Why streamers are LEAVING Warzone...
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  • CouRage

    Drop a like on the video if you want things FIXED!


      @Totally Not Fenyr _ Third parties and Sbmm idk if he likes the challenge

    • F

      @꧄𒈙𒁏𒀰𒌧𒌧𒈙t𒀱꧄𒀰꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙꧄𒈙𒀰𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙𒈙𒈙𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫꧄ ꧄ Well you're at least expecting to come back to the game (that made him) just to have a little try.

    • ꧄𒈙𒁏𒀰𒌧𒌧𒈙t𒀱꧄𒀰꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙꧄𒈙𒀰𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙𒈙𒈙𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫꧄ ꧄
      ꧄𒈙𒁏𒀰𒌧𒌧𒈙t𒀱꧄𒀰꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙꧄𒈙𒀰𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙𒈙𒈙𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫꧄ ꧄

      @F He plays the game that he enjoys, not games that gets him the views.

    • F

      You don't even bother to check out the new fortnite season. The game that made you, you don't even check out the new season.

    • ꧄𒈙𒁏𒀰𒌧𒌧𒈙t𒀱꧄𒀰꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙꧄𒈙𒀰𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙𒈙𒈙𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫꧄ ꧄
      ꧄𒈙𒁏𒀰𒌧𒌧𒈙t𒀱꧄𒀰꧄𒈙꧄𒈙꧄𒈙𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙꧄𒈙𒀰𒈙𒀰𒀰𒈙𒈙𒈙𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫꧄ ꧄

      CouRage reply to this 4 Tiger Gamers Tiger Gamers 1 week ago Hi 1 Twitch Shump360 Twitch Shump360 1 week ago Can you pls reply Totally Not Fenyr _ Totally Not Fenyr _ 1 week ago PLAY APEX, MAKE IT POPULAR AGAIN PLEASE!!! THERE ARE NO BUGS, ITS PERFECT 4 Kevon Taylor Kevon Taylor 1 week ago can you fix your right eyebrow? Myqin Myqin 1 week ago They tweeted at 1am CDT this morning that it should be fixed. Who knows if it actually is. 1 Twitch Shump360 Twitch Shump360 1 week ago Kevon Taylor ya you want me to Someone Someone Someone Someone 1 week ago Ya cause on Xbox it was 66.8 GB when on anything else it was 1 GB 1 David James David James 1 week ago I love you 😘

  • BeastSlayer4572

    Warzone is fixed season is six is really good with the Halloween update

  • DireMerillo

    The aimbot for console users is ridiculous. That's why I don't play it anymore. I have more fun in Valorant, where no aim-bots exist.

  • Ali Rizvi
    Ali Rizvi

    Lmaoo looking back all of his latest videos, the past COD related one was the Black Ops game play, there is one other before this one. He really did call it, sad what is happening to such a great game. Dev's and CO really need to get it together.

  • Knivez -
    Knivez -

    Hey everyone, Who was the streamer that remixed Jack singing Back me out........I can't remember and I REALLY WANT TO FIND IT!!!

  • fnc EDDY
    fnc EDDY

    Play fortnite again

  • Mestar Nekic
    Mestar Nekic

    I'm deleting warzone and selling ps4 cause game is so unplayable on console anymore


    You gotta admit... Warzones a big map infinity ward are trying there best

  • creepy

    Good lol

  • Faze Emilsnipz
    Faze Emilsnipz

    For us console player one of the main problems is the update size. 100G. That a

  • Kermit


  • Hudson Miller
    Hudson Miller

    Bro who else literally thinks courage is so funny and awesome

  • Fortnite master alrabi
    Fortnite master alrabi


  • Trojan Talk
    Trojan Talk

    streamers start losing at warzone ‘we’re all leaving’ Maybe people are just getting better #console gamer

  • Heroshine

    Lol people playing PS4 are laughing right now 😂😂😂 And I’m one 😂🤣🤣

  • Chewbacca

    I thought of that I wanted to play the game now I don't even wanna look at it.

  • Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!
    Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!

    You lot are the last ones to leave, most of us left a while ago because we know the game is a broken pile of shit and they'll never do anything about it. Baffles me why black ops wanna carry this mess over next year

  • Jason Najm
    Jason Najm

    Why does everyone hate Apex?

  • Jason Najm
    Jason Najm

    Play Among Us with Kryoz!

  • Jayden Livengood
    Jayden Livengood

    why did you leave fortnite like all of you but sypher did and he still said he might

  • Sick Brendan2433
    Sick Brendan2433

    I want things fixed I just want to say though that they’re in the middle of making a new call of duty so you got to give them some slack

  • NothapticIG

    It would of been so fun if you would of recorded the fall guys too

  • Nick Williams
    Nick Williams

    How come you and other streamers like Nick and Tim don't play Apex? It's a great game

  • charmx fan
    charmx fan

    Thank god its fixed instead of having a seaerchin guns

  • Faze sway Faze sway
    Faze sway Faze sway

    More fall guys

  • Joseph Camacho
    Joseph Camacho

    I feel they should shut down modern warfare for like a month or so and fix everything cause obviously they don't check their updates before they release them.

