We found the most overpowered weapon in Warzone...
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  • RyanDaBoss

    CouRage, This is going to be the best gun in the game. Me in Cold War, OHHHHHHH YOU DONT EVEN KNOW

  • Marc Pilon
    Marc Pilon

    Looking at this video makes me laugh! You were looting soooo slow compared to today and suprised at the groud loot(which is crap today) lol omg i miss those days...

  • Evan Warmouth
    Evan Warmouth

    Them reviewing the pistol, me after the Cold War update, this pistol looks familiar

  • Cody Williams
    Cody Williams

    Lmao looking back that lmg is booty and they made that mp7 to be worse than the one with no attachments

  • _Sick.Plays_ _
    _Sick.Plays_ _

    I was like "WTF i have been picking this stuff up all the time?" Realized this was April. I started playing in November I am trash so this is great for me

  • TheSupreme

    Fortnite players be like "oMg gEt ThE p90

  • No Lights
    No Lights

    Seeing the thumbnail... actually I might just leave

  • Ttv riggem Riggs
    Ttv riggem Riggs

    I am unsubscribed cause you said Xbox is for pussy and I play on Xbox

  • LVRanger40

    Bro they just dissed my man sun tzu from the Zhou Dynasty and one of the best strategists to ever live

  • bb infernos
    bb infernos

    I got complitionist on the renetti like the season it came out. i think it was from the same battle pass as the sks

  • SuperToastBoi

    "we don't have anti cheats yet just give them a shield" aww they do care :\

  • Rick San Agustin
    Rick San Agustin

    You:I never won war zone on my stream Me:I never won a war zone game ever!

  • Casen Morris
    Casen Morris

    Can you play with me ?

  • Rns_ X
    Rns_ X


  • Darkshotz


  • Robert Crago
    Robert Crago

    Why is it me who uses the gun then they use it bruh I’ve used this since season 4

  • GC_yaboi GC
    GC_yaboi GC

    I have maxed out renetti

  • 1Boomin Bavid1
    1Boomin Bavid1

    I was so confused on why they were surprised about the ground loot but then I realized this is from 5 months ago

    • Lock6-Sensei

      Lol same

    • Christina Hutchinson
      Christina Hutchinson


    • 1Boomin Bavid1
      1Boomin Bavid1

      @Fatal Scopez nice

    • Fatal Scopez
      Fatal Scopez


    • I simp for you
      I simp for you


  • KING123

    bro i died when he said did they make the floor loot child friendly

  • Jack Lewis
    Jack Lewis

    The way he said right between his fucking eyes has me dead

  • Carter Cadin
    Carter Cadin

    Is legion Jordan Fisher or is it a different Jordan?

  • Ziggs

    I’m unsubscribeing because u make fun of people that can’t afford at 6 thousand dollar pc and they play Xbox/PlayStation

  • PURE Taco
    PURE Taco

    Someone from the future needs to warn him about the bruen

  • LedgerPro101 YT
    LedgerPro101 YT

    Nooooooo I play xbox so I pu@@y

  • Bryen Serrano
    Bryen Serrano

    I like how you say Xbox is for p****es when pieces for sweat like on a flash finish had a vibe but now we just try to get a freaking Dukie wrong people like you

  • NFFA raven
    NFFA raven

    I wanna see a rage compassion

  • Lazy Killer
    Lazy Killer

    F**k you courage

  • Ravenplayz

    youre a pussy WTF

  • Thomas Colon
    Thomas Colon

    I play xbox cuz I don't have enough for a PC....

  • rip juice wrld
    rip juice wrld

    I've got akimbo 4 the renetti and another pistol but forgot name

  • Sally Cunningham
    Sally Cunningham

    The ebr is trashhh

  • JG SS
    JG SS

    what season was that?

  • juice wrld
    juice wrld

    gun isnt good you are

  • GZ Skateboarding
    GZ Skateboarding

    “I have a MFloor”


    bruh, I fr thought this was uploaded 4 min ago and not 4 months ago... I was mad confused when they were talking about loot...

