we're done with warzone...
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if this problem is out of control!

    • carlos 707
      carlos 707

      Warzone is like fortnite but fortnite has anticheat to take care of cheaters

    • Dalton Daly
      Dalton Daly

      you went off on the dude😭😭😭😭

    • Silentbray

      Multiplayer is a thing ya know?

    • Nigh Sneezy
      Nigh Sneezy

      If they banned all the cheaters they wouldn't get as much advertising. Keep making videos about cheaters and then you wonder why they don't fix it?? Smh.

    • Sebastian Weiss
      Sebastian Weiss

      Wouldnt it be a thing to not show the cheaters in videos because they think its nice to watch so they get the content they want ? I mean i love to see cheaters get "raped" by better players but i think that is what they want and thats why they are so many of them

  • David Goytia
    David Goytia

    This is really the funniest intro ever🤣

  • Brandon Alexis
    Brandon Alexis

    Cheaters buy game, game profits, company stonks📈

  • Not here Btw
    Not here Btw

    Ok your done with WarZone but did I ask


    I just sub pls more warzone

  • Travis Reed
    Travis Reed

    Im done when he said a personalty of a wet fish im still crying

  • Amr Salem
    Amr Salem

    jack maybe there on some premium fuel

  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller

    I’d sit in your stream for salary to ban stream snipers and hackers CouRage

  • gamerbboy06 animator
    gamerbboy06 animator

    I've quit fortnite edit: don't tell any fortnite kid about this game

  • YeeYee Diesel
    YeeYee Diesel

    What is a scrim lobby? I dont speak neckbeard

  • Rhys Tan👍
    Rhys Tan👍

    " OH MY GOD!"

  • hardcopy

    And yet you still play this game...

  • F

    These are funny comps, like to see them.

  • iTz_Zerkiboy

    Stop hacking #hackingWarstop


    1:02 Nicks face

  • João Graça
    João Graça

    If you play on console you dont have that problem or maybe it doesn’t happen that much

  • R K
    R K

    Shout out to courage here, just joined warzone tonight and honestly I'm terrible at it (playing solo) but it's fun. Joined because of courage and his crew. P.S. I've ran into a handful of hackers already here in south korea. Hope that streaming banhammer job becomes a big thing.


    to be mad at hackers is a reasonable response but being honest, your probably encouraging them.

  • HookEmHeavy Fishing
    HookEmHeavy Fishing

    Just sounds like a bunch of complaining 🙄.. its good though i do the same when i die 🤣

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho

    We’re done with warzone season five comes out warzones back baby

  • Bruen

    preach courage wise words on these low life loser

  • Logan S
    Logan S

    console cant turn off crossplay for warzone but okay nick

  • Baldwin Beats
    Baldwin Beats

    You and Marcel had mentioned needing a hunter for a new "The Hunting" series in Minecraft. Dr. Lupo is a legend and I think he would be great for the job.

  • FaZe YTRY
    FaZe YTRY

    the thing is call of duty is know for cheaters I'm go into bo2 u find a lot of them

  • DYlP1CKl3

    Hey just to solve ur problems y the heck dont u work for Activision and ban people when u see hackers bc not only are u playing the game but ur also doing some easy work and making a better community for the game

  • Taylor Bower
    Taylor Bower

    What does he mean “if your on console you can turn off”

  • Marker

    U love to see it😭😭

  • pumpknot

    Great intro. Good work whoever did that

  • _peepo_ pog_
    _peepo_ pog_

    Intro sums up warzone

  • clm rsmn
    clm rsmn

    "we're done with warzone..." Press X to doubt.

  • IcedCheetah 587
    IcedCheetah 587

    Jack eating the entire vid no surprise there

  • Seelenverkaufer

    Lol we all get in shitty lobbies, quit your whining.

  • Sean Alexander Hernandez
    Sean Alexander Hernandez

    "One shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot"😂😂

  • Mini Cod Clips
    Mini Cod Clips

    100%, these kids must have the most pathetic lives.

