Why I quit Among Us...
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if you want AMONG US to come back!!!

    • Peyton Jonathan
      Peyton Jonathan

      @Brysen Finley Yea, I have been using flixzone for months myself =)

    • Brysen Finley
      Brysen Finley

      Pro trick : watch movies on flixzone. I've been using them for watching a lot of movies these days.

    • Your loving Mom
      Your loving Mom

      Can you do COD 🙏

    • RockLeeツ


    • TURB0

      I think it would be cool to see more of this gameplay it is really cool looking :))

  • Lord Lee Lee
    Lord Lee Lee

    I also quit among us

  • agentx3

    Man go back to making Among Us videos, those were absolutely hilarious!

  • Geno Fast
    Geno Fast

    Click bait. You never said why you stopped playing among us

  • LeonelObbed

    I fucking cried laughing with the circle jerking from Cloakzy

  • Grant Harold
    Grant Harold

    What game is he playing

  • CrazyBMWdude

    Right after he posts this he goes back to among us. Courage is one of those IRbinrs who let the fame get to them smh

    • llexxusx

      He's sooo cringe now

  • Riley Groennou
    Riley Groennou

    i feel like jack is actually sad. like he was explains how he never gets invited to play among us and he has to bring together a group to play. i think he is a bit sad atm which he should t be because he is one of my favourite you tubers

  • T C
    T C

    Courage:"Why I quit Among us..." 2 weeks later:"Welcome back everybody to a new among us video".

  • Sarah Katherine
    Sarah Katherine

    “Nice boobs” I was crying laughing hahahaha

  • Joseph West
    Joseph West

    please quit among us. it's not fun to watch its just the same thing over and over again it was cool in the beginning but it's just boring at this point.

  • josh mckenna
    josh mckenna

    It's ok you can stop with among us

  • JP Culbertson
    JP Culbertson

    Jack I just wanted to say I’ve been watching you for a year or two now lol not gonna time has escaped me but I just wanted to say you been a positive influence in so many peoples life’s regardless of you view it. You’re a great guy and hilarious and I’d buy a drink or two if I saw you at a bar. Because of how amazing you are as a person

  • Newt4455

    You were terrible at among us anyway you just used it to get views not because it was fun

  • Rareuto

    Does this video mention why he quit?

    • llexxusx

      Nahhhh its just an absolute shameless clickbait

  • Michael Gulla
    Michael Gulla

    No offense but I loved his channel when he did the challenges in Warzone more than now but his channel still good now


    This is what I have been looking for

  • Zak Cooley
    Zak Cooley

    I love courage bro he’s such a good content creator


    Courage: iwhy i quit among us Me: fast forward for among us gameplay

  • Eli Mittelman
    Eli Mittelman

    Clickbait im unsubscribing

  • Cody Jordan
    Cody Jordan

    Please more rust!

  • Trevor Costello
    Trevor Costello

    I mean I think the real question is why you were playing it in the first place

  • smugglins

    courage: I haven't quit among us title of video:why I quit among us

  • MCstubby

    courage fell off 😞 hate to see it

  • GriseFlax

    Knut from Norway

  • Spooden

    I seen this title in my notification on my Lock Screen and went to his channel to watch it and he’s streaming among us 😂

  • tom simpson
    tom simpson

    Your content is slowing down bro... i used to love you back on fornite with lupo, ninja and tim but now you dont post enough content

  • Chief Walu
    Chief Walu

    4:03 He turned from Man to Toddler real quick...

  • Tara W
    Tara W

    Background: Found the video in the Among Us topic and have seen CouRage in some games before but not a subscriber to him. Reason for comment: Title is clickbait!! Conclusion: Won't be watching CouRage again.

  • Jayden Castaneda
    Jayden Castaneda

    Can you start playing gta

  • Jayden Castaneda
    Jayden Castaneda

    Do gta

  • PACMAN9000rc

    Courage: I already milk it dry

  • Zavier Drake
    Zavier Drake

    I almost subscribed until you posted this video bring back AMONG US!

