Why I quit Fortnite...
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if you miss the old days of Fortnite!

    • Thomas Davis
      Thomas Davis

      Fornite sucks now

    • NARC

      I’ll NEVER understand sbmm! They have arena for the sweaty shit.

    • AcidDARKDEVIL On The Sticks
      AcidDARKDEVIL On The Sticks

      Why i quit fortnite more like why I quit call of duty modern warfare

    • Kingツ

      Nah the game is supposed to develop and it isnt epic's fault u want noobs to fight bugha??? I agree with the fact there should be more people cuz everyone dies rapid i play arena and its fun i have 17k points and there be many people alive and its fun i agree pubs arent fun anymore there should be more people and little items like flint knock to be in pubs but not in arena . Its stilll fun if u play high level arena games. And pros started tricks and other players also wanted to experience the big building so everyone became a sweat it wont be fair if only pros are allowed to crank and not normal people

    • Kamden Benecke
      Kamden Benecke

      What’s the point of arenas when there literally sbmm in pubs so either way I have to sweat to get a win

  • Амир Есимбеков
    Амир Есимбеков

    Goodbye the Legent😭😱😱😭😭😭

  • B0Lter 16
    B0Lter 16

    It's sad to see... I still play fortnite I still enjoy it as much as I Did in chapter 1 but I think what the problem is is that people STOP playing because of sweats and I realize why u would leave it's annoying but u have to adapt to the game I play arena I'm in division 7 and the people arnt really sweats there just good and also I think that pubs is more sweaty then arena so if your having a problem with sweats go to arena

  • Rational-hoop0

    Anyone remember when Mr beast donated a lot of money to his stream

  • Oussama Khalkhouli
    Oussama Khalkhouli

    epic , please combine the both chapters , bring fun back , please read this

  • Riley Houghton
    Riley Houghton

    I hope you return to fortnite courage if you ever do

  • Riley Houghton
    Riley Houghton

    To many sweats to many try hards now nothing is fun anymore in that game you can’t do any challenges or anything

  • Riley Houghton
    Riley Houghton

    I miss old fortnite I hate chapter 2 I want old balanced fortnite

  • Joey Martin
    Joey Martin

    the shoes that courage had on had the tag on them still

  • MaxSpace

    Well fortnite is a fun game but its hard cuz there are sweats but overall its decent and like I don't get it why people rage at the game like at one point a game is gonna get filled by good players which means u gotta prative and adapt and deal with it and there are 9 yr old kids in this chat yelling at the game whereas they not grinding or adapting to the game and overall fortnite is ok and I just find 9yr old kids annoying yellingg at fortninte just because one kid kills u and is better thag u

  • Noxe

    That laugh at the start 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Cryptic Dephalte
    Cryptic Dephalte

    I wish I was as good as the pros😩

  • Cloud 1
    Cloud 1

    Who else thought this was a commentary type of video 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Cloud 1
      Cloud 1

      oOp never mind 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • quinherdavin

    I don’t understand why he avoids the part where fortnite ruined the game themselves. We need a big fortnite creator to call out Epic for their fault in the matter They made awful additions to the game such as the new map, storm colours, maps, emotes, mechs, guns, etc. I think he only specified 50 percent of the issue, with the other half being that the additions fortnite made killed their game entirely, and that it can still be revived if they would listen to the general public. They need to go back in time.

  • Breathe

    Fun fact: this video is clickbait and breaks IRbin tos

  • The biker gamer
    The biker gamer

    Bro your spitting straight facts fortnite is just chaos now.

  • Ar7 Gaming
    Ar7 Gaming

    he quit Fortnite because of his gaming chair

  • aura ୨୧
    aura ୨୧

    you quit cause it sucks


    2:45 video heh starts if u don't wanna here the roast

  • Oopsmyspahgett

    My first season was season 6, i enjoyed season 7 and 8 but season 9 was in my opinion where the game started dying, you might disagree with me but that’s when they started running out of ideas. They started destroying the game with overpowered weapons and items and it just didn’t feel the same as the previous seasons, skill based matchmaking was when the game truly “died” all of the original players that hadn’t become sweats including me got absolutely shat on and it got so boring and annoying, I quit fortnite until I rejoined on season 2 and that was when I found the game pretty fun again, so I played from season 2-3 and then I quit because it was so boring with the mythics feeling terrible and underpowered compared to season 2, because they are supposed to be o be overpowered weapons you kill a boss for not guns that you can find lying around or buy. Anyway that’s why I quit, it truly is a tragic story but I left out some details for the sake of not making a book out of this, anyway thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this.

  • Johnathan Stedifor
    Johnathan Stedifor

    Bloom, sweats, the new map, mythic weapons.

