Jose Cortes
    Jose Cortes

    When the game knows you’re too good, so they put hackers in your lobby and u still whip their asses left and right

  • Dougheclipse

    This just may be my new fav squad to watch....

  • Ghost OG
    Ghost OG

    Man hackers are getting out of control!! 8/10 games I have played today there where hackers! CourageJD I need you to put your big boy pants on and walk in Activsions office! Hahaha

  • Krypto

    I dont wanna hate but it pisses me off so hard that Jack always puts a hyped face in his thumbnales (

  • Szymon Adamus
    Szymon Adamus

    The issue of cheaters in Warzone is still hot. Unfortunately :( So I've decided to take a closer look at cheating in games. irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/Yr6MgXbRymqlz2o.html How do developers and publishers approach it? What behaviors characterize players in the context of the goal and rules of the games? And most important - Is cheating harmful? Check it out if this topic interests you.

  • Alpha and Amoeba
    Alpha and Amoeba

    Literally no evidence that either guy was actually hacking. No video of the first one pre-firing. And even if there was, I see streamers do that kind of shit all the time. Means they can hear the guy coming, not that they're hacking. It gets really irritating when a streamer can't just admit that they might have gotten outplayed.

  • lincoln thelegend
    lincoln thelegend

    tweet cod and ask for your own skin

  • Declan O’Neill
    Declan O’Neill

    2:04 how does he take off plates while downed ?

  • exo1 Modz
    exo1 Modz

    I need that grau class and the mp5 class pleas!!!!!!

  • Tristan Martinez
    Tristan Martinez

    2:01 is that Iceman from Cloakzy’s channel???

  • CTX_ Fade
    CTX_ Fade

    Ttv_mmmmdemi08 plz check me out

  • Filth

    ''fight me irl, I'm 6ft 5'' I'll put money on you've never been in a fight.

    • Filth

      @Marley Alry When you can grow a beard, I'll argue with you. 👋

    • Filth

      @Marley Alry shut up Marley, you have a wolf as your picture. How old are you? 10? I'll kick you down the stairs kid.

  • SlobberKnobbers

    why is he saluting Hitler in the thumbnail

  • mohammad jafari
    mohammad jafari

    lol what kinda hack ur running send me the link

  • permy theous
    permy theous

    Shit looks real shady at time mark 3:30 ,I don't know it looks like you had locked on a aimbot lol shooting up the hill ...hmm?

  • Andrew Hesser
    Andrew Hesser

    Ya make it so console players can take out pc players lol and just play between Xbox and ps4

  • Marty P
    Marty P

    Jack make me famous by agreeing to a boxing match, 80-20 purse in your favour. lmao

  • Calder Austin
    Calder Austin

    fight me irl

  • reaganzilla

    Yo JACK we should Play a warzone match you know just for content

  • DAE DAE too
    DAE DAE too

    pls play fortnite

  • O.T.T

    Why don’t you stream anymore

  • Yolooo

    Please do fortnite again

  • Ky Jacobson
    Ky Jacobson

    Oouuu weeee. Boys a beast. 👹

  • DreTaylor

    Courage saying fight me irl has to be the funniest threat IRL 😂

  • Miitzy

    4:50 of my math was correct they had 65 kills

  • Cory Neal
    Cory Neal

    its funny that people still play this game after cheaters has been the main topic for over 3 months

  • TreBird13

    Yes i love when nick and jack play together

  • iNotsuoh

    jack didin't show it all but he poped off at the end of this video.

  • Nathan Molina
    Nathan Molina

    Go back to fortnite

  • Yolooo

    Play fortnite again

  • Brody Merle
    Brody Merle

    I think Tim would shred Jack at warzone right now

  • MAD多HUB 乄BoT
    MAD多HUB 乄BoT

    Hey jack or courage I have a challenge for u challenge is about [ DISABLE UR MINI MAP ]

  • NBG096

    In short have around 1 mil at least so the devs listen to you when you say there is a hacker

  • Luktheduk


  • whoopthereitwas

    I dont think Courage knws how to upload without clickbaiting people he has to click bait to get views, its become a part of him I feel bad for him rip....

  • Vincent Mcbride-brookes
    Vincent Mcbride-brookes

    Please do a loadout video on what u use and what u personally like

  • ThiccNick

    This clickbait has gone too far....

  • Todoroki Shoto
    Todoroki Shoto

    When I hear that holy that is 100% percent confirm that their is a cheater.

  • nielsendc1

    @3:30 - are you shooting through the hill???

  • top ntch
    top ntch

    u see at 2:05 he still shot him while knocked?🥴

  • Iranian 1
    Iranian 1

    Just ask the hackers to stop

  • Rohaan Hamid
    Rohaan Hamid

    Dear Jack i saw you use the bruen and now I think you have a problem

  • Niwaaar


  • Manav Sunilkumar
    Manav Sunilkumar

    Click baited me so blantantly

  • YuSi MoHoo
    YuSi MoHoo

    do a crouch only challenege, can use vehicles

  • ULT firefox
    ULT firefox

    so epic in this building wp

  • Sligtstep

    Nick Merck’s is so bad😂 he’s always dead in every video I watch UNLESS he’s playing solo 😂

  • Sligtstep

    Why do all you youtubers copy each other?? It’s always some stupid video title with them giving a dramatic dumb looking face. GET NEW CONTENT

  • aquijada

    agree with the end part of the video

  • Tempest

    At 2: 11 when he was scared look carefully his guy stood back up and started to shoot at the guy for a split second

  • Kristina Ru
    Kristina Ru

    This is the content I wanna see, keep it up bro

  • VoodooChile69

    Drop a comment on this comment if you're a hacker.

  • sarksarkissian

    Jack can u make a cod tips video to troll sypherpk?

  • mroddis20 20
    mroddis20 20

    They get 60+ kills and say fck all

  • Yellow Dog
    Yellow Dog

    Wanna play plunder and I’m with the roze skin and Is it ok if I don’t have the mic

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia

    Idk y cloak thinks he so good he’s ass compared to the rest of them


    i like courage as a streamer but i HATE HIS IRbin VIDEOS. i will never be clickbaited by him again

  • Syed Wajahat
    Syed Wajahat

    my cashapp is htxtxs :) bless me

  • thenakedcableguy

    What if you have some friends code a fake cheat system to sell to the hackers? Have it drop all weapons or it maps crouch to fire. Then set up a quick website and you get to make money off the hackers while also giving other players a fun experience watching "hackers" getting screwed.

  • Trygon 2000
    Trygon 2000

    Did anyone see that life after add 😂

  • Zac Brydges
    Zac Brydges

    Streamers always calling people hackers as soon as they die! Like normal people can’t kill them without cheating 😂😂

  • Ilillililli

    I stunned and executed a wallhacker in a game earlier. It made my PP so hard.