  • osmir_elcuh Ttv
    osmir_elcuh Ttv

    No wonder they don’t have Damascus

  • Billy bob Two shoes
    Billy bob Two shoes

    "dovein, dovein, dovein" HAHAHAHa

  • B.P

    Jack hasn't won a game in 1 and 1/2 weeks, I'VE NEVER GOTTEN A WIN!!!!

  • Black Knight’s gaming
    Black Knight’s gaming

    My guy at 9:40 saw his life flash before his eyes 😂😂😂

  • Jack Boyd
    Jack Boyd

    can you make a TikTok on the setup for this

  • lil schmeat
    lil schmeat

    Incase yall didnt know the utility tool blueprint for the sks was a tier 100 reward in season 3

  • gonelow1202

    Why did i see the title and think yeah the FAL

  • Tonia Bogema
    Tonia Bogema

    Roses are red violets are twisted bend over poke your about to get fisted

  • lank Man
    lank Man

    yes nice gaming guys thanks for n lekker time

  • -_____- Yup
    -_____- Yup

    He hasn’t got a win for n a week bruh I can’t even get my first one

    • parsa nasirzadeh
      parsa nasirzadeh

      I played since the game came out I only have 6 wins

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      I just started playin about 2-3 months ago. And I literally JUST got my first solos win. Your W will come... The thing that helped me the most, was making the decision to not play a single game until im good and warmed up. Go into custom games and play a Free For All with all 11 bots on standard difficulty [(The setting above "Recruit" and under "Hardened") Can't remember what its called] with 250 health and maximum ammo. Then, just run around and practice your aim and controlling recoil, until you have like 300+ kills. It will make all the difference in your gameplay.

    • Funtime Foxy
      Funtime Foxy


    • Ken Calhoun
      Ken Calhoun


    • Mikey Rush4
      Mikey Rush4

      -_____- Yup same

  • Howard Blackwell
    Howard Blackwell

    Conrage I play Xbox cod me so pls don't wait noobs play xbox modern warfarre

    • Howard Blackwell
      Howard Blackwell


  • Michael Paan
    Michael Paan

    Is it me or was console loot always like that

  • Bean!

    "oh my god theres so many uzis" uzis now being a s tier floor loot lmao

  • Don P
    Don P

    Everyone who plays by themselves find this video beautiful🤧

  • Malik Thomas
    Malik Thomas

    i dont know the game before this update😂😂😂

  • noah haws
    noah haws

    You know the thing that’s really dumb about the SKS is that it doesn’t use “sniper ammo”. The SKS uses the exact same ammunition as the AK-47. Low key kind of triggers me.

  • Zach Sargent
    Zach Sargent

    Don't worry I have something to protect us lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Mr. Sunzi
    Mr. Sunzi

    SunTzu is a Chinese strategist

  • Briony Hagger
    Briony Hagger

    You need to play online more, you can learn so much more about the guns in the game

  • Stephen Sholder
    Stephen Sholder

    9:10 Tim ? 😂😂

  • milestoosaucee

    took me 7 hours yesterday to get obsidian camo for it 😀

  • Kevin

    SKS will scatter Brains, I've made people rage quit or activate their hacks mid-match on Core mode.

  • grxmey

    Where do you stream

  • Brandon

    I've never laughed so much listening to a stream. Brilliant

  • Sven LT
    Sven LT

    You have to crouch to finisher move a knocked player

  • Sajakain

    9:07 - "Multiple bogies" - Correction. "Multiple hostiles". A bogie refers to an unknown. Once that guy fired at you he immediately became identified as a hostile. The correct call would've been "multiple hostiles". :D :D Great video. Love watching you guys play. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Trent McKenzie
    Trent McKenzie

    “What gun is this??????” “Is this a variant??????” It has become apparent that these people do not know this game very well 😂😂 Edit: *cracks armor then misses every shot* “HIT HIM THREE TIMES FOUR TIMES FIVE TIMES”

    • Ghrwzz

      That was before the variants were a thing 🤦‍♂️

  • Matthew Barnfied
    Matthew Barnfied

    How has he got burst if it’s level 5

  • Joseph Powell
    Joseph Powell

    Copper spray is a blue print. I have it its is sick.