  • New way look
    New way look

    Like ong why you have to click bait us

  • KAM


  • KAM


  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson

    Anyone else just miss his warzone content

  • The 3 Hawks
    The 3 Hawks

    play more rust

  • itisbombz

    More like y u quit YT

  • Club

    Classic sellout

  • Kunpax _
    Kunpax _

    Can you do a hardcore series in Minecraft with the people from the hunting series plsssss

  • Marc Gasol YEE
    Marc Gasol YEE

    Literally did a among us a day later

  • Reggie Mid
    Reggie Mid

    What kind of grown man has fun playing games made for 10 year olds? Other than being excessively overweight and ugly

  • Dangit Daveyy
    Dangit Daveyy

    Every time I watch this guy, he just humble brags 95% of the video.

  • ElhagPlayz

    So many games has come to team up to destroy fortnite but fortnite stayed alive, Among us almost killed fortnite let's see what rust can do

  • Kari Carr
    Kari Carr

    Hey courage if I tell you my stream can you get me a bunch of streamers

  • Cheeseball27

    I’m very high and have a conspiracy, I think Courage doesn’t play among us anymore because Brooke left symfunny for Corpse and jack is being a good friend to sym

    • Anonymous Tofu
      Anonymous Tofu

      Wait did Brooke actually leave symfuhny?

  • Deadshot 1p.
    Deadshot 1p.

    Courage: "why I quit exercising" Me: "I'm not surprised"

  • michael thigpen
    michael thigpen

    How about that the horse had 5 legs😂

  • KBE channel
    KBE channel

    Are you going to be hosting the world cup again this year if they do it

  • chris b
    chris b

    Rust pays more. Lol

  • Javier Martinez
    Javier Martinez

    Keep up the Rust vids Courage😁

  • Hybrid Draws things
    Hybrid Draws things

    Lol this video is hilarious

  • TheBossRaider

    There's too much among us on IRbin. Among us ruined the vanoss crew

  • Shakeel Dubs
    Shakeel Dubs

    Hello I sent you a friend request m hyper fort I ment you at team rumble m the dimed diva

  • Tarik Dresevic
    Tarik Dresevic

    Can you please start uploading Fall Guys again? It was really fun watchin you and the boys play that game.

  • OFS EdgeShoT
    OFS EdgeShoT

    Courage, I really appreciate you and your friends. You guys are playing older released games and making em popular

  • Natty

    I don’t really watch Among Us videos since there’s too much of it but this was super funny, I hope to see more Rust

  • Tre Thompson
    Tre Thompson

    Yeah u pulled a lot of viewers in among us but these people need to know it gets boring

  • Peter Molnar
    Peter Molnar

    I know person which is actually from my family and he has a lot of money, he manipulates others, he is dishonest and thinks that he is better than everybody else. The one thing he does not have is a good health. He almost died twice because of that. I am not necessarily saying that you will have these kind of problems, but Karma is a bitch and something else bad will happen to you, your GF or member of your family. I will strongly suggest to start to be honest with people who are watching you, because you can make money the honest way and not with these clickbaits and masquerades (overreaction on streams when you promote something) I see on your streams. Remember you will always have money, but health, family and friends are more important. The most important thing is to be true to yourself which you are not right now.

  • GolD

    I clicked on this video thinking it was Among Us, then I clicked off

  • Deemahmusic

    I want more Rust

  • Jason E.
    Jason E.

    I know its click bait, but I'll bite.

  • BanditXBL

    Good food, great service, no atmosphere 😂😂😂 jesus that sent me

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez

    i mean ngl now among us is now getting kind of annoying no hate just saying

  • krupal khadatkar
    krupal khadatkar

    play with mortal

  • DirtDiver ZA
    DirtDiver ZA

    Never liked Among us from the start.