  • Ryan fry
    Ryan fry

    I'll send you my resume 😂. I want this job. 😘

  • Tristan Dobson
    Tristan Dobson

    7:32 the personality of a wet fish😂😂😂 As opposed to a dry one?😂

  • TTV_Zaezae173 Wow
    TTV_Zaezae173 Wow

    The reactions thoughhhh XD :D

  • Jonathan Wah
    Jonathan Wah

    these guys will just leave when a hacker shoots them and don’t report them smh

  • colby freeman
    colby freeman

    gotta find a way to start a petition to have the death penalty for cheaters, hackers and the sellers of said cheats/hacks. hell with banning them they need to die.

  • TheTmTslave

    Reminds me of the old Halo 2 days where everyone 45+ was a cheating piece of shit so my best friend and I would tank our levels to keep getting and shitting on legit players.


    That’s why I don’t play PC

  • Neil White
    Neil White

    The fact that I got a Battlelog.co Ad before this video says it all....

  • Candy Cheats
    Candy Cheats

    Also, we cheat to annoy scrubs like you.

  • Candy Cheats
    Candy Cheats


  • Zero

    I like that of you're console you can't just turn that shit off 😂 nope not for warzone

  • Tommi Luck
    Tommi Luck

    Rogue Company > Warzone

  • Megagamer A
    Megagamer A

    I heard a trick if a cheater kills you report him and block him so it tells you if he is again in your lobby

  • Remy Anselmi
    Remy Anselmi

    “The personality of a dead fish”😂😂😂

  • Austin Lynch
    Austin Lynch

    Dammit Jarvis went to warzone

  • Rowan Lambert
    Rowan Lambert

    I literally had my first game of warzone yesterday and i died both time to hackers with aimbot, like what the hell!!!!! Who actually wakes up and thinks "you know what, i might streamsnipe and ruin some peoples lives with the aimbot that i installed". Like dude, come on, GET A LIFE!

  • The Toasty Man
    The Toasty Man

    they just got better gaming chairs bro

  • Derek Davis
    Derek Davis

    im at work laughing so hard

  • Grumpy Cat117
    Grumpy Cat117

    I hack and stream snipe daily. It’s fun. Probably average 300 kills a day. Just make a new account and do it all again 🙌

  • TGD Alpha
    TGD Alpha

    Play rdr2 on xbox 1

  • RIGO

    Maybe you could actually play the game? Like search and destroy? Change it up a bit

  • Aidan Barry
    Aidan Barry

    I hope I don't get banned for the name of Adrian Peterson 😂

  • Failscope

    lately I pretty much have like 1 cheater per hour. New measurement in CoD. Cheater/ hour

  • Harrisx 420
    Harrisx 420

    Games being ruined by hackers

  • Sam MacIver
    Sam MacIver

    Get a console and play with cross platform off

  • Yt Ghost204
    Yt Ghost204

    All I can do is laugh at this video 😂

  • Christos Priniotakis
    Christos Priniotakis

    Apex Legends has literally its producer in direct chat with streamers and banning them live. There is literally a discord dedicated to posting video proof and banning them once a day. The only place you can find cheaters is ranked usually diamond and up. COD needs to up their cheater banning efforts by alot.

  • Joshua Bell
    Joshua Bell

    I think it is hilarious that you complain when you're facing good players all the time hahaha

  • gfgfggfhgghh A
    gfgfggfhgghh A

    It’s only a game

  • Maverick Zenker
    Maverick Zenker

    I am very sorry CouRage

  • TheDeviousassassin

    that intro was good

  • smiley

    we should all hack before it gets nerfed

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez

    I literally look at this video.... and it remind why I STOPPED play COD. Maybe if they fixed I’d play again but until then. infinity get it together otherwise the community WILL stop investing in the whole franchise.

  • Dais

    The wolf dosen't care about the opinion of a sheep like you.

  • Captain TeamCarry
    Captain TeamCarry

    *wastes hours of life adjusting internet settings. Buying the best setup with the fastest refresh rate. Best lighting and textures. Completely undermines tactics and Uses broken game mechanics to camera corners and jumps to break hit boxes to laser people who have a definitive position advantage.* Same person: How sad and pathetic do u have to be to spend 12 bucks and cheat?! GET GOOD AT THE GAME SO I CAN EXPLOIT MORE GAME MECHANICS (CONSIDERED BY SOME TO BE A FORM OF CHEATING) TO BEAT YOU.