  • BungieBros

    You could just play something that isn’t a battle Royale

  • Volstx

    Pretty much all of the issues have been already fixed. Warzone is not Fortnite where they ignore the community

  • Aqua_Lucid_

    console doesnt get those glitches sooooooo u know

  • Ultra INFERNO
    Ultra INFERNO

    Um he forgot the melee and parachute glitch

  • NightOwlKC

    I never get the gun bugs or anything like that. The only thing that I ever get is a hacker every other like two games and that’s why I quit playing lol. It’s been about a week and I can feel my sanity coming back lol.

  • invade fishy
    invade fishy

    It's funny how people said warzone was better but didnt even last 6 seasons I'm not saying fortnite is fun on just saying that that's what people say

  • Zen Riou
    Zen Riou

    Y’all should go play some classic search and destroy and make a full video

  • Ricardo Gaming
    Ricardo Gaming

    2 months from now Courage: Why Are Streamers Leaving Fall Guys

    • Scan

      Fall Guys already kinda died lol

    • Abdelrahman Medhat Areesha M2 Tulip
      Abdelrahman Medhat Areesha M2 Tulip

      Then its Mario Kart and then flappy bird lol

    • Abdelrahman Medhat Areesha M2 Tulip
      Abdelrahman Medhat Areesha M2 Tulip

      Fortnite...Warzone...Fall Guys...Among Us (lol)

    • Axel

      Fr I'm tired of these shitty titles

  • Lama’s Constellation
    Lama’s Constellation

    More Fortnite

  • Millz98

    dont care what you play, I just want you happy

  • HardimonAddictYT

    It sucks because I hate fall guys but I dont mind that everyone is playing it because warzone is terrible right now


    go back to fornite

  • Arr8cy MC
    Arr8cy MC

    Didn’t even last a year lol

  • Henry Dodd
    Henry Dodd


  • Oberyn Martell
    Oberyn Martell

    I never experienced the visual bug, luckily but ever since Season 5 my ping has been 150 or more on average. Its a fucking travesty.

  • Oberyn Martell
    Oberyn Martell

    Imagine how much money the masses would sink into the game if IW simply fixed things. Fuckn crazy

  • Raith FN
    Raith FN

    Still needs an anti cheat

  • mofosoto

    I always thought they were stupid to be working on so many new features for Warzone when there were soooo many bugs. In my opinion if the game was basically the exact same from the beginning but just cleaned it up with no extra features or anything it would be more popular. I mean they've built such an incredible game that it will basically never get old. I mean what would you rather have, the game as it is now or first version with no bugs???

  • Christopher Olivares
    Christopher Olivares

    Where does courage stream?

  • Jett

    I’ve never heard pros complain like this and these guys used to play FORTNITE just goes to show that warzone devs don’t give a shit

  • Kris Edwards Marching Band
    Kris Edwards Marching Band

    So like I played warzone 1 time and I hated it and deleted it and then like season 2 came out and I was like ima give it another try and I did and I hated it and deleted it and this pops up in my recommended a courage says season 5 and I'm like bro am I slow or did they just release season 4 like a week ago I'm so lost but I love the fall guys content its so funny

  • Van Thomas
    Van Thomas

    I would pay to see you four on an island for 24 hours lmao

  • Fierce Gaming
    Fierce Gaming

    Why is it that I never get the gun glitch? Is it a PC thing? I play on PS4 (I am not saying that to start arguments about what console or gaming device is better) so do people not get the glitch on PS4???

  • Vort3x7689

    You should try among us, awesome game to play with friends and would do well on stream

  • Alex Vasquez
    Alex Vasquez

    Besides every gun being an absolute beam when used against you and when you use it, you might as well be throwing toothpicks at em, I don't experience too many problems with it.

  • Phil Burris
    Phil Burris

    Anti cheat. That is all

  • Jose Ruiz Badillo
    Jose Ruiz Badillo

    Bro yeah war zone has glitches and op weapons and yes they should fix it but not all games are going to be perfect no matter what game u play there is going to be cheater that are going to cheats and op weapon it’s just like life nobody is perfect

  • 1991Stang

    The fact these guys are still mowing down people with that glitch going on just further proves these guys are cheating. Also the fact all you followers go along and just assume they are that good blows my mind.

  • PloopyScoopy

    Their rap was lit

  • Goated JD
    Goated JD

    I might have sharted myslef a little I was crying the whole video I literally laughed the whole video especially when he was like this is awesome chat right wen he couldnt see anything his reaction is hilarious

  • Goated JD
    Goated JD

    3:21 they literally slapped

  • Voided Light
    Voided Light

    What’s wrong with playing apex🥺

  • Edwin Estrada
    Edwin Estrada

    This vid= whole lot of bitchin

  • Atown707

    That song was legendary 😭😭😂

  • Aarohan Das
    Aarohan Das

    just please by cod multiplayer and just play that

  • Sour Patch Kid • 62 years ago
    Sour Patch Kid • 62 years ago

    This games is honestly so pathetic at this point. I haven’t played since the first day of season 5 came out 🤦‍♂️

    • Itz_ Jermaine13
      Itz_ Jermaine13


  • Cody Pendo
    Cody Pendo

    Reality show coming soon?