  • Just Connor
    Just Connor

    I honestly couldn't stop laughing watching the stream and again watching this video 😂

  • Ya boy CG
    Ya boy CG

    So you about to tell me that this title said I quit among us and then I watch the whole vid to see “ oh I didn’t quit among us “ 😑 tf

  • YoBoyBrayy

    I was in this whole stream! Keep it up

  • Adan Padilla
    Adan Padilla

    He acts like he went pro in among us

  • Midnight Al
    Midnight Al

    tim got killed by his own kind

  • Scott Westerman
    Scott Westerman

    Courage so annoying for making these videos. Why I quit doing such and such. Stfu

  • Orix Meg
    Orix Meg

    Next video why I quit rust

  • Boss Boy Gamez 813
    Boss Boy Gamez 813

    No matter what I’ll be here with you all the way ❤️❤️

  • Tiz Gav
    Tiz Gav

    Nah you quite because you a band wagon and this game is dying

  • Nevtaculous G
    Nevtaculous G

    "Quits" among us... Streams among us a day later.... Later "courageous"

  • _ Crowe
    _ Crowe

    Watching the 4 of yall trying to learn how to survive in this game was hilarious. The best entertainment in a while

    • _ Crowe
      _ Crowe

      Couldn't they mod Rust to have an among us type server? Lol

  • john hnin
    john hnin

    Who plays rust?... What's even rust AND before courage makes fun of me well at least I not obese

  • Amex_ Exalted
    Amex_ Exalted

    why i quit among us......... he not even playing among us

  • Ace Hole
    Ace Hole

    The Bear ignoring everyone and going straight for Tim ...he knows where to get his calories in!

  • Lock and Rock
    Lock and Rock

    You are so clickbait. Gosh! I didn’t think you were clickbait until now!

  • Sneaky Elbow
    Sneaky Elbow

    Best contagious laugh compilation ever! The pig squeal, the machine gun, the cackle, the breathy wheeze, the dolphin, the snort, the maniacal villain, the 'ran out of breath' silence and sooo many more.

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark

    Not watched this vid, he is playing among us right now, his clickbait is so annoying. Why I quit among us and then 8 minutes in he says he hasn't quit. You have millions of subs, people will watch without the bullshit titles, clickbait loses subs as much as it gains

  • EliteFlake

    u just streamed it wow

  • MirandaPings

    He tricked me into watching a rust video 😂

  • MaximumDestroyer

    “I quit among us” yet streams among us “” Never before seen flashlight mod”” no I’ve seen it on noglas channel with other people. What I hate about youtubers like you is that I subscribe and comment to your channel then you turn around snd use member only mode for chat. How disrespectful, big let down.

  • Blake Wadding
    Blake Wadding

    Why I quit amoung us. One day later he is streaming it

  • Seismic Soldier
    Seismic Soldier

    Lol I am literally watching him play the flashlight mode in among us

  • Honest Vape Reviews
    Honest Vape Reviews

    Lol doesn’t play among us. Yet is live steaming among us right now...

  • Lucy Bowling
    Lucy Bowling

    can you please not clickbait your own subscribers

  • Sweet Jeeba
    Sweet Jeeba

    Tim recycles tik tok load outs for content.. haha

  • lol R
    lol R

    I've seen the flashlight mod before the one you're streaming now

  • jex


  • This is a channel
    This is a channel

    A day later he makes an among us livestream...

  • Wavyy

    Matthew 3:2 .

  • Wavyy

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon .

  • AlphOmega

    “Quitting among us” Video not at all about among us but still uses title and thumbnail as click bait. Next video... among us

  • Bryce Strait
    Bryce Strait

    I like when courage plays new games bc he gets Tim to play them and when Tim has no clue how to play a game it’s funny asl😂

  • Jonathan Jarman
    Jonathan Jarman

    Title "why i quit among us" Courage "I didnt quit among us" WELL WHICH IS IT