  • Daddy Rasta
    Daddy Rasta

    Damn bro(bootycheeks) lol

  • Echozo ._.
    Echozo ._.

    21:03 he missed the armour played ☹️☹️☹️

  • Karen Black
    Karen Black

    i play on xbox and i charge all the time

  • Karen Black
    Karen Black

    you callin me a scardy cat?

  • Karen Black
    Karen Black

    is that a thermal scoped LMG

  • Jake King
    Jake King

    "Isn't Sun Tzu, like, a Titan in another culture?" Imagine. Imagine playing a WAR GAME without know THE ART OF WAR

  • Jake King
    Jake King

    "I haven't won Warzone in like... A week" Haha, yeah, what a noob with his... Wins.

  • Joshua Buffalo
    Joshua Buffalo

    That laugh at 5:10 had me rolling on the floor laughing 😂

  • MrLispy

    courage: only pussy's play xbox also courage: gets scared of a fucking fornite horror map


    Any one see him trying to dodge bullets 20:18

  • Beau DeLagrave
    Beau DeLagrave

    Jack you killed me

  • Y .Lala
    Y .Lala

    5:15 why did courage have autotune

  • AK

    Imo these are better w/o akimbo but the akimbo snakeshots are still better than these

  • Dereck Mendez
    Dereck Mendez

    Jk still subscribed

  • Dereck Mendez
    Dereck Mendez

    Was going to subscribe until I heard Xbox is for pussys

  • AidyTube 2016
    AidyTube 2016

    I play on Xbox u call me a pussy 😤😳😬😭

  • Yahir Games
    Yahir Games

    Is it me or they all tripping for things that have been in the game

    • Crayon Eater69
      Crayon Eater69

      the video was uploaded months ago, so theyre just experircing it for the first time

  • Toasted Kiwis
    Toasted Kiwis

    Jack if you and two others on your UAV it shows everyone’s position on the map like it’s an advanced UAV

  • James Valdez
    James Valdez

    Take a shot every time he says "what the hells going on?"

    • ReRecycledBear

      Ok Edit: I'm ded

  • Braden Woods
    Braden Woods

    Courage i guess lupo is now my favorite youtuber because the disrespect on xbox

  • A Jigglypuff main
    A Jigglypuff main

    their clueless😂

  • astolfo ?
    astolfo ?

    e v e r y g u n i s o p .

  • Juan Valencia
    Juan Valencia

    boring asf when you’re used to watching swagg and nickmercs tbh

  • Rocky Imbeault
    Rocky Imbeault

    I always thought that during the day all the bots are online but at night that’s when the the feins hop online

  • lotushim

    Soooo.. what is the gun called??

  • sisekelo tsabedze
    sisekelo tsabedze

    Sun Tzu is a god (face palmed hard)

  • killrchicken

    U gotta run akimbo on the renetti pistold

  • Jack Olimb
    Jack Olimb

    "We found the most cringe IRbin video ever"

  • Planet Offbeat
    Planet Offbeat

    what is that pistol

  • Trevor Mathews
    Trevor Mathews

    Why do you have the same voice as Patton Oswalt?

  • Ch Stewart
    Ch Stewart

    These thumbnails with these guys mouth's wide open like a porn girl looking at her first BBC is cringy as hell. Needs to stop

  • Griffin Hall
    Griffin Hall


  • Duarte Brites
    Duarte Brites

    7:09 No, Sun Tzu is not a Titan. He was a chinese general and military strategist.

    • Ethan Grener
      Ethan Grener

      If fighting is to result in victory then you must fight Sun Tzu said that

    • Dan T
      Dan T

      The art of war.

  • Idontknowyet

    Oil can suppressor decreases damage range it’s not good

  • Brayden Colvin
    Brayden Colvin

    Carol killed her husband and fed him to her cool cats and kittens

  • Alfred Thabiso
    Alfred Thabiso

    This game would suck without you guys lol...