  • HZ Reign
    HZ Reign

    When you're one of the hackers watching this: ... ok.

  • V2 Easton
    V2 Easton

    All the pc players hating the game while consoles are just here vibeing for season 5 to come out .

  • Jacob Chapman
    Jacob Chapman

    Nick:unless your on console the you can just turn that shit off No, you really cant turn it off

  • Ric Douglas
    Ric Douglas

    335 Hackers don't like this video

  • K Donarsk
    K Donarsk

    why does a full team of good players constantly complain about playing against good players?

  • geoff3610

    I've not ever had much problem with cheaters however I have been noticing that every Warzone game is just insanely difficult lately.

  • Sxntez

    jack all fish are wet 😂😂😂😂😂7:32

  • wh0urdady

    Every time someone dies, OMG...they must be cheating. Every time Nick dies he says it's a hacker.

  • cjconsoli

    That intro was amazing

  • Jeriko Truth
    Jeriko Truth

    Every thumbnail of this guy is with this dudes mouth wide open. You can’t be that surprised after the 100th video

  • Elijah McMahan
    Elijah McMahan

  • Zachary Gibbons
    Zachary Gibbons

    They need to do something. All that money floating around Activision and IW they need a dedicated team to be on top of this. They should at the very least take out skill based match making until something is done about the hackers. Good players are getting put in lobbies with these cheaters almost every match. It’s disgusting. Solos has been ok but squads is unplayable right now.


    Make a video of u saying 'the' repetitively 😂 that double chin does plenty of work when u attempt to say words containing 'th' lmao

  • You seems a little worried
    You seems a little worried

    thats just daily bases for me

  • Karyzn

    I would like volunteer for the job as a cheater banner when it gets created 😂

  • Alejandro27

    i’ve never run in to a hacker i’ve always wanted to run into one so i can see what its like

  • M Key
    M Key

    Totaly Agreed!!! This shit is out of control... Cheating on console with cronus max/zen is super easy... Undetectable!!! Aimlock and no recoil... Aim assist is the main issue!!! No anti cheat software works, if the game has allready cheating implemented... Call of Duty is a game made for Idiots by Idiots right now... It could be AWESOME!!!!

  • Nick

    Imagine if they added an animation that when someone gets banned live, the game strikes their player character with lightning.

  • Zetsu Tsuletsu
    Zetsu Tsuletsu

    They need to stick all the hackers on thier own server.

  • ZoOkLeS ?
    ZoOkLeS ?

    i have 200 hours of play time on xbox and i’ve never run into a cheater.

    • James White
      James White

      Either you aren't good enough to have noticed or you're 1 in 60 million. There is a reason all of the top content creators and the vast majority of the community is always complaining about hackers.

  • xlPredlx

    If someone gets spammed with reports they should be banned instantly once they hit a certain amount.

  • Dingzy

    65 gs a year sign me up hahaha

  • Dragon knight
    Dragon knight

    🤣🤣🤣 🍆🔫

  • Miles Steele
    Miles Steele

    All the hackers left Tarkov and came to warzone

  • SAG TV
    SAG TV

    Hackers have always been in a thing in call of duty , is everyone forgetting when kids were running around with mod menus in mw2 ? The devz defiantly need to implement an anti cheat program into the game

  • Patrick Irwin
    Patrick Irwin

    Last night was the first time I saw someone just carelessly hacking. Second circle, guy was just running around with a pistol had 37 kills 😂

  • ZacAttack

    I got my account hacked after 95 wins many, many days played. Hundreds of dollars gone on this game. And Activision won’t do anything. Can’t stand this company

  • Athar Harnekar
    Athar Harnekar

    The not hacking.. they just good

  • Moritz Pollich
    Moritz Pollich

    Cheaters are as bad as people sweating with the mp5 and the bruen.

  • Llenn

    "How long have you been cheating for?" - Tim "Idk... 6 months?" - Hacker Sounds like a fucking cod game, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Lucid On 200 ping
    Lucid On 200 ping

    And thats why i turn of crossplay