  • TheDeviousassassin

    ya wack at apex thats why you trash it huh? lol

  • ZoTurtle

    you should play apex

  • Ty R
    Ty R

    Don’t worry guys, they’re fast tracking fixes for next season.

  • JuztCG

    How about we fix youtuber/streamers posting use this gun or this gun is broken. youtuber/streamers are apart of the problem.

  • BokTheGamer

    Dude all these game developers are fucking stupid the same thing is happening with warzone that happened with fortnite,the game is amazing and a shit ton of fun and then they dont know how to listen to their community and then turn their game to shit and then the game dies a lot

  • XmanXD484 Airsoft
    XmanXD484 Airsoft

    Bro I’m literally done with mardern warfare I don’t like to battle agents hackers and tryhards that’s all of the lobby’s I’m in and I’m tiered of it why won’t they have a cod game to where there is one lobby u can go on with try Garda or not

  • Steven Falconer
    Steven Falconer

    My suggestions: Ground loot - Take out C4, RPG and all LMG's from floor loot. It makes for very unfair fights. Make it so that if someone stays in the same place for 30 seconds-1 minute they show up on UAV, could be a distance they have to travel to not show up on the UAV. Also make audio better, I can't hear 90% of enemies approaching me even when they climb up ladders or walk up metal stairs.

  • Hauxy 4513
    Hauxy 4513

    The thing is when they patch it you need like a 50GB update

  • secretAZNman

    i've been taking a break from WZ too.. found a game called Conqueror's Blade that i've been going pretty hard on. You should try it out, it's so fun!

  • Miguel Taveras
    Miguel Taveras

    Skill base matchmaking needs to leave for both warzone and multiplayer


    I love warzone and cod in general but these glitches are just making m go to mutliplayer if they dont fix these im quitting

  • Nicholas Raymond
    Nicholas Raymond

    I just think activision cocky. They dont test their updates b4 they release them

  • Black Cloud
    Black Cloud

    the new famas shotgun bs needs to be fixed dawg 💀

  • AimbotBoi

    I’ve actually never experienced the “glitches”. The most that happened is that I keep getting kicked whenever I play tournament with friends

  • Cleen KAY
    Cleen KAY

    The mode is going into next cod with stuff added on so I agree with cloakzy there don't care about this one anymore

  • Tommy Todd fox
    Tommy Todd fox

    I quit the game

  • AestheticV9

    When he sang w autotune I diiiieeedd

  • Shadow FoxWolfGaming
    Shadow FoxWolfGaming

    You should revisit black ops 3

  • Turbo Dreams Come True
    Turbo Dreams Come True

    I really do not understand Fall Guys. I tried to watch one vid. Glad others are liking it.

  • Fortnite LinuxSnake
    Fortnite LinuxSnake

    Hay courage I don’t have the gun glitch

  • Mike Fair,Jr
    Mike Fair,Jr

    Just watch AnxietyOwner on Twitch

  • Chill Station
    Chill Station

    Has it been fixed I haven’t had it yet?

  • Sean Devine
    Sean Devine

    you are annoying

  • Kane Morris
    Kane Morris

    Everything about warzone needs to b fixed I haven’t played it in weeks cause this season is so damn bad

  • dave fulkerson
    dave fulkerson

    I like the part where they're talking about bugs and then courage parachutes maybe 3 feet out of a box truck lol

  • Lazy ZEON
    Lazy ZEON

    I don’t have the glitch on PS4

  • Tanner Irby
    Tanner Irby

    I like that the thumbnail is of him quitting but he's playing warzone STILL

  • Afro Ninja
    Afro Ninja

    Apex legends isn’t bad br game

  • James Rountree
    James Rountree

    I want to say it's a PC issue cause I've yet to get the glitch on playstation. But I could be wrong. I'm only speaking off my own experience

  • Zak Cooley
    Zak Cooley

    Whatever you play I’ll always watch I love the content

  • Drake Cummings
    Drake Cummings

    Hate fall guys

  • João Pedro Soares da Silva
    João Pedro Soares da Silva

    Play hyperscape plssss

  • Darwin Thompson
    Darwin Thompson

    We can ahead and knock off the gun glitch I heard they patched it. The “Boring Bruen Meta.” Y’all need to shut the fuck up about the Bruen it’s always been that good even before the grau got nerfed. I swear y’all will just end up complaining about the next meta weapon

  • Nathaniel Sorola
    Nathaniel Sorola

    Yo if u just play war zone and turn off the aim assist and win the game we will get u 20 thousand subs ima day

  • Adam Straw
    Adam Straw

    Why do pc players complain about everything I use to enjoy watch your videos but now its just 15 mins of a little girl bitching

  • aidan o'neill
    aidan o'neill

    Go play apex it’s so fun

  • Main Events
    Main Events

    I only clicked on this vid cause I thought it was gonna be fall guys after the talk abt war zone ;(

He Moved Out.
He Moved Out.