    • Johnathan Stedifor
      Johnathan Stedifor

      And all the collaboration skins with stuff like Marvel and Star Wars

  • Gaming With Faizal
    Gaming With Faizal

    your killing it bro keep it up i watch Mr beast videos and i get no about you

  • Wavyy

    Matthew 3:2

  • Wavyy

    Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

  • huuch

    everyone in the lobby: crank crank crank!! on me x2 dead dead dead Luneze, courage,fresh: casually going for a swim

  • AcidDARKDEVIL On The Sticks
    AcidDARKDEVIL On The Sticks


  • Original Gamer
    Original Gamer

    NO SERIOUSLY, those who "play" Fortnite, are complete FAKES FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!!!!! I mean, you can tell just by looking at them. They kinda look tired in a way! As a viewer, I'd be sick to my stomach watching Fortnite content every goddamn day! Mainly because I'm not into STRAIGHT UP CLICK-BAIT GALORE! This goes for any AAA game!

  • Eli Lol
    Eli Lol

    Fortnite is a amazing game it’s just the people I can’t keep up anymore so I went to warzone

  • Skadi

    I understand that. I mean...I am a noob, I am the one to be killed in competitive games, but I dont pay to win, I play to have fun with my friends. And if a game denies me the option to choose people whom I play with or against, whats the point of even playing? Am I gonna choose a bunch of unknown people, half of whom are toxic or kids, over people I enjoy spending my time with, just because I match their skill more and I have a chance to win?

  • E

    Because Among Us is more profitable

  • E3E3E3ROC

    most of the people that play now are the same people that didn't play seasons 1-3 when fortnite first came out

  • Christian Vaught
    Christian Vaught

    The reason why you quit is your trash

  • L 4
    L 4

    Then why have a creator code in the item shop if you don't even play it

  • Shan O
    Shan O

    love you courage


    The dislikes are probably the sweaty kids saying fuck you and you don't like it anymore cause your trash. If only we could just go back to the good days

  • Jake Fanning
    Jake Fanning

    Everybody says they quoting then they post the galactus live event

    • Jake Fanning
      Jake Fanning

      Sorry quiting

  • Sergio flores
    Sergio flores

    don't worry im 5 2


    Will you play again fortnite?

  • Strategical Celery
    Strategical Celery

    i miss the good ol days when your squad will get on at the same time and we would just have fun goofing around and trying to get wins which were hard back then

  • Wilma Anderson
    Wilma Anderson

    Courage 1 week from now: NEW FORTNITEMARES UPDATE LIVE

  • Ren aye
    Ren aye

    Anyone else skip the gameplay

  • Cye YT
    Cye YT

    It’s alright courage you’ll come back to the game eventually the games not as fun as it used to be but once they add those fun items back and either more players or just make the map smaller you’ll come back because you’ll have fun and the game will be more fast paced

  • Trey Miller
    Trey Miller

    Courage I loved when you played fortnite I got a new phone now I'm going to sub

  • hykop

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 fireeeeeeee

  • Travis Yang
    Travis Yang

    Your actually good

  • Alex Z
    Alex Z

    What severs do u play on

  • Dutch Vander Linde
    Dutch Vander Linde

    Honestly after season x i fell away and the sweats that drew me away from fortnite


    Me watching him on google

  • Oscrape Wendyes
    Oscrape Wendyes

    Inhale.... yeah it’s dead we all know wasn’t a suprise at all for us Still reading man your fans of CouRage tbh

  • Ilias Al shaikh
    Ilias Al shaikh

    Fun fact:if fortnite will remove fortnite and skill bass match making the game will be fun as it once was

  • TV antonismagg
    TV antonismagg

    i will miss you man

  • zBigZinnツ

    Next week: ***GALACTUS EVENT FT. NINJA!!***

  • Lifestyle with Sania
    Lifestyle with Sania

    Please come back to fortnite

  • smoth 1
    smoth 1

    yo i remember coming home from school on a wednesday and click courages new video of season 6 or 7 loved that timeline and all i see is laughter fun and food yo that was the best time of my life you helped me get trough deppression thank you so much much love keep it up

  • Lonely Boy101#594
    Lonely Boy101#594

    Courage:why I quit fortnite Everyone else: Because your bad/your a bitchhh

  • xd Sodoo
    xd Sodoo

    CourageJD-"F Google" Nadeshot-Have you seen jack lately?

  • Linda Quintana
    Linda Quintana

    Every like on my comment equal -10 ping

  • Linda Quintana
    Linda Quintana

    Boy you think your lagging I play with 300 ping everyday

    • Apex Rager
      Apex Rager

      You should add me my epic is Apexrager88

    • Apex Rager
      Apex Rager

      Lol same!

  • Zac

    The game went from fun to just comp and ruined it

  • Aidan Ali
    Aidan Ali

    Why did u leave

  • Isaiah Golf
    Isaiah Golf

    This is honestly a great vid though. Was laughing the whole time. Give Fortnite another chance

  • Txrrificツ



    sbmm is the best thing that ever happened, yeah its fun for you to shit on new kids, but its not fun for them, so sbmm is resolve this and u play against the players of your level, u just lazy and quitter


    he just got bad dna for fortnite, only chosen ones can play it

  • fno_daedae

    ik this vid was like a month go bout are you gonna live stream the galactus event please?

  • Bullyism is Not allowed
    Bullyism is Not allowed

    i hat fortnit

  • Nick Wardiya
    Nick Wardiya

    Fun fact: YOUR LATE

    • hi

      Lmao yea

  • Daniel Whelan
    Daniel Whelan

    I quit fortnite about 9 months ago haven’t looked back since 🙃

  • PayzzolavLord007

    Come on courge can’t you play fortnite

  • Ibrahim alemadi
    Ibrahim alemadi

    Make more Fortnite videos plz

  • Aiden Cogert
    Aiden Cogert

    and now i get his acc XD i wish

  • xxBad_Acidxx 007
    xxBad_Acidxx 007

    I quit because I don’t enjoy fighting in boxes.

  • abdul farrukh
    abdul farrukh

    Courage bro there's no need to quit it bro u can still have fun in it really just play some pubs ?

  • VEN Synx
    VEN Synx

    i just love fresh

  • A Bad Leader2824
    A Bad Leader2824

    "Too many sweats" Bruh the game is too hard for you. Piss off and take the L

    • UnwarySphinx4


  • Paulo Custodio
    Paulo Custodio

    Mate even I have more arena points the courage and I play on ps4 lol

  • KingSupreme109

    When he starts talking about quiting 13:25

    • John Apresto
      John Apresto

      Thx mate

  • Stephanie

    Did fresh say sh!t at the start

  • Brendon

    They need to either have jonsey or someone get the gauntlet and snap us back to old map OR just make a completely separate game called "Chapter 1" where they cycle through the different maps or metas every month or so. They could charge 100$ and it would sell millions still. Pls epic do this. EVERYONE casuals, streamers, pros alike miss the old map. No matter what the meta was or how bad it got on the old map, most people still played somewhat. Now we have huge streamers completely quit. It's sad.

  • Conrad

    I don’t know if I miss the old days but eh

  • Its Wxvy
    Its Wxvy

    AYYYY I live in detroit

  • Javier Rodriguez Barragan
    Javier Rodriguez Barragan

    you now hes rud just like rudy

  • BoomyyFN

    Who Else Loves This Fire Content

  • Im no simp Im a playa
    Im no simp Im a playa

    Why his name fresh I thought it was mrfreshAsian

  • Dan McHugh
    Dan McHugh

    Remember when you won like 100,000 k from mr. beast

  • fall_flips

    Well that's a simple answer, it sucks

  • FxARLxSS Editz
    FxARLxSS Editz

    I’m the 1 millionth view

  • Robbie Patton
    Robbie Patton

    Shoes will help him look up to the high schoolers hahahahah

  • Gavin Chambers
    Gavin Chambers

    Google said he was 5,8 I looked it up

  • Strikez_Akshat FN
    Strikez_Akshat FN

    first he returns and now tfue what a miracle

  • Wildslush

    I have not watched the video But I have a guess on why you quit fortnite Because IT SUCKS ASS

  • ramp622

    Im gonna keep it a buck with you, i stopped playing because im genuinely just tired of putting in 20 minutes of my time, farming up mats, and then getting shit on by a 12 year old who sits in creative all day and is cracked.

  • Wachoutboy

    Why no one cares

  • Jackal Gamer
    Jackal Gamer

    Thx for doin Fortnite again courage ur one of my favourite utubers are u gonna continue fortnite

  • Alexis Zapai
    Alexis Zapai

    Just whyt for the update bro

  • Flameque

    The fact is that everyone is trying to get better to go against the allready sweaty pro players so they crank 12 hours a day and know noobs are becoming sweats and sweats are becoming cracked put psycho maniacs and it goes on.....

    • Sizer_

      I agree if playground and creative weren’t here it would all be fine

  • CHAOSberg

    I haven’t touched FN in months. Kinda sad. This season blows.

  • Izaiah Hurtado
    Izaiah Hurtado

    Fun fact a lot of ppl quit fortnite bc they couldn’t get good and progress with the game and other players

  • Elusive Nativ
    Elusive Nativ

    Starts at 17:00

  • Mister Smokes
    Mister Smokes

    Streamers stopped playing when it got as hard for them to get a win as a normal casual player. It got hard for you ? Thats how it always was for the people who didn't want to sweat. Sweats killed the game and streamers inspired the sweats to try sooo hard.